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Marketing Strategies for a Logistic Business

Some say the logistics business is just a “trucking business”, however it’s much more than that. Logistics companies initiate the transport and storage of goods across countries.  “Goods” do not only refer to food but also information and services. The four major functions of logistics companies are, order fulfillment, management of inventory, warehousing, and coordinating […]

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Why and How OOH Can Boost Customer Loyalty

In the ever-changing world of advertising and marketing, one thing remains true – customer loyalty is key for businesses to survive. Brand loyalty and trust go hand-in-hand and are both vital components that businesses must gain in order to become a top-of-mind brand. It might sound easy, but brands often miss the mark when it […]

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2021 OOH Advertising Trends

As we leave 2020 in the past, we take on the new year with a refreshed sense of hope for the advertising industry. This is especially true for Out-of-Home (OOH) advertisers as consumers become accustomed to social distancing regulations, giving them confidence to advertise outdoors again. People are once again returning to the streets, which […]

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Digital billboard with different companies logos.

OOH Will Become More Digitally Driven in 2021

The world has changed greatly over the past 20 years with technology advancing to new heights beyond our wildest dreams. Essentially every field of work has changed the way they operate with new technology emerging and making our lives more efficient and fast-paced. In other words, technology gets the work done in ways that humans […]

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Reaching Consumers During Lockdown Using OOH

2020 has definitely taken the world by surprise, as no one could have predicted such a sudden change in our daily lives that would ultimately affect almost every industry on a global level. Businesses of every kind have had to quickly adapt to this drastic change in consumer behavior to stay relevant and afloat. The […]

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Wrap Up Of The Best OOH Ads Of 2020

2020 is a year that many want to forget. The worldwide pandemic led to a major halt in the advertising world, as everyone scrambled to figure out what their next steps should be. Although Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising did take a major hit this year, many companies chose to embrace the medium as the most effective […]

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A Bud Light truck-side ad with the message "Cheer your team, as a team".

How to Make Your Mobile OOH Advertisement Stand Out

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising has many different types of mediums. But one of the most exciting ways you can make your ad campaign stand out is through the use of mobile advertising. By placing your ad on a truck-side, passersby from all kinds of geographic areas will be able to watch your ad in motion. The […]

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Taxi and Uber Driving OOH Advertisements

Advertising on taxi tops have been around for quite some time now. The idea originated in the USA in 1976 and has been adopted by many cities around the world ever since. The original concept of taxi top advertisements was simple and straightforward – a vehicle that is always near busy streets and buzzing areas […]

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Best Truck-side Advertisements Of 2020

What a year it’s been for the advertising world. We saw economic decline, countless businesses close, and marketing budgets cut in half. According to Statista, global media spending is projected to amount to $691.7 billion U.S. in 2020, some $20 billion less than previously expected for this year. More specifically, according to the OAAA, Out-of-Home […]

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Two Spotify Wrapped billboards, one saying "In 2019, there are 66 egg boy playlists. Hits when you least expect them" and the other saying "Tones and I's Dance Monkey has had over 500 million streams in 2019. Bananas.".

OOH Advertising in the Music Industry

The music industry is well known for their creative and innovative use of advertising to promote artists as well as new albums and song releases. It seems that with the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns people are listening to music more than ever, giving artists the perfect opportunity to promote themselves. With huge companies that have […]

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