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billboard with the text "Vote Tuesday, November 6"

Most memorable political OOH ads

One of the biggest and most important U.S. Presidential Elections took place earlier this month and the buzz surrounding it still hasn’t died down. As we count down to the new term in January 2021, let’s go down memory lane and take a look back at some of the most memorable political OOH campaigns throughout […]

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OOH – A Key Player in the Environmental Movement

The world has come a long way from the industrial age to the digital age. Industries have provided many conveniences for our everyday life, however, somewhere along the way, the Earth has been taken for granted. The environment is in dire need for change and people have heard the call. The younger generations have become […]

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6 Popular Billboard Campaign by Tech Giants

Tech brands use billboards as their preferred channel of advertising when they need to reach a diverse audience. They also see billboards as an ideal medium to increase their brand awareness. App companies saw increased downloads and organic searches of their apps because of successful outdoor campaigns. Some of the big names in the technology […]

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cyberpunk 2077's yellow poster

OOH Advertising and the Video Game Industry

The video game industry has been booming more than ever in the past decade, with impressive transformations in all areas from gaming consoles, to game development, to distribution methods, it has become a huge portion of the entertainment industry today. With gaming companies experiencing exponential growth, implementing marketing strategies through various advertising mediums, including outdoor […]

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A McDonald's billboard ad with a red background and the logo in the corner, with the text "I'm lovin it".

Fast Food OOH Advertising – Then Vs. Now

Fast food restaurants are a worldwide multi-billion dollar industry. It’s affordable , reliable, and tastes great for the price.  OOH advertising is the perfect way to showcase fast food restaurants as local passersby and tourists alike can view the ads and use the opportunity to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner if they are in a […]

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OOH Advertising Thrives Post-Lockdown

Now that November is upon us, we begin to reflect on all that 2020 has brought, and it’s almost impossible to recall memories that were not directly related to or affected by the pandemic. For many, it’s definitely been one of the most unprecedented and distressing years to date. The same is true for the […]

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An H&M billboard advertisement with a black and white photo of a man and a message stating "going green in black IS POSSIBLE".

Fashion Ad Campaigns Fighting for a Cause

Fashion is one of the largest and most profitable industries in our modern society. Some of the most recognized clothing companies in the world, such as H&M, provide fast fashion that is highly in demand due to their amazing marketing campaigns. Out-of-home (OOH) advertising such as truck ads, billboards, posters and more, are the perfect […]

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Tubi's digital billboards, one saying "Dear Netflix, I had my first freesome last night.", one saying "Dear NYC, you free tonight? Because we are."

OOH Caught Between Brand Wars

Brand advertising wars are not something unheard of. They have been around since forever but have never really gone out of style. If anything, competitive advertising is stronger and more creative than ever. Depending on how you initiate a competitive campaign at your rival, or how you react to one directed at you, your brand’s […]

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Burn the AD billboard campaign done by Burger King in Brazil.

“What’s Next?” The Future Trends of OOH

OOH advertising is known as one of the most immersive and creative ways to advertise in the forms of billboards, posters, truck-side ads, and more. As the advertising industry continues to expand and grow, the future looks bright for OOH, particularly digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, with new trends emerging constantly. A statistical report on eMarketer, […]

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