Why Truck Ads Can Bring More Value Than Static Billboards

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The ideal ad campaign, as far as traditional advertising goes, “has legs”. In other words, its messaging looks identical across multiple mediums and formats. But in this day and age of three-second attention spans, your advertising may need wheels if it’s going to reach anyone.

And by that, we mean you should start thinking about truck ads. Although large billboards situated near highway overpasses seem like the most captivating OOH format, a truck advertisement can go much farther to reach your audience.

Advantages of Truck Advertising 

Imagine a truck driver who’ll have to make multiple stops in one city, his truck filled with snacks. Wrapped around the truck is a glossy 3D ad for the brand of snacks in his downtown delivery truck. It’s colourful, funny, witty. Anywhere he stops, people will see the ad and chuckle.

He’ll have to drive through a multitude of boroughs. All of these boroughs are densely populated areas – hundreds if not thousands of eyeballs will see this ad as people walk or drive by the truck.

And on the roads, there’ll be cars passing by, perhaps with passengers who’ll see the artwork and smile.

The point? Unlike a billboard that may go unnoticed because it sits in one place, many people in many areas will likely see the ad on the truck. That brings us to our next point. 

Truck Ads Have Greater Reach & Visibility 

Wherever the truck goes, so does the ad. A static billboard is at the mercy of its location – you can only hope that the right people and the correct number of people walk by it.

With a truck ad if you drive through one area that doesn’t have the audience you want, who’s to say that your next location won’t have them? It’s possible that your ad could gain traction in another part of town.

It Can Be More Cost Effective

Static billboards in bus shelters or those perched near highways are often cost-effective, but a truck advertisement can be even better for your budget. The reason for this relates to the previous point of greater reach.

With a billboard, you’re paying for a prime real estate. The money is well spent if you buy ad space in a high-traffic area where your target audience frequents. But even then, circumstances as simple as road closures or poor weather can restrict traffic for some time, meaning less visibility and possibly, a waste of ad spend.

Truck ads, on the other hand, get around and can reach more people more frequently, especially if a truck takes a dedicate route (which many do). Also, the installation of truck ads costs less in general than large, glossy billboard placements.

Things to Remember About Truck Ads

So it’s clear that truck ads have some definite advantages. They’re not necessarily better than billboard ads, but they can be just the solution you need depending on your budget and the nature of your target audience. Keep in mind though, that there are some ground rules to consider if you want your truck ads to be successful. 

Truck Ad Reminders For Success

  • Keep your imagery simple – trucks have less space than billboards
  • Keep your messaging and copy simple (for same reason as above)
  • Use a truck’s shape and size creatively
  • Make your logo and brand name clearly visible
  • Include a strong call-to-action!

Truck Ads Give You the Best Of Two Worlds

Out-of-home advertising often falls in a tricky space between cost-effectiveness and visibility/reach. For many brands and advertisers, it seems that their billboards will come with one at the expense of the other.

Fortunately, with truck advertising, you can achieve both, especially if your ad ends up on a truck that often takes a lengthy, high-traffic route. You may reach far more eyes than you would expect, and more importantly, your ad may resonate with people you wouldn’t reach with a static billboard alone.

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