Why OOH Advertising is Good for Small Businesses?

It’s certainly an exciting time to be involved in the out of home advertising space. The demand for OOH campaigns has remained constant over previous years. A combination of tech advances with the traditional benefits of real-world ads has made the world of OOH unavoidable for many marketers and advertisers.

Out of home advertising (OOH) is a form of advertising that can be found outside of a consumer’s home. Traditionally this includes everything from billboards to bus shelters, benches, and everything in-between.

We all spend time outdoors, and with the growth of digital advertising, it can sometimes be hard to get your message heard. OOH solves this and is now combining with digital advancements to make it a powerful tool for advertisers and marketers.

OOH ads are difficult to avoid, and they can have a significant impact on consumers due to their size and contrast to the real-world environment.

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Alongside this, OOH ads have a positive effect as a complement to digital advertising, one study found that consumers are 48% more likely to interact with a digital ad after being exposed to an OOH ad first. This makes it a great option if you have just started a business or if you have a small company that wants to start with a small investment and have a big impact.

If your advertising efforts are not getting you the results you need, why not consider out-of-home advertising? It encompasses the advertisements a consumer will typically encounter when they leave their home. For example, they may see content while on a shopping trip, school run, or restaurant visit.

The team of Movia Media has seen great results from OOH advertising across the US and Canada. We would be happy to tell you more about exploring this cost-effective avenue as part of your next advertising campaign.

OOH is the fastest-growing advertising medium of the last few years, showing consistent and steady growth while other forms of media are declining.

All the elements of a marketing mix influence each other, and a healthy balance can lead to a thriving business. But are you giving OOH enough attention?

Adding OOH to your marketing mix is a chance for small and large businesses to up their game and stay in the league.

The reason OOH complements digital and traditional media so well is thought to be because OOH is seen to be a more credible medium that boosts brand trust, according to industry experts.

In addition, advertising associations report that OOH is a strong sales activator and action motivator, key to the “last window of influence”, that critical time before a primed consumer acts or makes a purchase. If have a small business, OOH ads are something to think about and get started with to make your brand or service known.

Quality Over Quantity

The convenience of OOH advertising is that you can purchase only the ones relevant to your market, saving you money in the long run with more effective ad placement instead of more ads altogether. More bang for your buck, so to speak.

Gone are the days when you had to book a 4-week campaign. OOH ad spend flexibility allows brands to create smarter campaigns tailored to their unique audiences.

On a limited budget, a small business debuting a brand new restaurant location might choose to display ads during lunch and dinner hours on nearby bus shelters, billboards, and engaging screens in their own windows, focusing on the local and commuter crowd for an initial campaign.

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Billboards can be Cost-Effective

It takes time and plenty of brainstorming to formulate the best approach to get your business recognised in your local area. Whether you have recently launched your brand or have been in the industry, we can create a campaign for you based on your specific business needs. You do not have to spend a fortune when it comes to billboards. Packages are available, which do not constraint your budget as a small business owner. Whether it is a short-term or long-term partnership, each step take has the team’s support and guidance.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, OOH campaigns cost about $3.38 to $8.65 CPM (cost per thousand), compared to online advertising’s $17.50 CPM.

OOH Ads Can’t Simply be Skipped

People can easily just scroll past ads on Google and Facebook and might habitually click the ‘X’ button even on ads that take up a significant proportion of a webpage.

Some people might even opt to install ‘ad blocker’ software to prevent online ads from appearing in the first place. In contrast, the physical nature of OOH ads makes them harder to ignore.

Billboards Improve and Strengthen Your Brand’s Relationship with the Community

By being active and becoming involved with the local community, your chances of your small business being recognised from potential consumers amplify. Billboards can help create a positive impact on your brand and build your business’s reliability. By creating a personal connection with your local area, potential consumers are likely to turn to your brand and offer their support. Now that you’re recognised in your local area, the number of consumers to your business could also grow.

Out-of-home advertising can help a company stand firmly on its foundation. With the proper tools for boosting brand awareness and reputation, any business can thrive regardless of its size. Out-of-home strategies may different, but the goal is the same; grow brand awareness and create a mutual connection between the business brand and the public, which will pave the way to increased sales and profit. For small business owners, the opportunities that out-of-home offers are beneficial and optimal for growth. By partnering with us as your local area marketing specialists, we can help you change the future of your business.

OOH Delivers Targeted and Mass Impressions

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of OOH is that it generates mass reach quickly and effectively. Regardless if you’re launching a short-term promotion campaign or releasing a new product, OOH can help you either reach as many people as possible or target a specific audience according to socio-demographic data, geography, and spending habits. The key here is that, by leveraging location, timing, and ad placement, you can directly deliver eye-level ads to potential customers.

Opened a smoothie bar? Target nearby gyms and shopping malls. Opened an automotive center? Target nearby car dealerships and residential areas. If you’re finding that there are slim OOH options available in your target areas, you can opt for transit advertising or truck-side ads, which can reach an even greater audience than static ads.

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It’s Simple to Book

In the past, booking an outdoor ad space was a cumbersome process that involved a lot of vendor research, phone calls, and time-consuming negotiations. Today, securing an outdoor ad or launching a regional campaign is as simple as clicking a few buttons. Movia Media’s platform makes it easy for small businesses to get a bird’s eye view of the area they’re targeting and access maps that showcase exactly which ad units are available. The result? Fast, transparent media buying that works with their timeline and budget.

Another perk is that small businesses don’t have to go it alone. Free resources like budget estimators, competitor analysis, and market data are available so businesses can create campaigns with confidence.

It’s Easy to Monitor and Measure

Outdoor advertising does more than build brand awareness; it drives audiences to action. But small businesses need to be able to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns to strategize for the future. That means asking questions like, who has seen this ad? Is there a way to track conversions? Which designs, or advertising creative, was the most effective?

Modern outdoor advertising makes it possible for small businesses to attribute online and offline traffic, such as whether people saw an ad and then visited their website or storefront. Ad buying platforms can even drill down to show demographic and behavioral data, which also helps businesses strategize their future campaigns.   

Now more than ever, small businesses need an affordable and effective way to stand out in a crowd. Thanks to advances in technology, online buying platforms allow small business owners to launch, manage and measure outdoor advertising campaigns quickly and efficiently so they can get back to what they do best – running their business.

You Can Tailor the Message for the Environment

Does your message consider the goals, state of mind, and outdoor environment? For example, an advertisement for a vacation getaway might resonate particularly well with people stuck in a bus shelter on a rainy day. An attorney’s advertisement for helping drivers regain lost driving privileges could succeed in the same location for a very different reason.

You Can Integrate Consumers’ Everyday Routines

Tailored campaigns reach consumers with relevant messages to their day. For example, signage advertising health drinks or sneakers might do well along a path that joggers use daily.

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You Can Encourage Repeat Engagements

Consumers frequent the same places, so out-of-home advertising in high-traffic environments is more likely to achieve repeated engagements. Scientific studies confirm that repetition improves memory for information and trust in the content, especially when consumers encounter it in familiar locations during daily routines.

You Can Reach a Large Audience

Billboards, signs, and other visible marketing content will reach more people. They even garner more views than some digital, print, or mass media marketing forms.


Using OOH ads for your small business will help you to increase awareness, even if have a small budget. Your business can reach large audiences and make a relationship with the community with less cost effective. OOH is the answer when it comes to seamlessly integrating your brand’s physical or online presence. Whether you’ve just opened a local coffee shop, started a new app, or launched a new retail product, OOH will help take your marketing to the next level.

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