Digital Billboards: Beginner’s Guide

LED digital mobile billboard advertising
Electronic billboards (or digital billboards) are  used to deliver advertising and informational  messages to drivers and passersby. These  billboards utilize LEDs to display bright and  highly  efficient full-colour imagery.

How do Digital Billboards work?

By industry standard, billboards with LEDs are rented by minutes and each ad is shown for 8 seconds.

How much do they cost?

Digital billboards are still relatively new to the outdoor advertising scene – so compared to static billboards, they will be more expensive. That being said, as they become more and more common, the prices will continue to drop.
Numerous vendors supply similar but difficult to compare products at various prices. Even more so, most vendors are located in Asia, which means there is a longer lead time and you will not be able to see the product until you pay for it. Wirespring has an excellent LED Billboard Cost Estimator on their website, it should give you a good idea of what to expect to pay.

Where can I put them?

This is one of the greatest drawbacks to digital billboards, their installation is tricky. Their regulatory status will vary from municipality to municipality, and obtaining permission can take months.
For information about Toronto Billboard Advertising regulatory system, click here. You can also check out the “sign view” application on the city of toronto’s website to find out exactly which by-laws apply according to geographic regions. 


Like most out-of-home advertising mediums, digital billboards present an advantage because of their sheer size of potential audience. Depending on the size and display settings, your digital billboard could make a killing. They also allow messages to be posted quickly and low production cost of setting up a campaign. In fact, studies have shown that LED’s are six times more effective than traditional static billboards


Compared to other out-of-home advertising mediums, digital billboards are more pricey, and it’s regulations can be a hassle.

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