Surprising Advertising Angles to Set Your Company Apart From Others

Ads were always part of the online experience. Yet today, it feels like they’re overshadowing
every other aspect of the internet. As a marketer, how do you reach people who can’t stand the
same generic ads they see hundreds of times each day? The trick is to set your usual playbook
aside and consider an unorthodox approach.

Here are some of our favorites.

Let Your Audience Do the Work

Brands with an established customer base are sitting on a potential goldmine of user-generated
content. Why not tap into this resource?
It works by engaging the audience and making them part of the campaign. Encourage them to
send in photos or videos related to something unexpected about your brand.
For example, let them share unconventional uses for your products or capture the feeling they
get when using them on Instagram reels. Done right, and with a little incentive, such campaigns
can become viral and get many more people interested in you.

Source : Google

Dare to Be Provocative

Thinking outside the box is common advice for ad brainstorming. Why not take it a step further
and poke the hornet’s nest? Challenging assumptions or conventions in your field is risky, but
the potential payouts can be excellent. A little controversy will get more people talking! As long
as you introduce controversy tastefully, people will remember your ad campaigns long after they

Leverage Exclusivity

Who doesn’t want to be part of a select group with exclusive access and privileges? Using the
exclusivity angle will give a lucky few a chance to try your newest offerings while countless
people clamber for the same opportunity.
Your brand doesn’t need to be all about luxury or exclusivity to use this approach. Even if you
only focus on services & don’t sell anything tangible. Heavily advertise the opportunity yet invite
a select few to try out your new app or service. The result? Beta testers and buzz alike – a true

Create Unexpected Partnerships

Collaborating with others for mutual benefit is nothing new, but doing so out of left field can
bring huge dividends for both parties. Take the zany collaboration between KFC and Crocks as
an example.

What do foamy footwear and fried chicken have in common? A playful approach to marketing
that had everyone talking about both companies at the time of release. They kicked the
campaign off during New York Fashion Week, garnering immediate and global attention. The
limited edition clogs sold out in half an hour and went down as a marketing gimmick to

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Source: Google

No one likes a grouch that can’t take a joke at their own expense, and people are applying the
same logic to companies. Preempt the pies others would throw at you sooner or later by scoring
the first hit!
Make a self-deprecating ad. Proudly showcase one-star reviews, especially if they play into your
narrative. Work together with fans and influencers to roast you & your products – within reason,
of course. A company that can laugh at itself has nothing to hide, and transparency is essential
for winning the discerning consumer’s trust.

Take Data Security Seriously

Developing an original, offbeat ad campaign involves a lot of secretive work that needs to
remain so until it’s time to wow the world. That means securely connecting to company networks
& discussing the project only through sanctioned channels. Even then, a compromised
password can spell disaster for all your hard work.

Password managers should be a core part of your data security strategy. Be it a MacOS
password manager
, a Windows one, or the one suitable for your phone’s OS – you’ll find all
kinds of them, and most security product companies provide cross-device compatibility.

Deploying a company-wide password manager enables the generation and storage of unique
passwords for everyone’s accounts, ensuring they remain secure. Managers use encryption and
sync across devices, letting everyone complete tasks securely, whether working from home or
optimizing the campaign for mobile users.


Attracting attention when the digital world is already screaming at the average user from all
sides is a monumental challenge. The rewards make it worth pursuing, so start thinking
differently and make a unique mark on your niche.

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