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How to use digital billboards in a successful way

Billboards are one of the most effective methods of advertisement. Technological advancements have transformed the world of outdoor marketing and digital billboards are one of the most popular and effective tools of marketing. Digital Billboards (Digital Outdoor Advertising) are computer-controlled electronic message centres with technology-based capabilities. Unlike traditional static billboards that constantly display one message, digital billboards cycle through multiple ads every minute.

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What is next?: “The future trends for OOH in 2019”

Approximately 55% of the world population lives inside cities, and by 2050, urban areas are projected to house two-thirds of people globally. Managing fast-growing urban areas while building sustainable connected smart cities has become one of the most important challenges of the 21st century. This presents an incredible monetisation opportunity for OOH companies and allows for further engagement with growing audiences.

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How big is a standard billboard?

Not all billboards are created equal. There are a vast diversity of sizes available to promote your brand or business proposition Billboards come in a wide variety of sizes. Billboards are the largest and among the most impactful standard-sized OOH media formats. Located primarily on major roads, they attract high-density consumer exposure (mostly to vehicular traffic, but often to pedestrians). Bulletins afford heightened visibility due not only to their size but also because they allow creative “customising” through extensions and embellishments.

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Emotions Speak Louder Than Words: It’s Impact On OOH Advertising

Modern day advertising needs the ‘wow’ factor in order to grab the attention of consumers. For this reason, many brands have started turning to emotionally driven advertising tactics. Emotions such as cynicism, happiness and humour are regularly used as part of OOH advertising campaigns to engage a response. Yet, what impact does this form of advertising really have?

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How to sell outdoor advertising?

When it comes to selling outdoor advertising, it is a different form compared to other types of media such as television radio and print. Some would say that it can reach further than these other forms. Outdoor advertising is seen every day by millions of people depending on the location. Outdoor advertising is also considered to be out of home advertising, in which the advertisement can attract consumers outside of their home. Outdoor advertising is deemed to be a mass medium; it is more suited to get across broader messages, branding and support campaigns. If you or your agency are considering outdoor advertising remember to keep it short and simple, It can become a very cluttered and confusing message. You will have to get creative and think of a way to draw people’s attention when they are driving past, or walking down the street looking down at their mobile device.

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How many people see a billboard?

Professionals say that approximately 3,000 advertisements per day usually impact the people who live in a city and are in touch with different types of media. This is more than one million a year.

Billboard ads are one of the most effective advertising tools that exist today. They are widely used by the automotive, cinema, and refreshment industries or to promote any event. When advertising has the design, creativity and message suitable for the target market that you pursue, they instantly capture the attention of the spectator, resulting in the viewer quickly absorbing the message that you want to communicate.

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