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A digital billboard that says "Me: It's okay the breakup was mutual" and the other side says "Also me: Sad Indie Song"

Why Storytelling is the Top Trend for OOH in 2021

Everyone loves a good story. But with the seemingly never-ending pandemic, people are looking for even more compelling stories to engage with, learn something new, or simply to just entertain them while they’re stuck in lockdown. This is exactly why the art of storytelling has drastically increased in the past few months and will continue […]

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A billboard showing a shark and someone holding their phone up to it with the message on the phone "Turn on the light to reveal the ocean's most terrifying killer"

How Smartphones Increase OOH Advertising Engagement

In the past decade, smartphones have become the most popular available technology with over four billion active smartphone users worldwide. Smartphones are widely used for social media sharing, interacting with different apps, and gaining valuable data about one’s surroundings. In recent years, these mobile devices have been integrated into OOH (Out-of-Home) advertisements through posters, truck-side, […]

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Three colorful images in a subway station with tips on how to stop the Covid spread.

How OOH is Impacting the Healthcare Industry

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the healthcare industry has been at the forefront. Several different pharmaceutical companies have created vaccines that are now being distributed around the world, meaning that the pandemic is coming closer to an end. Although we all hope that Covid will soon be a thing of the past, the healthcare […]

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Digital billboard with different companies logos.

OOH Will Become More Digitally Driven in 2021

The world has changed greatly over the past 20 years with technology advancing to new heights beyond our wildest dreams. Essentially every field of work has changed the way they operate with new technology emerging and making our lives more efficient and fast-paced. In other words, technology gets the work done in ways that humans […]

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A Bud Light truck-side ad with the message "Cheer your team, as a team".

How to Make Your Mobile OOH Advertisement Stand Out

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising has many different types of mediums. But one of the most exciting ways you can make your ad campaign stand out is through the use of mobile advertising. By placing your ad on a truck-side, passersby from all kinds of geographic areas will be able to watch your ad in motion. The […]

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Two Spotify Wrapped billboards, one saying "In 2019, there are 66 egg boy playlists. Hits when you least expect them" and the other saying "Tones and I's Dance Monkey has had over 500 million streams in 2019. Bananas.".

OOH Advertising in the Music Industry

The music industry is well known for their creative and innovative use of advertising to promote artists as well as new albums and song releases. It seems that with the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns people are listening to music more than ever, giving artists the perfect opportunity to promote themselves. With huge companies that have […]

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The Fate of the Furious billboard at the Eaton Center.

Why Location is Important in OOH Advertising

When it comes to out-of-home (OOH) advertising, location is perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider when deciding on a marketing strategy. Unlike TV, online, or radio ads, OOH is the only advertising medium that is able to change its location to maximize the amount of impressions it creates. Whether you’re using billboards, […]

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A funeral services OOH billboard with an old woman in a dress and the message "You always said you wouldn't be caught dead in that dress. You'd better tell them now."

The Most Controversial OOH Advertisements

The advertising industry is known for using creativity, innovation, and that ‘shock’ factor to captivate consumers into buying a product or service. Because of this, many advertisements can be seen as controversial. It seems that sometimes ads can spark more interest in an audience while other times they can be so controversial that the company […]

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A Spotify holiday ad that says 'Everyday is Christmas'.

Most Effective OOH Ad Campaigns for the Holiday Season

As the holidays approach us, it becomes more important than ever for companies to produce creative, exciting, and festive advertising campaigns to drive consumer engagement and increase sales. With events such as Christmas, Black Friday, and Boxing Day, it’s no wonder why these weeks are the busiest of the year, especially when considering companies increase […]

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Purolator's new Mobile Quick Stop service truck with the city of Toronto in the background.

Top Tips for OOH Advertising During the Wintertime

As the winter months approach, companies are actively trying to promote their products and services in the most effective ways possible. Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is one of the best ways to advertise this winter because of the creativity, consumer engagement, and brand awareness that this platform is able to achieve. A new Nielsen study revealed […]

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