The Best Digital Billboards to Inspire You this 2023

by Sam Marasigan

Every now and then, a revolution happens in the ad industry that totally changes the game. With their dynamic nature and ability to adapt to the ever-changing environment, digital billboards have recently unlocked new levels of creativity, and transformed the way we interact with advertisements.

In 2023, these eye-catching wonders are all the rage in the realm of OOH advertising. In an industry where capturing and retaining attention is more crucial than ever, they have succeeded in drawing us in with their captivating displays, and creating an immersive experience that lingers long after we’ve passed them by. These digital billboards not only catch our eye but also stimulate our senses, making us stop in our tracks and take notice.

Gone are the days of seeing just traditional billboards, limited to a static image or message. What sets digital billboards apart is their dynamism, paired with the ability to engage with their audience on a deeper level. No longer passive spectators, we become active participants in a new journey. Having animated or interactive features invite us to engage with the content, fostering a sense of connection and involvement. This interaction transforms the advertising experience into something much more meaningful.

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Digital billboards can also have the incredible advantage of real-time adaptability. Let’s say you’re walking down a busy street, and as you glance up at a digital billboard, you see a personalized message or advertisement tailored as if it’s written for you. Be it a dynamic ad that changes based on the time of day or a targeted promotion based on your location, these billboards deliver content that is meant to resonate with the viewer, forging a stronger bond between the brand and the consumer.

These digital marvels have the power to turn heads and create memorable experiences. By pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology, digital billboards have become more than just advertising platforms – they have become works of art that captivate, inspire, and influence.

From the bustling streets of metropolises to the tranquil corners of nature, we’ll explore how these billboards have harnessed the power of technology, creativity, and strategic messaging to create memorable experiences that transcend traditional advertising.

Join us on a journey through the mesmerizing world of digital billboards. Prepare to be amazed, delighted by the following awe-inspiring potential of digital billboards that will leave you inspired and in awe of their boundless innovation.

Nike 3D Billboard

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It’s pretty evident that 3D billboards have achieved internet virality in the past year. By incorporating 3D elements and digital screens, these billboards create a visually stunning and immersive experience for viewers. They can showcase lifelike visuals, animated effects, and interactive features that leave a lasting impression. The combination of 3D design and digital technology elevates the impact and engagement of the billboard, making it a powerful advertising tool in today’s modern landscape.

A prime example happens on Nike Air Max Day, which is a special day that sneakerheads worldwide eagerly anticipate. It falls on March 26, and it’s a celebration of all things Air Max, which has gained quite a following since its inception in 2014. This year, Nike went above and beyond once again to commemorate the anniversary of Air Max by creating a mind-blowing 3D billboard in Hangzhou, China. And surely, it was a sight to behold.

In the billboard, serpentine machines craft the Nike Air 1 within a protective bubble, subjected to lightning bolts, laser beams, and robotic manipulation. A scorpion’s fierce attack transforms it into the remarkable Nike Air Max Scorpion. Then, a thunderous kick strikes, leaving us in awe.

This 3D billboard by Nike was a true testament to the brand’s creativity and commitment to making a statement. It transformed a familiar space into an immersive experience, capturing the essence of Air Max and leaving a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to witness it. Nike definitely knew how to make a grand entrance and showcase the magic of their iconic sneakers in a way that was both captivating and unforgettable.

Tesco Billboard

Image from Tesco YouTube

In an incredibly clever billboard campaign in Dublin, Tesco has taken the traditional billboard game upside down with an innovative targeting technique. Picture yourself casually strolling through the neighborhood, minding your own business,  and you’re suddenly greeted by a series of cheeky messages on the billboard, seemingly addressed to you, flashing right before your eyes. How cool is that?

The main goal here is to spread the word about a new Tesco Express store in Charlemont Square, and the advertising team decided to do it in the most interactive and personalized way possible. Using a high-bright projection system, they transform an ordinary billboard into a canvas of dynamic messaging. But here’s the real magic: a copywriter from a local Dublin agency is on-site, closely observing the foot traffic and crafting custom messages tailored to the specific people or groups passing by.

This is advertising innovation at its finest. It’s like the campaign has its own superpower, connecting directly with each individual in a unique and unexpected way. The experience is truly mesmerizing, as the billboard seems to come alive, engaging with the crowd and leaving a lasting impression.

It’s clear that Tesco wanted to make a big splash with their new store in this trendy development, and they’ve definitely succeeded. This ingenious campaign not only raises awareness but also generates a buzz and a sense of excitement around the brand. It’s always great to experience a captivating billboard ad like nothing else.

McDonalds Foodtruck Billboard

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McDonald’s Sweden took a bold step in capturing the essence of street food culture by introducing its innovative fried chicken burger. In a clever marketing move, digital billboards in Stockholm and Västerås were transformed into modern-day food trucks, adding wheels to their structures. The aim was to create an authentic food truck experience for passersby, right next to the actual McDonald’s restaurants. To engage with the interactive billboard, people simply had to scan a QR code, which awakened a digital chef inside the billboard. This virtual chef would prepare a sandwich and then send a coupon for a complimentary burger directly to the individual’s McDonald’s app. With the coupon in hand, customers could conveniently complete their order and collect their delicious meal at one of the nearby McDonald’s locations.

Josefina Norén, the art director at Nord DDB, the agency behind the campaign, shared the creative challenges they faced while designing the billboard. The team wanted to ensure that the ad shell felt truly authentic, even though the billboard itself did not resemble a traditional food truck. However, their efforts paid off as the concept successfully captured the essence of a food truck experience. Norén explained that the goal was to reimagine digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, making it engaging, interactive, and fresh while effectively promoting McDonald’s Sweden’s new burger. The innovative approach not only attracted attention but also enticed people to explore and perhaps even try the mouthwatering offering from McDonald’s Sweden.

By leveraging the power of technology and creativity, McDonald’s Sweden embarked on a memorable advertising campaign that seamlessly blended digital innovation with the allure of street food culture. The introduction of wheels to the digital billboards in Stockholm and Västerås transformed these static structures into vibrant and dynamic food trucks. The interactive element of the campaign was crucial in capturing the curiosity and interest of passersby. Through a simple QR code scan, a virtual chef was awakened inside the billboard, mimicking the experience of ordering from a real food truck. The digital chef’s efforts were not in vain, as recipients of the coupon were prompted to complete their order through the McDonald’s app and savor the delectable flavors of the new chicken burger at one of the conveniently located McDonald’s restaurants.

This groundbreaking campaign represents the fusion of traditional advertising with cutting-edge technology, creating an immersive experience for the audience. McDonald’s Sweden, in collaboration with Nord DDB, managed to craft an advertisement that not only informed people about their latest offering but also provided a unique and engaging experience. By deviating from the norm and reimagining what outdoor advertising could be, the team successfully piqued the interest of potential customers and enticed them to explore McDonald’s Sweden’s new burger. The combination of creativity, interactivity, and a nod to street food culture allowed McDonald’s to stand out in the competitive advertising landscape and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Oreo Eclipse Billboard

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Remember that time when the UK experienced the most anticipated solar eclipse in 16 years? Well, the clever folks at PHD had an ingenious idea to shine a spotlight on Oreo, the beloved biscuit brand, during this celestial event. They knew that Britain’s unpredictable weather could potentially spoil the view, but they were determined to make sure every Brit got a taste of the eclipse. And so, they created the Oreo Eclipse, a spectacle that would leave everyone craving more.

this extraordinary billboard ad showcased the mesmerizing contrast between the product’s delectably dark biscuits and its lusciously creamy white filling. Through clever design, it ingeniously simulated the illusion of an eclipse on the display, captivating passersby and drawing them into its enchanting visual narrative.

With a stroke of brilliance, PHD partnered with The Sun, the country’s top-selling newspaper, to make their plan a reality. Imagine this: two million lucky readers received their copies with a translucent cover showcasing an Oreo biscuit eclipsing the sun. It was like witnessing a cosmic twist right on their morning papers. But the magic didn’t stop there.

Digital billboards across the nation came alive, showcasing a captivating sight of an Oreo biscuit gliding across the screen, mirroring the movement of the solar eclipse in real time. This mesmerizing display caught the attention of countless onlookers, who couldn’t resist capturing the moment and sharing it across social media platforms. A time-lapse film documenting the Oreo’s celestial journey further amplified the buzz and became a viral sensation.

The impact of the Oreo Eclipse was not just a momentary spectacle. It had tangible results. Oreo’s sales skyrocketed, marking an impressive 59% increase following the event. March 2015 became a landmark month for Oreo, boasting the highest sales ever recorded in the UK. By giving the nation an eclipse experience that even Mother Nature couldn’t deliver, the masterminds behind the Oreo Eclipse campaign not only drove product trial but also solidified Oreo’s position as the star of the celestial event of the decade. It was a moment that left a lasting impression and had everyone craving the delectable taste of Oreo.

Handsaway Fearless Night Digital Billboard

Image from The One Club

With an unwavering mission to address the safety concerns faced by women and gender minorities during nighttime, HandsAway, a remarkable not-for-profit organization dedicated to combatting sexual and gender-based violence, set out to empower individuals and reclaim public spaces. Their groundbreaking initiative, Fearless Night, ingeniously repurposed digital billboards as illuminating beacons throughout the dark hours, consequently transforming streets into safer havens. By leveraging existing infrastructure, HandsAway revolutionized the use of digital billboards, turning them into powerful tools to foster security and inspire positive change in our communities. Their commitment to creating a fearless environment and promoting inclusivity shines bright through this exceptional endeavor.

They were able to harness the power of existing digital billboards as sources of light throughout the night, effectively illuminating the streets and fostering a sense of safety after dark.

By repurposing these digital billboards, HandsAway revolutionized the way we perceive and utilize this modern advertising medium. Instead of solely serving commercial interests, they transformed these billboards into beacons of hope, symbolizing solidarity and protection. Fearless Night not only addressed the crucial issue of safety but also sparked conversations and inspired communities to take a stand against violence. HandsAway’s visionary approach in harnessing technology for social change exemplifies their commitment to creating a more inclusive and secure society, one billboard at a time.


These billboards showcase the boundless realm of creativity through their captivating displays. At Movia, we redefine the possibilities, demonstrating that the sky is truly the limit. Whether you seek digital billboards or an array of distinctive advertising campaigns such as mobile billboards, we invite you to connect with us today to explore the vast horizons of innovative advertising.

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