Where high-impact mobile billboards meet technology.

Cut-through creative

Our big, bold moving canvases drive to and alongside the people you’re looking to reach. Unlike static billboards that can become like distant wallpaper, truck-side ads are ever-changing, and at eye-level, so they really break through.

Maximum horsepower, minimum cost

Compared to any other type of OOH advertising, truck-side ads have the lowest large format CPM (cost per thousand impressions) in the industry. Combine that with our mobile retargeting tech and you’ve got one of the most cost-efficient ways to reach your audience out there.

Target like never before

We go where traditional OOH media can’t. We’ll drive your message to exactly the audience you want, based on demographics, time of day, geographics, and even specific routes and roads.

Strategic route selection

Target specific routes like suburban neighbourhoods, rural roads, or dense urban centres. Or contextualize your message by choosing commercial, industrial or retail spaces such as grocery stores, gas stations or convenience stores.

Onboard beacon analytics

Know who saw your campaign when and where – thanks to our unique onboard beacon technology placed on every vehicle. Our online analytics dashboard will give you all the stats to help you gather learnings and check the success of your campaign in real time, anytime.

Retarget based on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth signal

Retarget devices that come in contact with your mobile billboard for ROI measurement. Our beacon technology picks up their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals, so you can detect, track, and build mobile audiences for your brand. You can even set frequency retargeting thresholds to only re-engage with those who have seen your ad a set number of times.

Reach exactly who you want

We’ll then help you strategically retarget this audience, based on your criteria for demographics, location, and online behaviour. The result is more meaningful contact with your consumer, and more traction and recognition for your brand. In other words, campaign optimization.

An extension of your brand

A message on a billboard is an ad. A message on a Movia truck feels more like an extension of your brand. That’s because most people see our trucks as owned and operated by the brand, increasing your social currency. Your business feels bigger, busier and more "of the moment" than ever.

Connecting with the community

Our drivers can carry custom handouts and engage in meaningful, one-on-one exchanges with the people they meet while on the road, creating a valuable sense of community engagement.

Friendly Truck Advertising driver with his Mobile Billboard truck.s
1+B Impressions
14% Increase Average
1000+ Total
Truck Ads

Brand Lift Study shows through the roof engagement activity

Caddle conducted a study with one of our entertainment clients, testing the effectiveness of Movia mobile billboards

Based on a 7 week, 12 trucks campaign in Toronto (6M pop)

Equalizer and Clarice logos

31.4% unaided recall rate (high for mobile billboards)

78% watched 1 or more episodes

72% believe mobile billboards are a unique way of marketing to consumers