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by Sam Marasigan

Trying to stay healthy is a journey we’re all too familiar with, and let’s face it, it’s no piece of cake. Sometimes, we need that wave of motivation to hit and jumpstart our day, so we’re better prepped to reach our fitness goals. When we’re feeling positive, it’s more like magic and less like work – we feel an inner fire that drives us to push beyond our limits, to choose the path of discipline and wellness. 

In the ad industry, it’s the advertisers who take up the challenge of motivating the masses with fitness ads that pack a punch. It’s always a treat when we see ads that are not your regular run-of-the-mill ones, but game-changers that make you wanna ditch the couch and embrace the sweat. Be they heart-pounding visuals, catchy tunes, or messages made to linger in your mind – they’re all crafted to influence you and make healthy living a part of your everyday groove.

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Let’s dive in and witness how these ads hit the bullseye with their creativity and flair. They’ll not only get people pumped to achieve their fitness goals but also inspire those who aim to create their very own epic fitness campaigns. Who knows, you might be the next big thing in the ad world, helping people live their best lives.

Such ads remind us that being healthy is more than about the grueling hard work – it’s also about enjoying the journey. Let’s get those creative juices flowing with some campaigns that helped people get inspired and get moving:

  1. Adidas ‘Liquid Billboard’

Firstly is an ad that made quite a splash in the world of swimming. The Adidas “Liquid Billboard” campaign revolves around empowering women to feel confident while swimming in public. According to a study laid out by the brand, a whopping 32% of women don’t feel comfortable taking a dip in public waters.

The brand made it imperative, then, to encourage women of all shapes, ethnicities, religions, and abilities to embrace swimming with confidence, and the result is nothing short of magical. The “Liquid Billboard” campaign set up an experiential activation right on a popular beach in Dubai. It took a big tank of water, and on its one side, a transparent screen made of reinforced acrylic. Swimmers can go inside and look out into the world beyond, while dry beachgoers can peek into the water, which makes for a fantastic visual.

Photo from Jack Morton

It gets even cooler, too. They used underwater cameras to capture every swimmer’s moves, and these live feeds were beamed onto the country’s largest digital display. Each swimmer got personalized posters to take home as mementos of their epic aquatic adventure, too.

For their video ad, it kicks off with a young woman rocking an Adidas swimsuit with an attached hijab. She opens up about her experiences growing up and how she never saw women like herself enjoying swimming, and hopefully the tides would soon turn for many.

The “Liquid Billboard” campaign hit all the right marks by breaking barriers and creating a safe space for women to embrace the joy of swimming, no matter who they are or what they believe in. It celebrates diversity and encourages women to dive into life, head-on, and rock those swimsuits with confidence.

  1. GoodLife Fitness ‘FitFluencers’

In a world filled with health and fitness commercials featuring picture-perfect bodies that seem like a distant dream for many of us, GoodLife Fitness, the renowned Canadian fitness chain, offers a breath of fresh air with their unique take on “fitfluencers.” While these commercials often set impossibly high standards, GoodLife Fitness breaks the mold by embracing the diverse journeys we all take on our path to fitness, recognizing that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Fitfluencers are the social media personalities who effortlessly rock those enviable six-pack abs, inspiring awe and admiration among their countless followers. If you’re part of the fitness hype in this digital age, you’ve likely come across them in your feed once or thrice. But GoodLife Fitness saw through the visuals and chose to tap into the hearts of their audience and come up with an approach that challenges this stereotypical image.

Photo from GoodLife Fitness

Instead of feeding into unrealistic ideals, they’ve come out as advocates of body positivity. After all, it’s not just about pushing yourself to the limits, but also about finding balance and taking care of your well-being. Their message goes beyond the typical gym ads we normally see—they remind people to go beyond just showing off jaw-dropping transformations or endorsing what are perhaps unattainable beauty standards. GoodLife Fitness knows that the most inspiring fitfluencers are those that persevere, and those who hope to be a great role model to others as they continue to hit the gym. The beauty of it all lies in celebrating your uniqueness and not comparing yourself to anyone else. The ad is like a breath of fresh air, showing that being genuinely fit isn’t about fitting into some mold. 

GoodLife Fitness inspires other brands to be trailblazers in promoting self-compassion and authenticity, by showcasing ads that lift people up and help them grow on their own terms. This fresh and human approach to gym ads sets a positive tone for the fitness industry and reminds us that everyone’s journey is worth celebrating.

3. Powerhouse Gym Bodybuilder

With over 200 fitness centers across the globe, Powerhouse Gym has been rocking the industry for quite some time. They proudly claim their spot as one of the most influential fitness chains worldwide, and they have the creativity to back it up. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. They don’t settle for the ordinary; they believe in making a statement and captivating their audience in unique and memorable ways.

Their fitness advertisements are on a whole different level. They’ve come up with these mind-blowing posters featuring dynamic bodybuilders in action. But it gets better: they didn’t just slap these posters anywhere — they strategically placed them right next to bustling construction sites, adding that modern vibe to their campaign.

Photo from Powerhouse Gym

What piques the most interest is how the posters give you the illusion that these bodybuilders are effortlessly pulling up massive cranes and pushing building walls like it’s just another day at the gym, a powerful display of strength right in the heart of the city.

Some of these posters ended up on trash trucks, and instead of being just another ad on the side, they turned these trash trucks into fit trucks, which makes the posters look like the bodybuilders are doing a “leg press” with the truck’s back door. It’s like fitness meets modern art, right before your eyes.

With decades of industry leadership and a flair for thinking outside the box, Powerhouse Gym is an inspiration for all of us looking to pump up our fitness game. They truly live up to their name, bringing a powerhouse presence to the fitness world.

4. Planet Fitness Mobile Billboard

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There are times when simplicity reigns supreme in conveying a message. And what better way to promote your product than through the tried-and-true method of mobile billboards? Ads In Motion and Planet Fitness are well aware of this fundamental truth. When they joined forces to tout their remarkable gym membership deal at such an affordable cost per month, the results spoke for themselves. With the help of digital billboard trucks, the word of this offer reverberated to all those eager to maintain their New Year’s resolutions.

The mobile billboards acted as dynamic messengers, reaching out to those determined to make a positive change in their lives. Passersby couldn’t help but take notice, and the offer resonated with a wide audience. The visual and straightforward nature of the mobile billboards made the message clear – achieving fitness goals doesn’t have to come at a steep cost. The approachable $10 per month fee was presented as an invitation to embrace healthier lifestyles without breaking the bank.


When it comes to health and fitness ads, the landscape is filled with a plethora of examples, each vying for attention and trying to make their mark. However, it is the creative ones that truly stand out and leave a lasting impact on audiences. These captivating and inspiring ads have a way of reaching deep into the hearts and minds of viewers, igniting a sense of motivation and aspiration like no other.

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