7 Emerging Strategies in Truck Advertising You Should Know

In an age where self-driving cars and flying drones dominate the tech news, truck advertising might seem old-school and unremarkable. But don’t underestimate the power of a roaring diesel engine plastered with eye-catching ads. 

With already some remarkable mobile billboard trends that have been emerging in 2023, truck advertising is set to roll into the future in style. 

As a leading truck advertisement company, we at Movia believe that these are some of the truck advertising trends brands will be looking to incorporate in the near future. 

  1. Memes for Miles 
  2. Integration of Truck Advertising with Smart Cities
  3. Digital Out Of Home Advertising Through LED Screens
  4. Augmented Reality Takes Truck Ads to Another Level
  5. Data-Driven Insights for Smarter Truck Ads
  6. Dynamic Ad Customization
  7. Eco-Friendly Trucks with Ads that “Clean” the Air

  1. Memes for Miles

A yellow-colored garbage truck featuring a dynamic 3D mobile billboard on its side, promoting the Oral-B brand. The eye-catching ad portrays a person holding Oral-B's innovative toothbrush, which appears to pop out of the billboard and clean the road, resembling a mop. The unique visual captures attention and highlights the effectiveness of Oral-B's new toothbrush

Picture Source: Pinterest

It’s time to up the meme game. 

In recent times, brands have been taking their truck advertising campaigns with a pinch of creativity in order to attract the attention of their audience’s evolving preferences. 

Recently, meme marketing has become an ideal go-to strategy for brands on social media due to its instant potential to attract the attention of the audience and get the message across in the most compelling way. And it is no secret that on social media, users watch meme content most of their browsing time because that’s what’s out there. Whether it is a brand jumping on the meme wagon or just a funny meme that catches the eye and maybe a few giggles, the thing is people love seeing memes. 

And in the offline world, these people would prefer to be engaged in the same way

Take for instance the truck ads of Orkin- a pest control company that used a bunch of eye-catching memes for their marketing campaign. They used an enormous picture of a roach meme plastered onto its trucks accompanied by a clever slogan: “Screenshot this truck to get rid of roaches!”

By incorporating internet memes into their truck advertising campaign, Orkin successfully established a memorable and lighthearted connection with their target audience. The humorous and relatable nature of memes creates a positive brand association, positioning Orkin as a modernized brand. 

A meme image: A person sitting at an award person looking shocked, and the meme reads " Revenue? I thought you just wanted leads".

Picture Source: Google 

 By using recognizable and famous memes in advertising campaigns, brands have an opportunity to connect with audiences quickly and deeply. The instant recognition generated by these visuals generates feelings of trust while also driving interest.

Such tactics also have the potential to drive up digital media engagement by people sharing such screenshots of meme ads on socials like Twitter & Instagram. The more people see it, the more leads a brand can have and thus more conversion, ultimately which is the goal. 

As pioneers in truck advertising, we at Movia strongly believe that sooner than later that brands are going to leverage memes & popular internet culture as a strong reference for creating their truck ads. 

  1. Integration of Truck Advertising with Smart Cities

As cities become smarter and more connected, truck advertising is not just cruising through the urban landscape, but they’re transformed into data-gathering superheroes armed with sensors and communication technologies.

Why just have smart cities when we can even have smart trucks

Smart cities provide real-time information on events, weather conditions, and public transportation schedules. With the use of emerging technology such as IoT devices and other intelligent software, these trucks can integrate with these smart cities (in an ethical manner of course) and gather valuable data about traffic patterns, pedestrian behaviour, and even environmental conditions within that vicinity. 

From an advertising perspective, such kind of smart data is a goldmine for brands, who are looking to optimize their truck advertising strategies. 

Imagine just how powerful truck advertising can get if it can dynamically adjust its content based on this data, ensuring that messages are contextually relevant and timely. For instance, these trucks can display advertisements for nearby restaurants in those smart cities during lunchtime. 

A mail delivery truck completely wrapped in visually appealing advertisements for Zume Pizza. The ads showcase enticing images of various pizzas, while the text boldly states 'Farm to Pizza' and includes a call to action, urging viewers to 'Order Online on the App.'

Picture Source: Pinterest 

Just imagine taking an evening stroll in your smart city neighbourhood when you see a truck with mouthwatering images of pizza, juicy burgers and delicious-looking tacos. 

But this isn’t just any ordinary food truck—it’s a savvy advertising machine that knows exactly when and where to show up, to get in front of people like you- it’s target audience. 

Maybe you order a pizza from that restaurant that very moment, or you don’t. But that image of that pizza will always be there in the back of your mind. And chances are when you’re craving a pizza, guess which pizza place you’d be thinking of? 

Food for thought!

  1. Digital Out Of Home Advertising Through LED Screens

Truck advertising is revving up with the adoption of LED screens, turning these mobile billboards into captivating, eye-catching displays. In the fast-paced world of digital out-of-home advertising, staying ahead of the competition is crucial, and LED screens on trucks provide a powerful tool to do just that.

By incorporating LED screens into truck ads, brands can create visually stunning and attention-grabbing displays that demand the attention of the viewers. And if you play your cards right, passersby can’t help but be drawn to such appealing visuals that come to life on these mobile billboards, which are an effective tool that can help easily engage the audience

One of the significant advantages of LED screens in truck advertising is their versatility. Brands can leverage these screens to showcase not only static images but also engaging videos, animations, and interactive content. 

Additionally, LED screens on trucks offer the advantage of flexibility and adaptability. Advertisers can easily change or update the content displayed on the screens remotely, ensuring that their messaging remains relevant and up-to-date. Talk about taking your brand ads anywhere with such mobile billboards

Digital out-of-home advertising is really beneficial for small businesses. And as brands embrace this cutting-edge technology, get ready to see more of such digital out-of-home advertising capturing the attention of the viewers. 

  1. Augmented Reality Takes Truck Ads to Another Level

A parked truck adorned with an appealing green and white design, serving as a mobile billboard. The vibrant billboard showcases a colorful plate filled with a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, symbolizing health and nutrition. Prominently featured on the side of the truck is a conveniently placed QR code, providing easy access to learn more about the brand Super Nutritious.

Picture Source: qrcode-tiger

AR has opened up new possibilities for truck advertisers looking to offer out-of-the-box marketing experiences. One particular thing is the rise of QR codes on these mobile billboards. With these large QR codes on the side of the trucks, users can easily with a mobile device and access immersive content that further engages them to take some kind of positive action with the brand. 

Once users engage with the QR code, they can unlock a range of immersive experiences that captivate and leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s virtual product demonstrations, 360-degree videos, or interactive games, AR technology allows advertisers to create captivating content that enhances the overall advertising experience and curates a positive experience for the user with the brand. 

An important thing to note here is that when brands integrate these  QR codes and AR technology on the trucks, they can provide valuable data and insights to the advertisers. By tracking QR code scans, advertisers can pinpoint the location where the QR codes are been scanned

By analyzing this location data, advertisers can gain insights into where their truck advertisements are generating the most engagement. Making the already targeted campaign even more targeted by helping them understand the effectiveness of their truck ad campaign.

A food truck parked on the side of the road with a poster ad on back of the truck which has a conveniently placed QR code to access the menu. The poster also showcases sushi, sauces and chopsticks.

Picture Source: qrcode-tiger

  1.  Data-Driven Insights for Smarter Truck Ads

Put it this way, your marketing strategy is nothing without data. It is the backbone of every successful marketing campaign ever created that has yielded incredible ROI.  

Modern-day technological innovations have allowed truck advertising to become more targeted, personalized, and efficient. By leveraging data analytic tools,  truck advertisers can now drastically optimize their truck campaigns and ensure that their trucks pass strategic areas at specific times, this way ensuring maximum exposure. 

Imagine a mobile pet grooming service that operates from a specially designed truck. By utilizing data analytics, the pet grooming company can identify neighbourhoods or areas with a high concentration of pet owners. They can then analyze data such as pet ownership rates, demographics, and purchasing behaviours to determine the best locations and times to position their truck.

A vibrant mobile pet grooming van parked in front of a charming house. The van features a colorful ad poster on its side, showcasing a cheerful dog enjoying a refreshing bath. The ad prominently displays the contact details for Katie's Divine K9s, including a phone number and email address.

Picture Source: petsplusmag.com

Based on this information, the company can strategically schedule their truck to visit neighbourhoods during peak pet owner activity, such as weekends or after-work hours. They can also customize their advertising messages to highlight specific services based on the demographics and preferences of the target audience in each area.

This data-driven approach allows the pet grooming company to optimize their routes, schedule, and advertising messages, ensuring that their trucks is in the right place at the right time to attract and serve their target audience effectively. 

And by doing so, the business can increase its brand visibility, reach more potential customers and ultimately drive higher engagement and conversion rates for its pet grooming business.

Such data-driven insights can enable improved campaign performance. Once such a truck campaign is live, advertisers should monitor and further analyze the performance of their truck ads in real-time. See what’s working and what’s not by tracking key metrics such as impressions, engagement, and conversions, enabling them to make data-backed changes to their truck advertising efforts to further improve their campaign efforts. 

  1. Dynamic Ad Customization

Data-backed truck campaigns bring us to my next point- the dynamic customization of truck ads. 

We already discussed how brands can leverage these data analytical tools. But they can go further and even access public data about local events taking place in the vicinity, how the weather conditions are, traffic patterns in cities and suburbs and much more. Truck advertisers can dynamically customize their ads to resonate with the immediate environment.

 For example, a mobile food truck has digital billboards attached to its sides. These billboards could display different menu items based on the weather or time of the day, thus increasing their relevancy to the passerby who might be craving exactly the type of meal that is being shown on the truck at that time. 

By leveraging data insights, truck advertisers can optimise their routes and not roam on roads and areas with low traffic. This would help decrease the mileage costs on such trucks and cut down on operation costs, which at times can get expensive. 

  1. Eco-Friendly Trucks with Ads that “Clean” the Air

A Biffa electric recycling truck in the parking lot with a blue and red colored truck ad poster on its side saying '"Same Biffa truck, upcycled by Lunaz. All electric".

Image Source: evpowered.co.uk

As the world is transitioning towards a greener future, electric wheels have now become a popular means to reduce carbon emissions and a simpler way to combat air pollution. 

In this current transition, electric trucks have become an environmentally friendly option for not only transportation and logistics operations but also for digital out-of-home truck advertising efforts.

But why stop there? Why not go one step further?

Innovative minds in the industry have been talking about installing rooftop billboards on these trucks that can purify the air.

The idea is that these rooftop billboards would be equipped with advanced filtration systems that capture and filter out pollutants from the surrounding air. As electric trucks navigate through traffic-congested areas, they can potentially act as mobile air purifiers, reducing harmful emissions and thus improving the quality of the air we breathe in. How cool is that!

Instead of inhaling the usual exhaust fumes while waiting in traffic we usually do, you can find yourself breathing in cleaner, fresher air. This innovative approach to truck advertising not only promotes brands as being environmentally conscious (something that people expect from brands nowadays) but also can contribute to the well-being of the community.

The Takeaway?

 Truck advertising continues to reinvent the wheel. It is no secret that mobile billboards are great at helping brands increase their awareness. Keeping the audience engaged with a blend of creativity, humour, and ad-targeting capabilities (which can help better target the audience better).

But it’s not just about engaging the audience. Truck advertising is also embracing a greener outlook, reflecting the growing concerns for the environment. Electric trucks are paving the way for a greener future.

As we embrace this exciting future, it’s clear that the road ahead for truck advertising is filled with endless possibilities. Further down the road, marketers will constantly be looking to push the boundaries, challenging norms, and surprising us with their ingenuity with their truck ads. 

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