Ensuring Mobile Ad Success: Criteria for Selecting Mobile Billboard Trucks

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Getting the attention of consumers can be quite a challenge in today’s world. It’s not surprising, though, as everything is becoming more digital and moving at a brisk pace. Consumers are constantly bombarded with messages on screens of all shapes and sizes every day.

Thankfully, out-of-home advertising has emerged as a tool to combat this issue. Did you know that an impressive 71% of consumers have admitted to noticing messages displayed on billboards and other outdoor placements?

With the plethora of out-of-home options available, the question arises: how can you make your approach unique and stand out? This is where mobile billboard trucks step in. These dynamic displays on wheels bring your message directly to your target audience.

The main dilemma lies in choosing the right mobile billboard truck for maximum impact. If you’re unsure about how to pick one that guarantees success, this guide can help. Keep reading for criteria you ought to consider.

Getting to know your target audience

Before your mobile billboard sets off on its advertising journey, there’s one step you shouldn’t overlook: understanding your target audience.

A mobile billboard campaign’s success relies on understanding your target audience. It’s like customizing a message for a friend’s birthday, isn’t it? Personalization is key in building customer relationships, as noted by 99% of marketers!

Demographic factors such as age, gender, income, and location are crucial in this regard. Picture a campaign aimed at young professionals. Wouldn’t a vibrant truck with a fun design cruising past college campuses and trendy neighborhoods connect better than a formal truck parked near a corporate office area?

The good news is that the versatility of mobile billboard trucks is truly remarkable. With truck body options – from smaller trucks ideal for navigating busy city areas to larger ones with ample display space – you can choose the size and style that perfectly suits your target audience and campaign objectives.

However, demographics are only the beginning. Understanding your audience’s interests is equally vital. Are they into fitness? Placing a billboard near popular running routes could work wonders. Do they enjoy music festivals? Having a truck stationed near these events could generate excitement. 

By taking these aspects into account, you can create tailored messages. You can also strategically position your mobile billboard for maximum impact.

Criteria to consider when choosing mobile billboard trucks

Image source : Adobestock

After identifying your target audience, the next step is to pick the mobile billboard truck for your advertising campaign. Here are some important factors to keep in mind:

  • Truck size and visibility

As discussed earlier, mobile billboard trucks are available in various sizes. Your choice depends on your target audience and the surroundings. For example, a smaller, maneuverable truck would easily navigate city streets to reach young professionals during their daily activities. On the other hand, a larger truck with a higher vantage point may be better suited for catching the attention of highway commuters.

In addition to size, several factors impact how effectively your message is seen. Double-sided billboards offer wider exposure compared to single-sided ones, while LED displays offer excellent visibility, especially in low-light settings.

  • Truck locations and routes

The success of your mobile billboard campaign relies on reaching your target audience at the right locations. Planning routes strategically is crucial. Consider high-traffic areas visited by your target demographic, competitor locations for maximizing brand exposure, and even special events that align with the message of your campaign.

  • Design and messaging

Once you’ve chosen the truck and planned out your route, it’s time to create a compelling message. 

An easy-to-understand design is key when it comes to mobile billboards. Remember, people will only glance at your moving advertisement briefly, so make sure your message is clear and engaging. 

Having a call to action (CTA) is also important in encouraging viewers to take the next step, whether that’s visiting your website, downloading an app, or simply remembering your brand. 

Finally, don’t overlook regulations related to the size and content of mobile billboards. Following these rules is crucial to avoid any issues during your campaign.

Additional factors to think about

While selecting the mobile billboard truck is vital, a successful campaign requires looking at the bigger picture. Other factors to consider include:

  • Cost involved

Mobile billboard advertising involves various expenses like truck rental fees, design costs, permits, and route planning. It’s important to gather quotes from vendors to ensure you’re getting good value for your money.

  • Integration with other marketing channels

Mobile billboards are great for catching attention on the move. 

But to truly enhance your message and leave a lasting impact, think about combining them with other marketing platforms. 

Picture this: You’re running a promotion for a fitness app. Your attention-grabbing mobile billboard cruising past parks and gyms could be paired with social media posts showcasing workout videos and an appealing hashtag. Targeted online ads might attract potential users to explore further. At the same time, flyers handed out at fitness centers could include a scannable QR code directing them straight to the app download page. 

An omnichannel marketing strategy boosts store traffic from ads by 80%, maximizing recall, engagement, and, ultimately, the success of your mobile billboard campaign.

After launching your campaign, monitoring its effectiveness is crucial. Engagement metrics like social media mentions or website traffic generated by the campaign provide insights. Analyzing these metrics lets you assess the campaign’s impact and adjust for success.

Final thoughts

The future of mobile billboard advertising appears promising. 

Technology advancements, such as interactive displays and augmented reality features, have the potential to greatly enhance this dynamic platform. However, one aspect stays unchanged: the effectiveness of a well-planned mobile billboard campaign in capturing interest, generating curiosity, and achieving desired outcomes. Therefore, when devising your marketing plan, remember to leverage the capability of mobile billboards in promoting your brand on the go.

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