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The Importance of Brand Marketing in 2023

Many people think companies only sell products. But in reality, they sell more than that – they sell feelings, ideas, and the way things make you experience. Take Coca-Cola, for example. They’re not just selling a drink; they’re selling happiness and the feeling of being together with your loved ones.   This is what branding is […]

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Mobile Billboards- Everything You Need to Know

Picture Source: Movia Whether you’re commuting by car, bus or train, or just taking a stroll on the streets enjoying your morning coffee, you might watch the world- and mobile billboards- go by. Some mobile billboards can be pretty entertaining. According to the latest research in 2023, a remarkable 49% of adult consumers now notice […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Wallscape Advertising in 2023

Image Source: Wallscapes: where walls transform into canvases of inspiring advertisements.  If you have ever visited metropolitan cities like Chicago, New York and London, you might have had a chance to get a glimpse of those large eye-catching advertising posters that seem to cover the entire wall of the buildings. And we bet you […]

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7 Emerging Strategies in Truck Advertising You Should Know

In an age where self-driving cars and flying drones dominate the tech news, truck advertising might seem old-school and unremarkable. But don’t underestimate the power of a roaring diesel engine plastered with eye-catching ads.  With already some remarkable mobile billboard trends that have been emerging in 2023, truck advertising is set to roll into the […]

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Why Truck Ads Can Easily Help Increase Brand Awareness 

Picture this: you’re driving down the road on a beautiful sunny morning when suddenly a truck with an advertisement on its side passes by. Now the ad on the truck has instantly caught your eye, and you’re either fascinated by it or wonder what the truck ad is all about. Even if you don’t consciously […]

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