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Chicago Billboard Advertising – Most Impactful Billboards in Greater Chicago Area


The most populous city in Illinois, with a population of about 2.716 million, and the third most populous city in the U.S. has learned to adopt modern billboard advertising in their mix. The Windy City is a unique metropolis consisting of the U.S.’s second largest central business district as well as rich culture filled with the performing arts and world class cuisine. This combination allows for high traffic exposure of billboards on one of the major interstate highways running through Chicago such as Interstate 55, Interstate 57, Interstate 65 or Interstate 80. Outdoor audiences are targeted for billboard advertising in downtown attractions like Rogers Park or Grant Park. Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears, makes for another OOH advertising option. The hundreds of restaurants that flood State Street bring forth other advertising ventures, especially within food related advertising. 

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Chicago a star in outdoor advertising, what the costs look like, and what their transit system allows in terms of ad spots. 


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How Do Billboards Work?

Billboards have been around for a long time, and they are far from disappearing. Creative outdoor advertising is timeless because it costs the viewer nothing to digest. However, this is only true if careful time and consideration are factored into the advertisement that is visible to the consumer, based on the location. Meanwhile, other forms of advertisements, such as commercials, impede on a viewer’s experience of content they are trying to access which sacrifices their time and becomes an annoyance. 

Outdoor advertising can be seen as beautifying a space while informing audiences about a service, or it can be considered visual pollution. To prevent the latter, planning should encapsulate a variety of factors such as location, target audience, and visibility. Just as there is a strategy to occupy indoor spaces with quality ads, there is a way to incorporate billboards in a landscape so they don’t feel like an unnecessary, manmade creation. Let us talk about how billboards work to provide great advertising in an outdoor landscape. 

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How much do billboards cost per month?

eye catching mini cooper advertisement

Billboard ads – and digital billboard ads – are on most of the hours of a day and are available at a low cost. To use billboard media means to produce more gross impressions than any other outdoor medium during a given period.

Currently, advertising on LCD billboards is the most popular outdoor advertising type among advertisers ready to reach the general public. Competitive billboard rental ad costs result in low cost-per-thousand figures because the costs for renting billboards is significantly reduced when compared to other media. According to many advertisers, the cost of a billboard rental yields great investment returns. Thus, many businesses and other organizations billboard-advertise in order to increase revenue or their exposure.

digital advertisement for an ice cream brand magnum

The construction of new locations, including new LED billboard advertisements, is prohibited in most cities in the United States, thereby making the existing billboard ad locations all the more valuable. Despite this fact, billboard rental rates remain competitively priced. All types of advertisers recognize this value and therefore include this medium in their outdoor ad plan. Advertisers that use billboard media and engage in renting billboards typically calculate the rent-a-billboard cost by dividing the monthly billboard advertising costs by the monthly gross impressions (which are first divided by 1,000).

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How does outdoor advertising work?

You see outdoor advertising almost every day. We see hundreds of outdoor advertisements every day, more if we’re living in a city like New York or Chicago. But, if not doing it the right way the recall of those ads is almost zero. Doing it the right way is imperative, or it is merely a waste.

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How much do led billboards cost?

A digital billboard that is similar in size to a traditional highway billboard costs between $50,000 and $250,000. The below image is the billboard size that will fall in this price range. The higher the resolution, the higher the price. Keep in mind that is only for a one-sided sign. Adding a second side will nearly double the price.


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