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Boost Your Campaign with the Best Health and Fitness Ads

by Sam Marasigan Trying to stay healthy is a journey we’re all too familiar with, and let’s face it, it’s no piece of cake. Sometimes, we need that wave of motivation to hit and jumpstart our day, so we’re better prepped to reach our fitness goals. When we’re feeling positive, it’s more like magic and […]

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Types of Transit Advertising

By Sam Marasigan If you’re aiming to promote your business, understanding the most effective advertising strategies becomes paramount. Among these strategies, one enduring gem is transit advertising. Transit advertising involves showcasing ads within public transportation modes, as well as in nearby areas frequented by commuters. This method of advertising offers diverse possibilities, ranging from ad […]

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Are Mobile Billboards Worth the Cost?

by Sam Marasigan If you’ve done your homework and decided that mobile billboards are your go-to move for your latest venture, you’re making a solid choice. Mobile billboards have withstood the test of time in the advertising realm, offering a ton of benefits. Of course, not all billboards are created equal. It’s a must having […]

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The Best Digital Billboards to Inspire You this 2023

by Sam Marasigan Every now and then, a revolution happens in the ad industry that totally changes the game. With their dynamic nature and ability to adapt to the ever-changing environment, digital billboards have recently unlocked new levels of creativity, and transformed the way we interact with advertisements. In 2023, these eye-catching wonders are all […]

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 Copywriting Tips for Your Mobile Billboard

by Sam Marasigan and Shalin Patel In the highly competitive world of modern advertising, capturing the attention of audiences requires more than flashy concepts or designs. Since businesses want to keep up with quite a fast-paced landscape, they are always on the lookout for innovative or memorable ideas in order to stay ahead of the […]

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How to Target your Audience through Truck Advertising

By Rose Sugatan and Sam Marasigan If you’re looking for an effective way to reach your target audience, truck advertising might just be the answer. With a well-designed truck billboard, you can advertise your brand or message to a large and diverse audience as you drive around the city. Whether you’re a small business owner, […]

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Why Startups Should Use Mobile Billboards

by Nadia Mutchu Seghal and Sam Marasigan Every startup needs a strong and effective advertising campaign. Therefore, mobile billboards are the way to go! They provide a mode of transport for your ads to directly reach your target market. It is a mix of traditional billboard advertising and guerilla advertising. It is a marketing technique […]

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Here Is Why 2023 Is the Year for Mobile Billboards 

by Nadiya Seghal and Sam Marasigan The most successful campaigns in the current digital age come from brands that are well-versed with the latest advertising trends and innovation. In order to get ahead, strategizing ways to adapt to the ever-changing social and cultural shifts in the advertising landscape needs to be a priority so that […]

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