Why Startups Should Use Mobile Billboards

by Nadia Mutchu Seghal and Sam Marasigan

Every startup needs a strong and effective advertising campaign. Therefore, mobile billboards are the way to go! They provide a mode of transport for your ads to directly reach your target market. It is a mix of traditional billboard advertising and guerilla advertising. It is a marketing technique where ads are placed on the side of vehicles, usually a truck. Mobile billboards are heralded as being able to utilize and understand the constant change in trends. Especially since truck ads can juxtapose itself in the right neighborhoods, drive through the ideal high footfall areas and generate buzz that penetrates through social media and news outlets. It is the most cost-efficient and strategic approach in modern out-of-home advertising.

OOH or out-of-home advertising has the potential of entering spaces that could not have been accessed before by either a billboard or poster. It allows for more mobility and direct interaction with the target market. They can easily pass through a street effortlessly displaying the ad or a myriad of ads. They have a 90% recall rate. Additionally, just doing a digital media campaign is not enough anymore either. 

Mobile billboards offer versatility

While using digital platforms is beneficial, out-of-home and outdoor advertising is still pertinent. With the introduction of ad-blockers, some ads might not reach your target market. In order to avoid missing out on reaching the right consumers, more direct forms of advertising are still encouraged by ad agencies. In the recent past, mobile truck advertising has become technologically advanced and versatile. Companies like Movia have added GPS tracking and analytics into their advertising which give corporations a chance to study and understand their target audience in detail. These projections help with branding not only in the mobile billboard sector, but across media channels as well. It can tell a lot about the brand. For example, at what time of day are people most likely to buy your product, which routes and neighborhoods would be the perfect spot for a store or which brand businesses can collaborate with or who is the biggest competitor in the industry.

Unused space on trucks are utilized by displaying ads as they drive past areas to make their deliveries. These spaces are rented out. Movia installs a software that collects impression, location and frequency data. A visually engaging truck is bound to be eye-catching. This also has the potential to make your ads go viral if multi-channel participation is pertinent to your brand. 

Picture source: Movia.media

There are multiple ways a mobile billboard can be displayed. The versatility it offers consists of billboards with LED lights which grab eyes and stand-out; multiple posters being screened from different angles or multiple posters from the same campaign displayed as a presentation as well as digital billboards. It can be catered to exactly what is being attempted or yet to be accomplished. This is a marketing trend that is popular in several cities across Asia, for example in Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore and Chengdu.  

Additionally, mobile billboards do not have to include campaigns, they can simply be information or letting people know about the new and upcoming brand. It could include a QR code that can transport them onto your webpage or mobile application. Since this information can be printed on not just trucks but buses, vans and fancy carriages or vehicles. Ads can also be tailored to cater to a wide variety of factors if necessary. They can consist of a myriad of things that have multi-channel and platform connections. This is possible by combining digital strategies and outdoor advertising techniques.

They can define your brand personality

As a new company you want to stand out. You want to be noticed, and you want your potential customers to be excited by your presence. What better way to establish yourself than by having a stand-out, eye-catching and memorable ad campaign? The versatility of a mobile billboard helps enhance this. They help ingrain the brand in people’s minds.

A lot of brands manage to set a certain tone for themselves even before they launch their products or services. People need something to associate a brand with. While a good logo and catchy slogan does the job, so does an effective and interesting ad campaign. A brand with a good personality, makes people think of the brand vividly and positively. Brand association is pertinent, and if this takes place early on will be crucial and fruitful in the long-run. It can also establish a powerful message for a brand. At the end of the day, as a new brand you want to not only entice customers, but you want them to become lifelong consumers. Additionally, the duration of the ad completely depends on the company, but it is safe to say, longer the duration, more eyes will be on it. This all adds up to having valuable insights which you can utilize in future brand strategies. 

Picture source: toxel.com

Since mobile billboards can produce better results than other traditional forms of billboards, being creative and experimental by engaging in games and interacting with the consumer one-on-one is a huge boost. Understanding where and when people are most likely to be willing to participate in a campaign can also be helpful. Placing mobile billboards in areas where people are waiting for something, for example a government office, entering a concert or outside a popular restaurant gives people a chance to unwind and interact with the brand. 

Picture source: toxel.com

They can establish a local presence

Having a startup business presents many challenges, especially in the beginning. Which is why in order to get ahead, establishing yourself as the go-to brand in the precise location of your company can be an ideal move. Startups will find many benefits in using mobile billboards because of their ability to be specific in reaching target geographical areas. By driving through the neighborhood or city of your choice, your company can create a local presence and build brand recognition among the locals.

The increased visibility of having a mobile billboard is also advantageous to your advertising campaigns. If your main goal is to get noticed and build brand awareness, seeing your ads around the targeted neighborhood and locations will boost your chances of making them seen by the right audiences.

This is also especially beneficial if your company is aiming to quickly reach the relevant people within proximity, as they are more likely to become repeat customers, especially if they are residents who are already familiar with the area. This means your brand is well within arms reach whenever they are in need of something like the products or services you are offering.

Another strategic way to use mobile billboards is through parading your advertisements for, or around local events. When it comes to promoting festivals or parades, mobile billboards can be a great tactic to draw your audiences in, and events can also bring more eyes to your campaign if you choose to drive through certain dates or times.

Mobile billboards are a powerful tool due to its ability to promote your brand to people in various areas and help you build a loyal customer base, local or otherwise. With a local presence established in particular, satisfied customers can then easily recommend your business to relatives and friends. Through word-of-mouth, your brand can be a memorable name within the area and nearby places.

They offer a great Return on Investment

Startups should start considering the use of mobile billboards due to their geat return or investment or ROI. ROI is basically a metric used to assess the profitability and effectiveness of something you invested in, or data that can serve to compare the effectiveness of your multiple investments. Since mobile billboards are ideal at generating buzz, you can see measurable results  as you effectively build brand awareness and recognition through utilizing them.

Since mobile billboards are known to be cost-effective, their cost-per-impression for your startup brand is ideal, compared to other kinds of traditional methods such as static billboards or commercials. Movia offers unique beacon analytics to see how your campaigns are faring, which greatly informs startups for their next business strategies. Equipped with advanced tools, you can formulate a truck-to-audience strategy that considers various factors like routes, demographics, time of day, hours on the road, and contextual opportunities. Your plan is highly customizable based on your specific requirements, such as choosing delivery trucks that make afternoon stops at convenience stores or selecting routes through residential or commercial areas. You can easily track your trucks’ location and audience using your personal dashboard as well.

At a better price, you can generate measurable results, and help optimize your campaign and avoid wasting money on what may be ineffective advertising for your business.

The ROI of a mobile billboard campaign can be influenced by a multitude of factors too, such as the effectiveness of the messaging, the targeting of the audience, the design of the advertisement, and the cost of the campaign. It is beneficial for your brand to see the ROI of your campaign, so that you can determine the effectiveness of their mobile billboard advertising and make necessary adjustments to optimize the campaign for maximum ROI.

They leave a memorable impression

It has been proven that mobile billboards are highly memorable and create a lasting impression upon the public. There are many reasons why countless businesses gravitate to using them, especially startups, whenever they aim to build and establish their brands.

A common element to mobile billboards is that they are large and attention-grabbing. They call for creative and unique designs, and your brand can jump at the chance to select bold colors and catchy slogans. Truck advertising offers flexibility and customization opportunities when it comes to their messaging and graphics, which is great for startups looking to have a powerful and prominent way to be seen as the latest new sensation in the market.

Picture source: Movia.media

Compared to static and traditional billboards, they are much harder to miss, and can stand out better in the minds of potential customers, since they are constantly in motion, and have a more unique novelty factor due to their ever-changing locations and backdrops. There is also a sense of intrigue to seeing certain brands in different or unexpected places, which increases the likelihood of audiences remembering your ad more.

Aside from piquing the interests of people, it is also possible for your ad campaigns to be seen multiple times, if you plan to strategically place them in the same areas, as well as those locations where your target audiences may likely be there. With your brand being seen and encountered often, you can reinforce the wonders of your products and services in the minds of potential customers.

Overall, mobile billboards offer startups the opportunity to create a memorable and lasting impression on people. By using attention-grabbing design and messaging, and utilizing the tools and technology that come with them, startups can increase the chances that audiences will remember their brand and consider using their products and services in the future.


Being a successful startup requires the ability to sustain growth and profitability over time, as well as being able to adapt to the needs and demands of consumers—which are certainly no easy feats. Mobile billboards can serve as solutions to some challenges of starting businesses, as they have been proven effective by industry leaders, making them a reliable option. Mobile billboards can also help establish a startup’s brand personality through their design and messaging. They are also ideal in establishing a local presence by targeting specific areas and demographics. Additionally, they offer a high return on investment through measurable results. Mobile billboards can be memorable and attention-grabbing, increasing the chances of converting potential customers into paying ones. If you’re looking to build brand awareness, generate buzz, and increase revenue through effective advertising, contact Movia and have your own mobile billboards today!

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