Why Advertising on Trucks is Perfect for Small Businesses

Written by: David Leo and Alma Escudero

As a small business one of the trickiest things to help your business grow is to decide how to market and advertise your company. There are plenty of different routes for you to take including advertising on T.V or radio, or in the print sphere with magazines or newspapers. You could even decide to advertise on the internet, primarily on social media sites. Another route you could take would be through out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

OOH advertising consists of any piece of advertisement that can be found in what its name suggests, Out-of (your) home. OOH advertising should be fairly familiar to many people as most will be exposed to a form of OOH advertising regularly. OOH advertising can take the form of static billboards found on the sides of main roads, or just above eye level at the heart of a busy city. OOH advertising can be found in subway stations or wrapped around bus shelters as well, but there’s one form of OOH advertising that stands head and shoulders above the rest and can be the perfect fit for your small business.

Mobile truck billboards are a relatively new form of advertising which can maximize your ROI for your small business. Mobile billboards can provide the greatest upside against all other forms of advertisements and would provide your company the most proficient way to spread your name to potential customers.

Here are a few reasons as to how truck advertising can be perfect for your small business.

Limitless Reach

One of the greatest advantages you will have in using truck advertising is the amount of potential customers you will reach. For smaller businesses, it’s imperative to get your name out there. Potential consumers must be aware that the service is there for them to use. Using mobile billboards in high-traffic, open pedestrian areas will solidify a strong reach. 

This exposure brings impressions to the small business, which counts every person within reach as a uniquely targeted impression. Typically, this can be measured by real-time impression counts which are connected to beacons in the billboard, and as your billboard passes by an individual with an open Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal (which most people leave on already) this will then notify you as to how many people potentially saw your ad.

Movia Media generates about 1.5-2.5 million impressions per month, which is a substantial number of consumers possibly interested in services that the small business can help with. While you can’t assume all of these impressions made will directly translate into sales for your company, even if only a fraction of these impressions resonate with potential customers your reach will increase exponentially.

Cost-Effective Medium

Operating a small business is a lot different than running a large corporation, which means that cost-efficient techniques must be done to ensure the sustainability of the business, so why should advertising be any different.

In our modern age, getting an advertisement on T.V or on radio aren’t as lucrative as once thought, with prices for a nationally televised 30 second advertisement slot costing upwards of $105,000 and also add on production fees which can tack on anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000, and marketing in magazines and newspapers might provide less of an incentive to do so. Even if national marketing isn’t the best idea for your company you could also be spending thousands of dollars on local publicity outlets for a fraction of the population size and potential customers, this also might not be the best option for your small business moving forward.

With Mobile Billboards however, they have the lowest CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) among all forms of advertising.

OOH ads and vehicle wraps provide much greater value for money as they range between $0.50 and $4 in average CPM which means it will only cost your company less than $4 for every 1000 potential customers with mobile billboards and other forms of OOH advertising patrolling the streets and spreading your message.

Considering that it would cost upwards of $20 to receive the same amount of impressions using traditional forms of advertisement like on television, in magazines or in a local paper, this is also is compounded by the fact that advertising in traditional mediums also comes with the grounds that consumers have the option to choose not to see your advertisement. They can flip a page, change a channel and even put an ad-blocker on, which means you could just be lighting your hard-earned money on fire at that point. Instead with Mobile Billboards, your target audience has no choice but to face your advertisements head-on.

More than an online presence 

The ubiquitousness of the internet has made small businesses focus on just their online presence. Most entrepreneurs with unit products or services are exclusively online, but without a physical presence, it is hard to base a reputation and make it tangible for the market. 

Even when social media and web presence is a very powerful marketing tool, privacy and copywriting can be susceptible to complaints and it doesn’t guarantee to help you with the reach and visibility of the right consumers

And as we said before, only selling on digital platforms can be hard to trust for some users thus, this is where the truck ad comes in. Seeing the logo of your brand throughout the city will make a new user have rapid contention with the company. When you specifically talk about online businesses, truck ads make them seem like a physical entity – which demonstrates their qualifications. 

Online brands – especially new ones – will face many doubts, such as the viability, security and reliability of their services; but with the help of truck advertising, you can give consumers the all-important reassurance that they see you as a company they can trust. 

A lot of small companies can not afford a huge fleet of trucks, even if they offer deliveries on a “big scale”. Truck advertising gives a company a sense of tangibility, a more physical presence rather than just an online or a specific location.

This “social proof” is a valuable consideration. You need to know or at least heard about a business to create a sense of trust with it. So, if you started seeing trucks regularly with the name of a specific brand, the assumption is the brand is well-established in the market” since they are doing regular deliveries, which is transcribed as other people like this brand. 

At the end, when people need your product or service they will be more likely to choose you from other businesses. 

Distinguishes Personality and Expresses Creativity

Take your business miles ahead of other small companies by sticking in the minds of your valued customers. With Mobile Billboards, the space around the truck is your company’s canvas waiting to come to life.

At Movia, we will help make your brand stand out from the rest with eye-popping decals and displays for your trucks to generate eyeballs and hopefully more clicks to your brand.  

Catching your customers attention using mobile advertising trucks can be tricky but there are some simple ways to stand out:

  • Be innovative: Think about how you want your business displayed throughout the city, font type/size, the color scheme, any pictures you might want, there are plenty of ways in which you can be creative with your mobile advertisements.
  • Memorability: Once you have your composition picked out, you will need a piece of written text that will resonate with your audiences long after they pass your mobile advertising truck. If your mobile trucks are on the roads, note that most people passing by the truck on the street or in their car will only be around your advertisement for likely only a few minutes and in that time you need to make a big impression that your audience will carry with them for much longer. A simple slogan or some memorable words matched with your eye-popping display will help audiences resonate with your brand.
  • Make it relevant: Don’t just be another truck advertisement, make them not stop looking at you. Remember! There is almost no escape to our type of advertisement, so it makes it worth watching; using the right information and giving it the tone to your target audience will be more appealing, would help you do it.  A recent Nielsen survey found that 23 percent of respondents have gone online to find information about an advertiser they saw on a billboard. And 16 percent have visited the advertisers’ website after a billboard caught their attention.
  • Messaging: What type of overall message do you want to send to the public with your advertisement? Having an effective message could be the key to turning potential customers into one’s with a long-lasting relationship. 

Target geographically 

As we repeatedly said in this article, the main goal of truck advertising is brand recognition. Nowadays, is too easy to ignore ads on mobile devices or social media as you can just scroll down or move to another application or page. Although with truck advertising, you cannot skip the ad so easily, especially if the ad is ingenious and with a good visual. If the ad is eye-catching for the customer and the viewer “gets pushed” to see the ad. Therefore, truck advertising can target local places that are more convenient for your company and can help you run creative campaigns specially designed for your brand that would attract potential customers more locally based.

 Ad campaigns are customizable

This type of ad generally can work more advantageously for your company than other advertising techniques. In fact, the most appreciated benefit of using truck advertising is the way you can change the look of your advertisement daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the message, you want to send out to your audience about your products or services. Also, we mentioned before the vast brand openness will help you grow since your business will be”on a truck” meandering through a specific area –previously customized to get your customers–  for a really long time at a time. Another remarkable thing about truck advertising is the no limitation to a specific category. It is flexible for different kinds of brands and customizable for your brand. Advertising is so resourceful that any changes can be done more easily than other kinds of advertising platforms.


With constant exposure while on the road and a cost-effective mode of delivery Mobile Truck advertising is an excellent method to attract new customers. The more you are on the road or parked near areas where your ideal customers are, the better your ROI will be.

Even though there is no “recipe” to create the most successful marketing strategy that works for all types of businesses, Truck advertising is one of the “oldest” strategies that has been proven it is worth it. However,  It’s important to diversify your marketing efforts and focus on multiple strategies to grow your business. With the insights and tools available to marketers and small business owners today, you could essay invest in diverse digital platforms, even if you have a limited budget to get an ad on Facebook or Instagram.

In the long run,  if you match with other marketing strategies, mobile advertising can help you increase local exposure and brand awareness. We believe that this is the perfect type of advertisement for many small businesses that need more exposure. 

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