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The Role of Data and Analytics in Mobile Billboard Advertising in 2023

In today’s fast-paced advertising landscape, businesses and organizations need to stay ahead of the competition by leveraging new technologies and innovative advertising strategies to reach their target audiences. One such advertising method that has proven highly effective is mobile billboard advertising. With the rise of data and analytics in recent years, mobile billboard advertising has […]

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How Mobile Billboard Help Your Business Grow!

Written by – Jazmin Alondra Hermosillo Cardenas Out-of-home advertising (OOH), also known as outdoor advertising, refers to advertising that reaches consumers outside their homes. These advertisements are a component of above the line advertising strategy that is largely non-targeted and has a wide reach. The main motive of out-of-home advertising is to spread awareness, reinforce, […]

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Mobile Billboard Rate vs Other Forms of OOH Advertising

Have you ever wondered what the best yet affordable Outdoor Advertising Medium is? Finding the best medium for your brand campaign shouldn’t be left to trial and error. The industry has methods and practices to measure the success of each medium. These logistics are integral to deciding media, and being informed can help you optimize […]

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Mobile Advertising During COVID

Covid Affected all areas of life, including advertising. Brands and Advertising crumbled in the market, especially OOH channels. What happens to outdoor media when people are no longer outdoors? It was a standstill moment in history that we didn’t prepare for, yet we as species have a way of rising to the challenges and finding […]

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Take Your Message Anywhere With Mobile Billboard Trucks

Mobile Advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising. While other traditional mediums had a fallout in the twenty-first century with the rise of digital, OOH has shown itself to be a flexible medium. Today we not only have digital billboards but also the technology in place to measure the medium as well. Yet […]

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6 Trends in Out of Home Advertising for 2023

Written by – Greeshma Radhakrishnan Nair With pandemic in the rear window, Out of Home Advertising is finally gearing to take the lead in 2023. As per Statista Canadian Out of home Advertising spending was valued over 919 million Canadian Dollars in 2019. During the pandemic it dipped by 30 percent. The market is targeted […]

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Different Ways to Advertise Your Moving Business

With digital transformation evolving every second, advertising has become highly important for every business and content marketing agency services, including a moving business. Advertising helps to create brand awareness, attract new customers, and ultimately drive sales. And this is the ultimate goal for any business. Now, let’s look at why advertising is important for a […]

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Combining Mobile Billboard Advertising with Augmented Reality and Interactive Features

Mobile billboard advertising has been a popular marketing strategy for many years. Mobile billboards are large vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and vans, that have advertisements displayed on their sides. These vehicles are then driven around high-traffic areas to attract the attention of potential customers. Mobile billboard advertising can be an effective way to increase […]

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