How our Patented Beacon Analytics & Tracking Technology Works

Here’s what really makes Movia stand apart. Our proprietary technology lets you optimize your campaign with real-time impression analytics, mobile device retargeting, and ROI tracking abilities. This amps up overall effectiveness far beyond what traditional OOH advertising can offer.

chobani ad on truck on highway

Our Patents

How it works

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Step 1

Choose your audience

We’ll help you formulate a truck-to-audience strategy, keeping in mind routes, demographics, time of day, hours on the road, and even contextual opportunities. For example, you could be as specific as choosing downtown urban delivery trucks, on the road 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, that make afternoon stops at convenience stores. Or you could pick routes through residential neighbourhoods or into industrial or commercial areas for B2B opportunities. So your message will not only reach precisely your target, but talk to them in the right frame of mind.

Mobile billboard for Explore Georgia on parked box truck
Step 3

Measure impressions

Once your truck is on the road, the impression gathering begins. Most people leave the Wi-Fi signal of their phones on, and when a Movia mobile billboard goes by them, whether they are in a car or on the sidewalk, our proprietary beacon technology picks up that signal and counts it as an impression. On average, you can expect 1.5 - 2.5 million eye-level views on your moving billboard every month.

Step 4

Analyze the data

See where your trucks are and who they’re reaching through your personal dashboard. Besides real-time geolocation, you can view the time, duration and consistency with which your trucks have been on the road, as well as keep track of your daily or monthly impressions.

Casper ad on box truck in front of downtown skyline
Travel Cuba ad on 
                parked delivery truck. Ad shows a man and woman sitting on 
                beach chairs on a beach in Cuba
Step 5

Retarget with precision

Mobile device retargeting is a powerful next step. Send messages back to people who have come in contact with your mobile billboards, through platforms such as the weather app, ESPN, TSN, etc. Define your audience based on age, gender, and other criteria that will help you connect with those most likely to engage with your brand . Optimize further by setting frequency retargeting thresholds to send messages back only to those who have seen the OOH ads a set number of times.

Step 6

Optimize and convert

Optimize your campaign performance and track your full return on investment by leveraging the data collected. This includes impressions, audience engagement, click-through rates, conversions, and much more. This unique ability to maximize ROI on mobile OOH has proved so valuable, nearly 100% of our clients take advantage of our service again.

Long box truck driving past Washington Monument with ads for KOCH printed on it to make it look like a large cardboard box. The copy on the truck reads “We recycle a box this big every second.