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Written by: Sonia Kaila & Maya S.

What is the first thing you do when you are planning to start something new or something you are fairly new at? 

The answer is – you find an expert! Someone who has years of experience and knows the ins and outs of the industry. No matter if this is your first time learning about mobile billboards or even if you have some experience running a mobile billboard campaign, WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!

Mobile billboards are beginning to gain immense popularity because of their mobile nature, it’s that simple! When you post an advertisement on social media, you hope that your post reaches the right audience and your potential customers somehow remember your post and your brand. But with a mobile billboard, your brand is present where your target audience is. Mobile billboards can be used as a great strategy for promoting public events, and sponsorships, as well as acquiring the attention of large crowds. For example, if there is a huge sports event taking place in your city, getting a mobile billboard with your message spread across it can prove to be a highly potent source of exposure for your business.

What Is A Mobile Billboard?

We want to help you run a mobile billboard campaign but let’s run through what exactly a mobile billboard is. A mobile billboard is a form of out of home advertising that would use a vehicle with a large billboard attached to the side. They are typically made up of one or more billboards mounted onto the sides of a truck, sometimes with all different images or one large image with multiple angles. Mobile billboard trucks are one of the most common forms of outdoor advertising because they can be placed at specified venues or driven around specific areas and/or business districts. 

Why Should You Run A Campaign with Movia?

Movia began with an innovative idea that would use the space left empty on trucks to advertise products and services. It started in 2015 when our founder, Casey Binkley, saw an opportunity. He noticed that there were a large amount of trucks on the road that were just blank. He realized that these trucks were right in people’s direct line of sight and each of them had the potential to become more than just a delivery truck. He came up with the idea that a moving billboard is what the advertising space needed; which would drive a brand’s message to anyone on its route. Unlike traditional out-of-home media, these spaces wouldn’t be limited by city restrictions and only seen by those around. Instead, they could reach specific demographics at specific times and places, including places that advertisers might never have thought possible before. 

The trucks were a great start, but this idea was taken one step further and added technology into the mix, developing a new way to  advertise with billboards. Today, Movia is the only mobile billboard and truck wrap supplier that incorporates GPS tracking and impression analytics into their advertising services. This allows them to capture where the trucks are at any time during travel, who is seeing them, and how many impressions the ad is gathering. This ability alone shows that Movia is much more than a company that just puts ads on trucks. We offer a unique and exciting merging of analog and digital platforms to help brands make the most of their out-of-home campaigns.

We consider ourselves to be a data-driven supplier of mobile billboards. We partner with commercial trucking companies to lease the empty spaces on the side of their trucks that remain unused as they do deliveries. Our company installs an exclusive hardware/software device inside each truck to provide accurate Out-of-Home advertising analytics. The analytic data that is collected consists of impression data, location data, frequency data, and an alive dashboard. This mobile billboard advertising truck space is then leased or sold to interested businesses for a monthly fee. These businesses not only benefit from the mobile ad itself, but also from the exclusive software that calculates advertising impressions in real-time, which is something currently not available to these companies elsewhere.

But How Can This Help Your Business?

This type of advertising involves the strategy of using moving vehicles in order to promote different types of products to a wider range of potential clients. This is because instead of only relying on consumers passing a stationary billboard posted along a highway or busy area, a mobile billboard ad is constantly moving over roadways and introducing the advertised products to consumers who might not have seen the ad otherwise. This helps you not only advertise to those in your demographic, but also expand your reach and possibly acquire new clients who see your ad and decide they are interested in your product or service.

There are so many ways in which mobile billboard advertising can increase reach and sales for your business. Additionally, these are all the same ways that we, at Movia, can help you as well when it comes to what the success of your campaign can look like. Not only do these factors show why mobile billboard advertising, overall, can benefit you but Movia works to ensure that these factors are met when it comes to developing every campaign. 

These key points are exactly what you can expect from Movia when looking at the successful results of your mobile billboard;

Reach People Where They Are

OOH can also have a much larger reach than other advertising media, especially when placed in busy areas, such as highways. Their ability to target an audience wherever they are, allows you to reach your audience in the places where they live, work, or play. Mobile billboard advertising is an effective way to reach a broader audience. Digital mobile billboards are among the most effective advertising methods and can reach a large audience quite quickly.

The Ad is More Likely to be Shared with Others

The unique and eye-catching ad design on a mobile billboard makes it easy to reach many people. A mobile billboard can reach a large number of people and provide a powerful message for your brand. If your ad is something extremely creative, such as a 3D billboard or a detailed graphic, then it is possible that people would tell others or share photos. We can help you create an amazing graphic that is sure to help you get noticed.

Target Specific Demographic Groups

Thanks to geo-location technologies, location-based advertisements can be distributed from national or international brands to share messages and ads with their demographic group. This is a great way to advertise your business since it helps reach your target audience, many of whom might be in areas that traditional advertising might not reach. Many times, the relation between reaching your audience and number of sales or ROI (return on investment) can improve due to mobile billboard ads. In other words, the more exposure you get, the more you can earn from your mobile billboard ads. There is a range of mobile billboard options available to suit the needs of your customers and your business so it would be possible to reach just about any audience. The reach of a mobile billboard is increased when merged with technology, sometimes being up to 316% higher than what a static billboard could potentially bring you. Mobile billboards are a great way to reach consumers in high-traffic areas, especially during times of high traffic, like rush hour to and from work. Movia’s software allows for a number of ways to target groups and ensure that the group is being reached. Our trucks have live feedback of the ad’s impressions and location of the ad so that you always know where the ad is and if the audience is being reached. Additionally, should something change in regard to the ad or your own preferences, we can adjust accordingly through solutions such as changing routes. 

Create Experiences for Customers

There is a certain unique experience involved with seeing a mobile billboard that is detailed and attention grabbing. The more out of the box and interactive billboards allow consumers to have the experience of seeing your product and/or brand, sometimes for the first time, and provides them with the initial experience of what they can expect from your business. Through our design process, we can help you find the unique experience that you want to create for your customers through your billboard. 

ROI Brings High Returns and Immediacy!

The average cost of distributing a mobile billboard ad to highways or roads, can cost upwards of $15,000 per month. This method of advertising can see very high returns depending on what options you choose when creating your campaign. As per the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, OOH campaigns cost about $3.38 to $8.65 CPM (cost per thousand), in comparison to online advertising’s $17.50 CPM. This type of advertising can also be great for those start-ups who have the budget, since these individuals often have difficulty piercing existing markets with their own brand or product since people aren’t aware of them. At Movia, we believe that every ad should be affordable and effective for our clients. We work with you and your budget to create the most efficient campaign that will bring you results and ensure that your ROI is as high as possible!

Generate Market Diversity

There is a lot of possibility to diversify your audience with OOH ads. This is because they have the ability to introduce your product or service to a large and diverse market that is composed of both middle- and upper-class consumers from various different backgrounds. With OOH ads, you are reaching a much wider audience. 

Now Let Us Run Your Campaign!

If you want to reach your target audience, as well as broaden your audience, Movia is the right place for you to begin your company’s mobile billboard journey. Not only can we add diversity and awareness to your audience, but we can also allow you to run graphically exciting ads that your audience will remember. Considering the new audiences these ads could bring in, some of whom can become lifelong customers, this investment can only benefit you. This can be a great way to get your brand’s message out to the people and help you grow your company.

We can personally help you by creating individualized campaigns for our clients and ensure that within each campaign, your goals are achieved. Our company has worked with brands like AngelPAd, Amazon, Johnson and Star, Road Launch and many more. We have the experience, knowledge and skills to provide you with the best mobile billboard ad that we can and retrieve amazing results from it. Our success is truly your success, so give us the opportunity to show you exactly how we can use mobile billboards to help your company increase reach. 

Hit the ‘Contact Us’ Button! 

From finding the right location, to reaching the right audience, to improving your ROI, we got it all covered. But we know that investing your time and money into something new is a bit risky and that is what our team is here for! We are here to help you understand the aspects of the business and answer all your questions. 

Although, there is a perception that mobile billboards are too expensive for their ROI – but that is not necessarily true. In fact, mobile billboards can be highly profitable. Mobile billboards have the ability to infiltrate a specific market on a hyper-local level through planning specific routes by the means of intelligent mapping software and GPS signals. They can also target based on consumer interests. In saying that, mobile billboards can arrive outside of sports games highly targeting fans leaving the stadium. This form of audience segmentation makes for the best impressions. Adding to this, audiences can be captured through their smartphones in the vicinity of a mobile billboard. Targeted ads from the advertised company can hit their mobile devices through GPS enabling and Wi-Fi making sure the message lasts longer.

So, don’t think too much, hit that contact us button, and leave the rest to us! 

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