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Mobile Billboard Marketing and CPM’s: Your Guide.

Cost per thousand (CPM) is the term used to indicate the cost of 1,000 impressions received from one advertisement. What does it mean? Cost:Total amount spent on advertisement Total impressions: No of times ad was loaded on the page Companies aim to achieve a CPM between $1 – $10 (In other words – spending $1-$10 […]

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12 Things To Keep In Mind If You’re Using Vehicles For Advertisement

Image Source: Are you looking for a new way to advertise your business? If so, you may want to consider using vehicles. Vehicle advertising can be very effective, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind if you’re going to use this marketing strategy. In this blog post, we will discuss the […]

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How to Measure Results With Truck Ads

The advertising options seem limitless because nowadays there are so many options. Whether we like it or not, we see advertisements everywhere we go, from billboards to mobile ads. It’s been long understood that measuring Out of Home (OOH) Advertisements is a bit trickier to do because you can’t be guaranteed exposure.   While internet advertising […]

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Reasons for Start-Ups To Embrace Outdoor Advertisements 

While the new ways of digital advertising are highly effective in getting your brand to stand out from its competitors, we cannot underestimate the effectiveness of the old-school method of outdoor advertisements.  This is especially true for start-up businesses that need maximum exposure with little investment. Outdoor advertising delivers just that—more output with less spending.  […]

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How To Make The Perfect Advertisement

IMAGE SOURCE: As the person who gets to do most of the marketing in your company, you must have asked yourself so many times what makes the ad stand out from the others. According to the entire science of marketing and advertising, there is no magic formula that can help you produce the perfect […]

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8 Kinds Of Marketing Which Will Benefit Your Business

Image Source: Today’s business landscape is eerily similar to the bazaars and markets of old, where merely being present or even offering the best wares was not enough. One needed to be loud and persistent in showing off one’s goods to the public, and so it is today. Relentless, focused advertising is really the […]

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¿Qué es Publicidad de camiones? Ventajas y Tips 

Con la tecnología avanzando cada vez más rápido, las empresas buscan la manera más eficiente de publicitar sus marcas, una de las favoritas es “Internet” en donde pueden mostrar sus anuncios en videos, páginas web o aplicaciones celulares. Sin embargo, los formatos de publicidad tradicional, tales como los volantes, las vaya publicitarias, o los camiones […]

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What Works Better for your Brand: Billboard or Delivery Truck Advertising

Written by: David Leo and Alma Escudero Mobile advertising has become one of the most successful and creative mediums for advertising campaigns over the past few years with companies like Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart and OLG turning to companies like Movia to help expand their branding reach with their use of out-of-home advertising (OOH). OOH […]

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Three Tricks to Improve your ROI Using Mobile Advertising Trucks

Written by: David Leo and Alma Escudero All company’s strive to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) but most of their advertising dollars end up going towards print, television and radio ads, all the while the best option for a greater markup is using mobile advertising trucks.  Should you want to expand your company’s exposure […]

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