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Due to the fierce competition in the business field, every business owner is continuously looking for ways to set their organization apart from the competitors. This typically calls for a comprehensive marketing strategy. This explains why large corporations spend millions on media marketing. Small businesses, however, face a similar setback since they lack the resources to finance such marketing initiatives. However, there are powerful marketing strategies that are both affordable and successful.

Today, there are much faster, simpler, and more inexpensive alternatives to interact with potential clients, assisting both smaller and larger organizations in resolving this issue. One of the most popular kinds of advertising today is truck advertising. Truck advertising should continue to be a successful tactic for a very long time as technology continues to dominate the system. When compared to other types of OOH advertising, truck-side advertisements offer the lowest large configuration CPM in the industry. With that and our adaptable retargeting technology, you have one of the most economical methods of reaching your audience.

Why do Truck campaigns work better?

Trucks specifically designed for advertising are known as advertising trucks. They have large, noticeable billboards that can be used to advertise products. Advertising trucks are a wonderful approach to reach a broad audience because they are frequently transported through cities and towns.

Advertising trucks offer a lot of benefits for businesses looking to improve their marketing campaigns. Without a doubt, advertising trucks should be taken into account if you’re looking for a way to increase your audience and create a more effective marketing campaign. Among the most significant advantages are:

  1. Reach a wider audience while targeting your demographics

Research shows that 87% of Americans who are 16 or older drivers. They are out on the streets for an average of 290 hours every month. Since your vehicles are always moving, mobile advertising allows you to connect with a lot of potential customers.

Advertising trucks also provide a more focused kind of advertising. A big audience, many of whom might not be interested in what you’re advertising, hears your message when you use TV and radio advertisements. With advertising trucks, only those who are actually out and about will see your message, increasing the likelihood that they will be interested in what you’re advertising.

2. Cost-Effective

Trucks that advertise are also quite affordable. Advertising trucks are far less expensive when compared to other types of advertising, including TV or radio commercials. The reason behind this is truck ads are everywhere no matters how busy of an area it is and most importantly some areas are restricted for an ad campaign but ads on the trucks do not look like ads they are the delivery trucks doing work in busy areas and delivering the message of the brand to the audience. Not only a potential audience but capturing the attention of multiple markets at one time. They are therefore a fantastic choice for companies with little resources since you can decide the length of your campaign.

3. Creative freedom and flexibility

Large, colorful posters can be used to cover the enormous body of trucks. They offer a sizable canvas on which you can showcase your brand and the innovativeness of your company. Additionally, this distinguishes truck advertising from other types of marketing.

If you want to execute a successful truck advertising campaign, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, pick the ideal font style and size. This is what enables visibility. The second thing you should consider is the observer-engaging color palette. Third, avoid overfilling the vehicle’s body with elements. Compared to truck advertising, there are few barriers to installing a billboard. You have a ton of creative options like the ones discussed above when using truck advertising.

Unaided Recall with Truck ads

4. Unaided Recall with Truck ads

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of truck-side advertisements is their ability to follow the consumer and present the ads at eye level, increasing the likelihood that the message has been successfully received. The reasoning is simple: if the goal is to increase traffic, what better medium than one that is naturally prone to be stuck in traffic? According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, each truck can generate 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day. This is not surprising given that a truck-side ad is wrapped on both visible sides and gives wider space to ads that give a clear picture of the message and it is found that messages on moving Ooh media have a 97% recall rate.

5. Customized ad campaigns

In general, truck advertising will be more effective and profitable than other conventional advertising methods. For instance, limitless brand openness is arguably the most advantageous aspect of truck advertising for a firm. This suggests that your company is located on a truck that spends a lot of time meandering through the city. Truck advertising has the advantage of not being restricted to a single market. The best thing about it is that you can tailor the advertisement to your business, making it versatile for all different kinds of brands. Due to its flexibility, advertisements can be changed more quickly than on other advertising platforms.

Here are some important things that will make your ad more effective and memorable:

  1. The ad on the trucks is not enough. To make the ad memorable and increase sales of that product in-store, it should be on your social media and your company’s website because when people see an ad on the road and find a product interesting, they instantly try to find that product on google. So, it is a critical thing for brand recognition.
  2. An overly different design can sometimes cause the viewer to become distracted or lose sight of the main message. Legibility is critical when creating a design for a service that encourages a consumer to act. Keep the design very neat and tidy if the service or brand is simple, such as a watch repair company. In this case, a wild story would not necessarily work. If you display a larger picture rather than an informational creation, you may lose potential customers.
  3. Truck advertising will work more effectively if the advertising company takes the consumer to the top and advertise the message on a truck in a way exactly what customers want to hear and find interesting. If the advertisement is for a promotion, try emphasizing a message that directly alludes to the discount in place in a bolder font and a brighter color. Solving a customer’s problem with messaging such as “Guaranteed Same Day Delivery” or “24/7 Service” will inform them of your company’s benefits. This gives consumers more reason to connect and, hopefully, take advantage of the opportunity to contact the service.
  4. Remember there should be a consistent message on the trucks. Nowadays people have a hectic schedule, normally they forget things. So, if you want to keep the customers make sure you are showcasing your product consistently. A research study of 2022 shows that roundabout 80% of the people are out of the home most of the time from 9 am to 3 pm so enough time to stick the message in the customer’s mind.


Given the rapid development of technology and the continually expanding truckload market in the United States, which is anticipated to reach $193 billion in 2020, the reach of OOH truck advertising still seems to be robust. Brands are getting more creative with their truck ads because of technology that makes it possible for videos to be played on the back of trucks.

There is no denying that the marketing and advertising sectors have evolved throughout time. Today, truck advertising is becoming more and more popular as the transportation industry develops. After demonstrating its effectiveness in terms of costs and reaching a wider audience, truck advertising seems to be here to stay.

It is advised that you use an advertising agency as the first step in order to help you contact your target audience and carry out the most effective marketing strategy for your sector.

Stuti Mankad and Harpreet Kaur

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