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How It Works

Truck Wraps consist of quality printed Vinyl banners, installed on the outer surface of trucks with strong adhesive products. At Movia Media, we work with you personally to ensure your advertisement is placed on the truck to your liking. Each truck advertisement is unique to the company we are representing.

What Is The Significance?

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, truck-wrapped advertisements generate impressions for your business nationally, regionally or locally. The OAAA states that it adds frequency, and value to a broadcast campaign, or as a stand alone campaign. Truck-side ads pierce markets with restricted outdoor advertisements, in saturated markets.

Over the past decade, OOH (out-of-home) advertising has helped businesses take their message further, bringing it to different demographics than their usual campaigns would. This form of advertising expands and broadens all business’ target markets.

Outdoor Billboard Advertising is constantly becoming more popular and effective, grabbing peoples’ attention with more consumers spending a long duration commuting to and from the city. No matter how every-day consumers choose to ingest media campaigns, OOH Truck-Wrap Ads are an important form of advertising that consumers cannot escape. This form of advertising is present the minute people step out of their homes. Consumers instantly notice the ad, whether they want to or not, because it is inevitably a part of their day.

OOH Truck-Wrap Advertising, brought to you by Movia Media, goes where other advertising mediums cannot reach. There are many different times in the day that are subject to encountering one of our Truck-Wrap Advertisements. Highways, workplaces, lunch dates, walking the dog, and even mowing the lawn, are all examples of times we are exposed to OOH advertising. From shopping malls to airports, city roads to highway rush-hour traffic.

Where will your next advertisement be placed? How many impressions will it get? Will your frequency increase? Will you obtain leads? Movia Media can guarantee all of the above. Invest in an advertising campaign that will grow your business, and generate true brand awareness for your business.


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