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Image of Viterbo University's billboard advertisement.

How to Boost College and University Enrolment with Out-of-Home

Over the years, more and more students have opted to pursue post-secondary education to prepare themselves for success in the modern workforce. With countless post-secondary pathways available — colleges, universities, apprenticeships, certificate programs, and vocational training — the mission to attract up-and-coming young talent has proven to be increasingly intense. If you’re reading this article, […]

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Best OOH Transit Advertisements Of All Time

In the out-of-home advertising domain, there are many mediums and outdoor executions to choose from. One that stands out among the rest, that is prominent in many urban areas across the world, is transit advertising. This form of OOH has the ability to be mobile, while targeting wide demographics of people both using public transit and passing it by. Transit advertising has the power to be singularly static or transformative with digital LED displays. This article will unpack what transit advertising is capable of and pinpoint a few remarkable examples of campaigns that took form on transit surfaces.

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Comparing Truckside Advertising and Transit Shelter Advertising

There are plenty of ways to go about beginning your outdoor advertising spree. Different mediums have different advantages for different demographics. Truckside advertising, typically, targets a wide range of people on the move, as most onlookers will be in a mobile vehicle to meet the same action of the mobile billboard. Transit shelter advertising (or TSA) will target a lot of people, as well, however the impact will be more stationary and the influence will take place in one spot. TSA’s can’t move around like trucks do, obviously, so the reach might be a tad limited. However, plenty of commuters on transit and drivers/passengers passing by in their vehicles can, without a doubt, notice impressive transit shelter ads. This post will examine the advantages and disadvantages of these advertising mediums to find out which can fit best into a marketing plan, depending on the product.

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How Much Does it Cost to Put Up a Billboard

Sometimes you drive or walk by some amazing Advertising work, and you wonder exactly how much money and effort went into such a masterpiece. Some other time, it’s so bad that you wonder why it’s even there in the first place. Well, I can try to answer to at least one of these questions: How much did that billboard ad you love so much cost?

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Best Alternatives to Transit Advertising

Transit advertising is a definitive way to get outdoor advertising across to commuters and pedestrians alike. It’s a form of alternative advertising that speaks to a variety of consumers, highlighting different products, companies, or events. It can be directional, as the route it travels on can lead the commuter to the exact location of the business. Or it can be promotional, as the vehicle wrap and design can cast light on an upcoming Blockbuster film or concert featured in the city. Whatever it may be, transit advertising provides quality outdoor signage to an urban audience.

Also referred to as “advertising on transport”, transit advertising are ads placed on or in any mode of transport – from buses to taxis, trains, trams, and subways. It also includes advertisements placed in transport waiting areas or loading stations such as bus stops, subway entries, fuel stations, and others.

Transit advertising can show face in the form of graphics, simple text or other visual information. In fact, some businesses also prefer to make use of LCD screens or plasma placed strategically inside buses or trains to have a digitally brilliant affect on commuters. This post will take a look at some drawbacks of transit advertising, and offer valid alternatives to advertise in an OOH setting. 


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Best Billboards in San Diego

While it stands that San Diego isn’t necessarily the largest hub of outdoor advertising, they still take part in the culture of billboards This city, just along the Pacific coast of California, houses about 1.4 million people and is the eighth largest city in the U.S. By 2020, San Diego is estimated to grow to about 1.54 million people. It’s understood that their population is only on the rise, which makes way for more billboards in top locations. With a large focus on the military field, healthcare initiatives, and multiculturalism due to its close proximity to Mexico, San Diego is a purposefully well-rounded warm area with an abundance of interesting facets. People under the age of 18 make up nearly 21% of the city, and 49.8% of people living in San Diego are female. Another unique statistic that leads to smart billboard targeting is that 43.6% of people possess a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education.

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How much does it cost to own a billboard in Ontario?

In Toronto, there are various OOH advertisements all across the city. Rural areas and the downtown core experiment with billboard advertising geared to different target audiences. These days, it’s hard to walk, drive or take public transit anywhere without seeing any advertising. Having outdoor advertisements in heavy traffic areas will create more awareness about your product or service you are trying to advertise. They have been proven to be effective for building brand recognition. The prices for billboards vary and are dependent on a number of factors such as location, size, duration, and so on. Let’s dive into the billboard culture in Ontario. 

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