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Biggest Billboards in Toronto

The billboard scene in Toronto is booming in a big way, with billboards soaring over prominent highways and large meeting places. The OOH advertising market in this city is steady growing, and their marketing messages are being stretched to wide demographics of people new and familiar to the region. Through smart billboarding in areas that […]

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How Toronto Does Billboard Advertising


The outdoor advertising industry is largely made up of feature billboard posters that scatter across any given area. Particularly living in bigger cities, billboards do their part to cater to a consumerist audience that goes about their day-to-day business; gently interrupting their sights with various marketing messages and product placements. It’s been reported that the Canadian advertising market ranked tenth on the global scale of outdoor advertising, with ad expenditures reaching about 9.14 billion USD in 2016. This says a lot about the country’s prioritization and spending habits on OOH advertising.

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Best Locations for Truck Advertising

Truck advertising is a mobile advertising platform that has the ability to soar from place to place. While truck advertising is vaguely effective on roads, highways, and near community centers, it’s more specifically hyper-effective in other locations. Marketing and advertising strategies for truck advertising should encompass local opportunities in both an online and offline setting. This means that on-truck truck advertising should promote businesses that are more local and relevant to the area in which they are present in. Off-truck truck advertising, such as the ads that pop up on a likely consumer’s web browser through mobile retargeting, should also promote those same local messages. Aside from these local suggestions, areas in New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, Boston, and Toronto are prime locations for effective truck advertising campaigns because they’re tourist focused and very populous. Let’s take a look at some of the best geographical locations for truck advertising and reveal why they’re so aligned with this advertising medium.

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Why Truck Advertising Works for your Brand

Truck advertising is a type of mobile advertising. What is mobile advertising you asked? It’s simply an out-of-home advertising that moves. Out-of-home advertising is initially a very good way of doing advertising if you want your message to reach as many people as possible. With thousands of people passing by your ad everyday, you are sure to make a great number of impressions. But what about the other way around? Your ad passing by people instead of them passing by your ad, meaning mobile advertising. Cool, eh?

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Is Bus Advertising Effective?

The wheels on the bus go round and round, and so do the advertisements. If you’re a commuter, a public transit patron, or a walker/driver in central neighborhoods, you’ve been frequently affected by bus advertising. There’s no way around it. Bus advertising is designed to market to consumers in a direct, and easy to understand, format. Bus advertising delivers, for the most part, clear, universal messages that center around food, hospitality, fashion, upcoming events, listings, lifestyle branding, and a plethora of other fields. These messages can be seen wrapped around a bus, interestingly used in bus shelters, and inside the vehicle to give consumers a reason to look out. This OOH advertising channel is so effective because of its large reach aimed to target to just about everyone in eyesight. According to the Canadian Out of Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau (COMMB), outdoor advertising has an overall weekly reach of 81% for people ages 5 and up. Let’s look at how bus advertising registers with consumers, examine the strengths of both indoor and outdoor bus advertisements, and understand the types of bus ad displays.

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Comparing Mobile Billboards and Taxi Advertising

Vehicle advertising is a marketing tactic that’s useful in helping to create a generous number of impressions, and help to boost the sales of a business. Mobile billboards and taxi advertising are two out-of-home advertising ways that businesses can display their messages in a rapid and constant way. Both mobile billboards and taxi advertising rely on the motion of vehicles to spread the advertising around evenly. With internal knowledge about geographic and demographic statistics, both advertising channels have the potential to deliver well dispersed ads in a given region. Effective car advertising is concerned with placement, area, and clear display of the messages and visuals working together to influence a viewer. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages for both mobile billboards and taxi advertising, and why both channels are used to generate a positive advertising outcome.

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How much does it cost to own a billboard in Ontario?

In Toronto, there are various OOH advertisements all across the city. Rural areas and the downtown core experiment with billboard advertising geared to different target audiences. These days, it’s hard to walk, drive or take public transit anywhere without seeing any advertising. Having outdoor advertisements in heavy traffic areas will create more awareness about your product or service you are trying to advertise. They have been proven to be effective for building brand recognition. The prices for billboards vary and are dependent on a number of factors such as location, size, duration, and so on. Let’s dive into the billboard culture in Ontario. 

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Who Are The Best Mobile Billboard Advertising Providers in Toronto

If you plan to start an OOH mobile billboard campaign for your business, chances that you will be researching different mobile billboard providers to find the one that fits your business the best. While our services help clients to create an effective way to advertise outdoor providing a great selection, artwork and analytics, here at Movia Media Inc we understand that you might still want to consider all options prior selecting your provider to ensure your company’s specific needs and requirements are met. That is why we have compiled a list of the best mobile billboard companies that service the Toronto area.

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