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Mobile billboards are more than just billboards. They’re space-smart because they are continuously moving and as a fact, they are also cost effective when compared to traditional billboards and other media of advertising. In this blog, we will be listing out the top reasons why you should choose mobile billboards for your company along with the cost associated with mobile billboards.

Mobile billboard advertising is the promotion of products and services on moving vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, Ubers, and other vehicles, and importantly ads that are not stuck in one place. The most overwhelming feature of mobile billboards is they are more likely to be noticed by the target audience as they move from one place to another and boundless exposure.

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Mobile billboard advertising is one of the most recent techniques of advertising. It has a higher recall rate and more flexibility than traditional billboard advertising. On a single day, mobile billboards may reach your target audience in residential streets, commercial spaces, and throughout numerous major cities, making them one of the most powerful and cost-effective advertising channels available to businesses today. Think of a carbon emission, the truck is going to be on-the-go, doing its job of transporting. Advertising on such a truck helps curb additional carbon emissions associated with advertisements.  In comparison to static billboards, mobile billboards produce better results at a lesser cost.

The majority of individuals who see the Mobile Billboard recall seeing it, with a large percentage recalling the specific commercial. In fact, 91% of the target population was aware of the language and graphics on truck advertisements, according to the American Trucking Association. There are a few other factors that come to our mind while choosing mobile billboards for advertising over other media.

  1. As the stats state above, in comparison to print ads, your ad is more likely to get discovered online. There is no way a consumer can “flip a page” or “skip an ad” with a mobile billboard – it is right in front of them, mostly unmissable.
  2. It will be easier to control your ad campaign. You can track the truck and your mobile billboard everywhere it goes, ensuring that you always know who is being reached. Data is eventually the king; it helps you control your campaign.

Why choose Mobile Billboards for your company?

It is one of the great options for businesses who want to advertise their products quickly, efficiently, on a bigger scale, and aim to earn a higher rate of return at lower investment by targeting multiple markets.

Quickly noticed and memorable

According to the Trucking Association, 98% of the people in America who are traveling in cars noticed advertisements on trucks which is an unexpected number and shows the exposure of moving advertisements. It is a technique that attracts 2.5 times more attention than static billboards, the reason is it not only attracts other moving vehicles passengers but also the foot commuters too. A report by Neilson study shows that 66% of the customers start action on their mobile devices to find the advertisers on their sites after seeing the ads on the trucks so it is good to contact truck advertising agencies like Movia and others to advertise products and services and put long-lasting impressions.

Wider accessibility

Moving vehicles are everywhere which means your brand will be everywhere in the country when displayed on trucks. Your ad will move from one region to another where sometimes other mediums are not allowed to advertise and thus, capable of targeting multiple markets which is not possible through ads on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. It allows your brand to attract more than a thousand audiences in just one day due to their mobility, it is not only billboards they are jackpot for advertiser as brand exposure which directly increase the overall profitability of the company.

Target potential customers at the right time

There is complete freedom to choose stationary or moving vehicles. If advertisers want to target specific markets, then they can select the specific location on the side of the highways, near supermarkets, and on main roads where stationary vehicle works for them and it will be a little cheaper than moving trucks. Although it is efficient to advertise on stationary vehicles but moving vehicles are considered the best option because it engages more people due to their moving feature and helps to elevate your business to the next level in a short period. Thus, it is the right medium to advertise to the target market at the right time and right place and successfully gain quality impressions.

Advertisement size

Size and space for advertisement matter a lot for advertisement.  A bigger size is always preferable for the companies to advertise products because it is not possible to be close to see the ad on the moving vehicles. After analysis, it is founded that the truck billboard advertisement is wider in size than any other moving vehicle because no barrier of windows like on cars and taxis. Truck advertising is considered more attractive due to its bigger size, and clarity and it is not easy to ignore 10 feet high, and 22 feet wide messages.

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Competitive advantage

No matter whether competition is direct or indirect if you want to steal the market share of competitors, location-based mobile billboards are a better option. It is incredibly effective for new businesses and perfect for quality impressions as large foot commuters and moving vehicles’ passengers. For example, A Movia media one of the advertising companies promotes Corus Entertainment TV shows, which were successful to gain 45 million impressions, which is outstanding as compare to other TV shows.

Some of the other benefits that forces companies to invest in mobile billboards:

  • Build your brand.
  • Increase sales.
  • Higher result at lower cost.
  • Flexible and convenient for campaigns.
  • Everyday checks by experienced professional drivers.
  • Word of mouth popularity.

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What Kinds of Companies Should Consider Mobile Billboard Ads?

Regardless of your industry, marketing is vital to achieving your business goals. While mobile billboard advertising is a great way to get people’s attention, the costs may be exorbitant for your company. To run this type of ad for a month on just one truck, you’ll need to budget at least $15,000, which may be unreasonably expensive for a small business. However, the amount of reach that a small business may achieve by utilising mobile billboards, on the other hand, is remarkable. Attracting the attention of potential customers is crucial in mobile billboard advertising, and it may turn a small firm into a buzz-worthy big story. The size and duration of the advertisement usually influence the cost.  The time duration of the mobile billboard is set by how long a brand wants their message to be displayed, but it will be seen regardless of how long it is displayed for. 

These advertisements are effective and have been utilised by larger firms seeking a high level of awareness for a long time. We’ve seen major brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and others install permanent static billboards in specified locations, and now we’re seeing those same companies invest in mobile billboards to increase visibility.

Here’s a list of a few industries who haven’t yet fully embraced mobile billboards but can undoubtedly benefit from their advantages in terms of generating quality leads.

  • Local Hospitality Service Industries
  • Financial Services
  • Education Industry
  • Realtors
  • Promotional Events

Ideally, you should conduct your own research. There are various factors to consider when choosing a mobile billboard, but the most crucial is that it allows your ad to be seen by as many people as possible. When you’ve found a location that you think would be excellent for a mobile billboard, see whether other local businesses have had success with billboards. The location and area you choose are crucial in ensuring that your ad is seen by a significant number of potential clients. Otherwise, the costs could be deemed unjustifiable.

How it works

Mobile billboard advertising uses vinyl posters or digital screens to display messages to consumers along traffic routes. Consumers are alerted to products or services that best fit the mood of the location they’re in using mobile billboards, which are occasionally put outside of large events or at busy crossroads. Many mobile billboards have retargeting technologies built in to ensure that the customer and their brand get the most value and exposure possible.

Renting out

The price of a mobile billboard truck is determined by the campaign’s size, design, and duration. Most businesses will employ mobile billboard trucks for four weeks at a time, but other clients will desire a longer contract because their advertisement will last longer. A mobile billboard company will normally have contracts with trucking or rental vehicle companies to offer them with ad space on their wheels in exchange of a commission. After then, the advertisement is brought to life.

Costs Associated

It is undeniable that trucking advertising is cost-effective medium, but it is quite hard to measure its exact cost because it depends upon advertising company we are selecting to advertise our products and many other features like location if advertiser want to showcase their brand in central part of the then cost would be high because more busy areas barriers to stuck on site, demographic, truck type like static or digital one, duration and size of the ads generally more duration and size then advertisement has to pay more, design of the advertisement, surprisingly season also because in summer season higher demand for ooh advertising. Mobile truck billboard advertising average cost is approximately $40 per 1000 impressions.

Capturing the right consumers

Understanding how various demographics become prime target markets is critical. Mobile billboards are more memorable as an out-of-home advertising tool because they stand out. According to a study, mobile ads had a 45 percent higher peak exposure than static advertisements. By employing advanced mapping software and GPS signals to build exact itineraries, mobile billboards can target a certain audience on a hyper-local level. Customers might also be targeted based on their preferences. Audiences might be caught using their smartphones in the vicinity of a mobile billboard. Targeted advertisements from the brand can be transmitted to their mobile devices using GPS and Wi-Fi, guaranteeing that the message is effectively displayed.

Delivering results

A conventional poster or billboard does not stand out as much as a mobile billboard due to its lack of mobility.  Mobile billboards are always present in regions where people are already moving, and they can’t be ignored. Using technologies like geo-targeting, brands can monitor, analyze, and retarget mobile advertisements as and when required. Billboard advertising on trucks and trailers has a retention rate of up to 97% and 68 % make purchase decisions while driving in their cars. Because of these and other advantages, mobile billboards clearly outperform static billboards.


Mobile billboards are a highly targeted and successful advertising medium and could be the most cost-effective way to promote your business. Pay attention to how much it aids in the growth of your company and where this form of advertising reaches your target audience the most so you can build on your present success. Mobile billboards are clearly more sustainable, technologically advanced, and impactful than conventional billboards. Investing early in truck advertisements will help your firm achieve its more than the planned marketing goals. We admit to being enthusiastic and partial about Mobile Billboards, but we believe that when you compare this to other OOH advertising media options, you will realize the numerous advantages they offer that no other media provides, even it considerably affordable and popular than digital media.

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