10 Reasons Why Small Businesses can Benefit from Mobile Billboards

There’s a quick way to go from small to large in terms of business exposure, and it takes the form of mobile billboard advertising. The amount of reach a small business can acquire through utilizing the technology of mobile billboards is astonishingly high. Drawing attention from potential clients is key in mobile billboard advertising, and can turn a small name company into a buzz-worthy hot topic. Understanding budget is important when considering using mobile billboards, as there are plenty of packages to choose from at different cost points. The duration of the mobile billboard depends on how long a small business would want their messages displayed for but, no matter the length of time, there will be guaranteed eyes on it. Let’s take a look at the top ten reasons why small businesses can adopt mobile billboards into their marketing plan that lead to effective results.


Buzz-worthy mobile billboards soar through the right neighborhoods


1. Reach is Unmatched

For smaller businesses, it’s crucial to get your name out there. Potential consumers must be aware that the service is there for them to use. Using mobile billboards in high-traffic, open pedestrian areas will solidify a strong reach. This exposure brings impressions to the small business, which counts every person within reach as a uniquely targeted impression. Movia Media generates about 1.5-2.5 million impressions per month, which is a substantial number of consumers possibly interested in services that the small business can help with.

2. It’s Cost Efficient

Small businesses typically have smaller budgets, so it should be comforting to know that mobile billboards aren’t as expensive as they may appear to be. Their costs depend on the type of mobile billboard presented, but it’s money well spent due to the fact that they cannot be missed in an outdoor environment. Compared to a 30 second TV spot costing up to $1500 for a local reach, and about $123,000 for a national reach, mobile billboards are the better bang for your buck. They can’t be unseen, clicked away, or tuned off. Also, their ROI is the highest in sales back.

3. Target is Scaled

Due to mobile retargeting strategies and GPS systems in place on vehicles carrying mobile billboards, the most effective target can be determined. This means that with rerouting and the ability to constantly move from place to place, mobile billboards can scout the most valuable consumers for your small business. With a better adjusted, and more specific, target, small businesses can see exponential growth.


The personality of the brand comes to life on a mobile billboard


4. Distinguished Brand Personality

With mobile billboards, an idea of the brand will be as clear as ever. Often times, more clear than when advertised in a print magazine or on the television. This happens because mobile billboards work like art canvases for brands in outdoor environments; they set the mood on the roads. The personality and tone of a small business will be manifested in mobile billboards because they work as indicators of differentiation and separation among other markets/brands.

5. Variety of Display Options

Choice is very important in developing an effective marketing plan for your business, and it’s always great to be introduced to a range of solutions. With mobile billboards, there are different executions that small businesses can use depending on how much they want to spend and how large they want their messages to be. There are 2-sided mobile billboard trucks, 3-sided mobile billboard trucks, full vehicle wraps, digital LED displays, mobile trailer trucks, 3D mobile display trucks, and more. Small businesses can benefit from choosing the right platform for their advertisement, and there’s no restriction to the type chosen.

6. LED Trucks Impress Consumers

On the topic of display options, one in particular really lures people in. Digital LED mobile billboards stand out in outdoor environments due to their use of bright lighting, graphics in motion, and visibility in any weather pattern. Although they cost more than other mobile billboards, they have the power to bring in more consumers who will spend a little more time examining the ad.


The visibility of mobile billboards will always be high, unlike some social media ads


7. It’s Not Enough to be a Digital Presence

You may think small businesses thrive online and that’s all they really need to expand, but it’s not a steady way to grow. However social can be a powerful marketing tool, it gives a small business over to a media giant. Privacy and copywriting can be jeopardized. Also, social media doesn’t guarantee reach and visibility of the right consumers. Purchased adspace on digital platforms may be hard for online users to trust, and their hesitation to click might just be enough to lose potential impressions.

8. Campaigns are Time-Specific

Another reason why small businesses can benefit from mobile billboards is that they’re time-specific meaning they will strategically reach people at a specific place and at the right time. They always work on the best schedule possible. If the mobile billboard is backlit, then the messages can be seen at any time of the day.

9. Great Design Stands Out

Depending on the messages your mobile billboard will say, and the attitude of the business, the art direction and creative display on the vehicle will be picked up by a number of consumers. Remembering to use brighter colors, memorable copy, and relevant imagery make a mobile billboard successful for profiting a smaller business.


Groundbreaking design sets your mobile billboard apart from the rest


10. You’re the One in Control!

With mobile billboards, you can easily track where the vehicles are heading and where they’ve already hit. Real-time data is provided and you can use it to reach the drivers in order for them to get to the right areas. Most mobile billboard companies will have an effective team that will be in control of area coverage and driver performance, but small businesses will always be kept in the loop. Unlike other advertising channels, such as social media ads, you will constantly be aware of the reach being generated from your vivacious mobile billboard.

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