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Mobile Advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising. While other traditional mediums had a fallout in the twenty-first century with the rise of digital, OOH has shown itself to be a flexible medium. Today we not only have digital billboards but also the technology in place to measure the medium as well. Yet advertisers use mobile advertising just as a support to boost Socials and TV. They fail to leverage the biggest and vital advantage of the medium: its ability to take your message wherever you want!

When it comes to advertisers, social media remains the popular medium. It has its benefits but with the rise of privacy concerns, abrupt pop-ups, spamming and the increasing frequency of ads consumers are not as enthusiastic as advertisers. In fact, one in three consumers say they dislike ads. Ad fraud is rising in Socials, but OOH comes across as a credible medium to consumers. It helps in brand health and uplift. Also, more than half are using ad blockers. Ad blocks and Iphone’s new data policies have made it difficult for advertisers

Brands are no longer sure if their messages are seen. In 2017, Google ads removed 3.2bn ‘bad ads’ from its site-double the number it removed the previous year. Also, Mobile Advertising is devoid of all these worries. Today we can even use the help of GPS meters and Bluetooth activity to monitor human movements. Ehrenberg Bass Institute research found that Bluetooth technology, which uses wireless connectivity to exchange data across short distances, can successfully track human movement – showing its potential to measure the reach of an outdoor ad or campaign in a non-invasive way, in real time. It can also give researchers unique and anonymous IDs for passers-by, enabling detailed audience measurement.In a UK study, 70 percent of commuters said they made purchases based outdoor Ad influence they came across on their journeys.

Three quarter of spend was on five frequently purchased categories: groceries, clothes, health and beauty, activities, and takeaways. Purchases were likely to be made in the morning and on a Monday, (category differed over the week). These insights can help in targeting with greater effectivity. It would also be relevant for consumers. Traditional advertising combined with these technologies is a sure-fire way of boosting your campaign.

While roadside billboards are one of the most memorable forms of media, mobile billboards have a bigger advantage. The Pandemic affected OOH badly worldwide. The Economist’s normalcy index data shows that global consumer mobility is below the benchmark set in 2019. The report says that IRL (In Real Life) ad spend post-pandemic worldwide would shortfall to the pre-pandemic levels. Whilst this isn’t an ideal scenario for OOH in general, Mobile Advertising is one channel that can be effectively used in these times.

Mobile Advertising was prevalent even during the pandemic. Truck side ads can effectively reach your customers wherever they are. It shows greater versatility to penetrate by letting you choose the locations based on your target market and potential clients. You can plan a campaign around the neighborhood or commercial spots or both. The billboards can be stationed during certain events or can be on the go. Mobile billboards are effective to communicate sale promotions and events. Especially sales and events limited to a locality. Penetrate target market neighborhood brings in a sense of community between the brands and consumers. Especially with mobile advertisers, the target market always gets a chance to communicate with the drivers. These interactions can help bridge the gap between the brand and consumers. For example, Movia delivered a high success campaign for Clearly Canadian. It reminds the market of their love for the brand; truck side ads were taken to premier retail locations and residential neighborhood. So, a total of 10 trucks, 12-week campaign delivered 51 M impressions.

Picture Source – Movia Media

Mobile Advertising helps you reach the broader demographic. It is the one stop solution for accessing population congregated outside. They are also effective in population dense areas and areas with high ad competition. They target consumers based on their movement and has maximum visibility and are easy to view from a distance to ensure maximum messaging exposure.  Truck and Automotives are not just limited to target specific location. They carry your ads wherever they go.

Residential Targeting

As mentioned earlier, post pandemic consumer mobility is lower than the pre-pandemic rates. With work-from home and social distancing, people spend most of their time in the comfort of their homes even as they work, shop, and socialize. It is important for advertisers to factor in this aspect during their campaigns. If people are not spending more time on streets or roads, it doesn’t make sense to budget in static roadside billboards and the likes. The most effective way to reach people in their homes are mobile advertising. Truck Side Ads have better recall rate especially among men.

Residential advertising also includes condos and other residential properties. It is highly beneficial for small and medium business communities. It gives small and medium brands to position and familiarize themselves as a credible service.  It is also cost efficient when compared to other media yet as effective. Residential targeting using mobile advertising is also a good way to advertise for brands whose customers are moms at home. It gives them with top-of the head recall.  This could potentially create purchase leads.

The trucks or automobiles usually not just for advertising but could deliver and help in moving. The drivers can also hand out flyers, pamphlets, and coupons in the area.  any Consumers could also talk to the drivers in person in case of a query instead of calling customer service, helping consumers feel heard and their doubts answered. This way brands can make full use of the medium. Also, seeing a brand message outside your home will help the consumer connect to the brand. At the end of the day, it’s much better than coming across an ad posted on a fraudulent website or beside illegal content.

Events and Sales

Taking the mobile billboards to Events or sales is one of the most used marketing strategy for companies of all industries. Using mobile billboards at events provide an insight into companies and business models that simply cannot be accomplished digitally. And the data is apparent: event marketing works.

Using data, we can know where to advertise your company at the right events or sales and reach more audience. About 91% of people will look at the Mobile billboards and follow the brand.

Taking mobile billboards to events allows you to increase your brand awareness and get your products and services in front of as many potential customers as possible. It will enable the right people to discover your brand, what you offer and whether you could add value to their organisation.

Take this as an opportunity to showcase what you do and sell it to the people who need it. If you are a health-tech brand, display your technology in an interactive way that leads can experience and engage with. If you are a health innovation partner, show healthcare officials how you can improve how they operate and deliver their services.

Using a brand image and presence that resonates with attendees and helps you to stand out from the crowd. That way, you will be memorable to potential leads, resulting in a possible sale.

Retail Locations

Mobile billboard has a higher recall rate and more flexibility than traditional billboard advertising. On a single day, mobile billboards may reach your target audience in residential streets, commercial spaces, and throughout numerous major cities, making them one of the most powerful and cost-effective advertising channels available to businesses today. Think of carbon emission, the truck is going to be on-the-go, doing its job of transporting. Advertising on such a truck helps curb additional carbon emissions associated with advertisements.  In comparison to static billboards, mobile billboards produce better results at a lesser cost.

The majority of individuals who see the Mobile Billboard recall seeing it, with a large percentage recalling the specific commercial. In fact, 91% of the target population was aware of the language and graphics on truck advertisements, according to the American Trucking Association.

Campaign Scopes

In recent years, there has been a major transition from static and stationary billboards to a mobile centric wave of new out-of-home (OOH) advertising, but while the older methods are still around and will continue to succeed such as classic billboards, companies are now starting to innovate with their new advertising campaigns. As effective as static billboards are, they can add up in advertising costs and the scope of their impact is limited by their poor visibility in crowded areas. Frankly, there’s no guarantee that people passing by will look up from their phones to glance at your ads — no matter how eye-catching they are.

One of the biggest drivers for this transition is the success that comes with mobile billboard advertisements. It has become an option that effortlessly blends the appeal of large-scale billboard design with a level of mobility and versatility that other methods can only dream of.

Mobile marketing campaigns on a truck are designed to reach specific out-of-home (OOH) demographic groups in targeted locations with high frequency and impact. Typically, all that is needed are 1 to 3 mobile ad trucks to saturate an event or grand opening.

Billboard mobility enables exposure at any time and place the advertiser may choose, resulting in mobile ads exposed to immediate and potential customers.

Large billboard ads rolling slowly in front of 100’s or 1000’s of eyes have a lasting impression on viewers for days and weeks after seeing them.

Picture Source – Movia Media

Static Billboard Trucks

Mobile Billboard Truck targeting the right audience is one of the important factors in all advertising campaigns. It is easy to achieve this feat through mobile advertisements.  Another advantage is billboard advertising cannot be blocked like online ads. As per a recent survey, online ad blocking grew by 90%. Many users resort to blocking ads to avoid irrelevant content from flooding their inboxes. So, more than online ads, mobile billboards ads can get more exposure among the masses. Also, it is a common practice to switch channels during ad time. Advertisements are focused to garner views during prime time of popular shows on TV and radio. But most listeners and viewers try to avoid ads as it disrupts entertainment. This makes mobile billboard ads more effective than traditional ads.  These are extremely effective with grand openings, product launches and festival advertising. Mobile Marketing is efficient in any campaign.

Picture Source – Rolling Ad Service


Taking mobile billboards to events allows increasing your brand awareness and get your products and services in front of as many potential customers, is one of the most used marketing strategy these days.

Mobile billboards help to reach your target audience anywhere, in residential streets, commercial spaces, and throughout numerous major cities, making them one of the most powerful and cost-effective advertising channels available for any businesses. Mobile billboard trucks are used to run campaigns as well around the city or using static mobile billboard truck in an specific and strategic areas to attract the right audience.

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