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Written By: Sonia Kaila & Maya S.

“A show without an audience is nothing, after all. In the response of the audience, that is where the power of performance lives.” – Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus.

No matter what industry you are in and how big or small your marketing goals are, you need a killer marketing strategy to grow your business. If you don’t pay attention to your marketing strategy, your business is bound to go unnoticed in the pool of competitors. Online marketing tools and TV commercials are becoming crowded and suffocated. You as a business owner need to think out-of-the-box to bring some change in your marketing strategy. One such creative tactic is running an advertising truck campaign.

Although many marketing experts tend to label truck advertising as an outdated, old-school method of advertising, the truth is that truck advertising is more effective in today’s day and age compared to other advertising methods than ever before. With the help of modern technology such as beacon analytics and tracking devices installed in mobile advertising trucks, your business can enjoy exclusive targeting for the custom demographics of your choice! That’s right, truck advertising is no longer taking on the role of a traditional moving billboard, instead, truck advertising can prove to be highly beneficial for your business in various exciting ways. For starters, it can drastically increase the brand awareness of your company by choosing the routes for the trucks that are best aligned with your company’s ideal target audience.

Do Truck Advertising Campaigns Really Work?

Yes, they do! As a matter of fact, truck-side advertising – in certain situations – tends to work more effectively and conveniently than other traditional marketing strategies, all the while saving you the marketing dollars. For example, one of the biggest advantages that a business enjoys while using truck advertising is limitless brand exposure. Think about it, your business is on the side of a truck that is roaming through the city for hours at a time. If we take traffic into consideration, this equates to large amounts of exposure to thousands of eyes! Now, what does this mean? You are developing a bond and a very strong connection with the public eye, even if they are not your direct customer. On a psychological level, your business is building a strong familiarity with the minds of your potential consumers. The more they see your business on the side of a truck, the better the chances of customer conversion and your company popping into their minds when searching for a product or service.

How Can A Truck Advertising Campaign Target Specific Audiences?

Here is a list we compiled of all the top 5 ways mobile billboards can help with your goal of targeting specific audiences with your ads!

Have Control Over Your Campaign

A major advantage of truck advertising is that you can target specific areas and audiences. You have the power to plan the exact route that the vehicle will take and make sure it hits a certain area based on several of your own parameters. You also have the ability to easily track the movement of the vehicles with your ads so that you know the areas that have been reached. You can even choose to instruct your driver to stop in a particularly populated area for a certain amount of time so that the ad can be noticed by potential customers. Mobile truck advertisements help you target specific people at specific times so that you can maximize your ad exposure and effectiveness.

Use the Help of Targeted Advertising

With mobile vehicle advertising, you can reach your market and even target your competitors. You can specifically market to your audience at exact locations or events. For example, if you have a sports clothing company, your mobile advertisement can be positioned outside of professional arenas before or after the game, ensuring that your brand is being seen by thousands of potential customers, and for a fraction of the cost that billboards or other methods of advertising would require. Mobile billboard vehicles can allow you to tactically target your campaign to a specific date or time. Digital or LED mobile displays also allow your message to be seen at any time of day or night. You are able to choose to target specific demographics with your advertising message. This will help you reach the right people with your product or service. If you want to focus your advertising efforts on a specific demographic, then mobile billboard trucks are the perfect choice to make.

When your ad is displayed on the side of a mobile billboard, it can go wherever you want it to go. While it’s true that OOH advertising is a vigorous market, you shouldn’t mistake the popularity of ads with their ability to take those ads to the neighborhoods where the consumers who are most likely to be part of the demographic live. 

Mobile billboards offer many advantages when it comes to being able to find and target specific markets or demographics. Some of the key advantages include route planning and audience specific targeting. When your billboard truck is travelling all over the city, province or country, you can choose specific routes that would boost your chances of being seen based on the demographic of your audience and their daily habits. You can plan your route based on elements like traffic conditions, demographic details, and special events happening nearby. You can also target specific audiences in areas at any time of the day or night based on your ad, services, and how the habits of your consumers align.

They Can Go Where Other Ads Can’t

Mobile billboard vehicles can also be used to reach audiences in traditionally harder to reach areas where conventional outdoor advertising has been zoned out. You can place your campaign or brand among your audience, such as in residential areas, where many other media ads cannot reach since the advertising trucks are very transportable and can go anywhere. They are best for serving populations that assemble outside, whether they’re traveling to work in the morning or attending an outdoor event. The mobile billboards can also move around and park in high traffic places such as outside the entrance to a mall or near a populated intersection during rush hour. The fact that they can go everywhere, would increase your chances of being seen by commuters all over town. In each case, more people will see your ad, resulting in more potential customers. 

A mobile billboard can reach your target audience wherever they work, play, or live. For most billboard advertising, proximity to the advertised business is a key element to success, especially in attracting potential customers. They rely on foot and vehicular traffic to turn nearby commuters into in-store consumers; however, their stationary nature may limit the number of new eyes likely to see your ad. Moving billboards are more appealing to an audience, and they increase brand recall. Billboard advertising trucks present a great way to reach your target demographic, wherever they may be. If you are looking for a way to reach as many people as possible with your ad, mobile billboard trucks should be at the top of your list.

Extend Your Reach and Find A Wider Audience

One of the major advantages of mobile billboard truck advertising is that they can reach an audience that you could otherwise not be able to target with a stationary advertisement. They have the ability to travel to places, such as neighborhoods, where other forms of outdoor advertising cannot. This is also done without being intrusive to the residents which allows for more potential customers to see your ad, even if they do not have a direct line of sight.

Traditional advertising and marketing techniques tend to reach an area close to the business or only a small audience. For instance, a print advertisement would reach only people who read newspapers or magazines, while internet ads would only reach people who have access to an internet connection. With mobile billboard advertising, you will be able to connect to a larger audience. Billboard trucks will be constantly moving around in high traffic areas and exposing your brand to a variety of people gathered in those areas. This way you can cover an entire city and reach people who would both be a part of your demographic and those who may never have heard of your business, in comparison to other types of advertising.

These trucks can also go beyond a city-based advertising campaign and reach a national audience. This is because they can essentially travel to any province across the country, and people from all over these provinces can see your advertisement and your product/service. If you are looking to expand your business into new markets, it would be ideal to first see what places would be interested in having your business and if those areas match your current demographics. The use of mobile billboards would allow for exactly this and be a great way to get your business noticed and see where that consumer interest would be.

One of the main goals of truck advertising is brand recognition and product introduction, which is a goal that is met in most, if not every case, of truck advertising. If the ad is creative and visual, it catches the eye of the customer and the viewer is bound to see the ad. We have the ability to target specific places which are best suited for your company and can run creative campaigns designed specifically for your brand to attract customers. They allow you to target a specific geographic area and have the means to reach a wider audience opposed to what a stationary billboard would be able to do. It is also a cost-effective option for businesses that want to expand their customer base to help increase profits. This is due to now being able to easily reach customers who might not be aware of your brand and create new customers in return. 

Crash Other People’s Events (Obviously Ask First Though…)

Since these mobile billboards are transportable no matter what ad option you choose to go with, you can easily take your ad anywhere, including to other events or even creating your own pop up event. The lively nature of mobile displays allows for you to have the option to play around with the possibility of creating localized mini events. This is thanks to the ability of the digital billboard to play produced video/audio making them ideal for setting the stage for a mini event at a bigger live event. If there was a staged event that you wanted to advertise at, if it is within budget, you can hire a street team to interact with the audience and serve as a promotional team for your business, even giving out samples to those who talk to your team.

Some Final Thoughts To Consider!

Regardless of the type of advertising you choose, being able to understand your audience and what they want is crucial to whether your business succeeds or fails. Mobile billboard advertising has proven to be a very effective model for advertising.  This type of advertising is best for ads centered around products and/or services because you are able to choose to advertise only the particular products or services that your business offers. They work best when a business’s campaign reaches its target audience at the right time with the right message. This will help potential customers know what your business is all about before they pay you a visit at your place of work. Businesses must know exactly who they are trying to attract with their digital truck advertising so that they can craft a specific and effective message that will benefit their sales and overall business. Once the message is created, the audience targeting skills of the mobile billboards can get to work. 

So, with all of these benefits, are you thinking of ways to stir up the creativity level of your business? 

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