Out of Home Advertising Boosts Brand Awareness

Nowadays consumer attention can be considered as one of the scarcest resources. People are exposed to as much as 4,000 to 10,000 ads on a daily basis. Brands are constantly fighting for a space in the minds and hearts of consumers to be considered for a purchase in the future. With OOH advertising being on the rise in the past years, it now can be considered as a great tool to build more awareness and loyalty around your brand.


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Nowadays people spend much more time outside of their houses, which makes Out of Home Advertising one of the best media channels to raise brand awareness. It is uniquely efficient since it is located in close proximity to the point of purchase (POP) of consumers. Studies by Outdoor Media Centre (OMC) show that only 13% of people go along with the predetermined shopping list, while 72% of consumers can be swayed towards another brand and product when recently viewed an OOH ad.

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Outdoor advertisements create a significant impact in the subconscious minds of walkers and drivers who get exposed to the OOH advertisement. The majority of people have predetermined paths they take daily going to work or school and back. Repetitive exposure of a certain message for a consecutive number of days and weeks creates a mental note in minds of consumers, and they subconsciously add more credibility and value to the brand. One of the best parts of OOH advertising is that the audience cannot switch it off or change it to another channel.

 Haulerads understands the importance of creating a strong brand presence and offers companies a great opportunity to reach their right audience and increase brand awareness. Let us take your outdoor advertising to the next level with Mobile Billboards!


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