Unmatchable creativity and ability to target the right consumer at the right time with OOH advertising

Any visual advertising media found outside of a consumer's home is referred to as out-of-home advertising (OOH). This can include print and digital billboards, indoor and outdoor signs, advertisements on street furniture such as bus shelters or seats, and transportation advertisements, among other things. Despite its reputation as a conventional medium, out-of-home advertising has a lot of value for brands looking to advertise and engage with their customers.

quadra ingreditents ad on back of semi truck

Types of Out Of Home Advertising

The different media’s that can be defined as an OOH advertisement have been growing exponentially for the past few years. Broadly, there are about 4 types of OOH advertising.

1. Billboards and Banners

When it comes to outdoor advertising, billboards are the first thing that comes to mind. More than 70% of people respond to these advertisements, which are strategically placed in high-traffic areas. Billboard advertising further branches out into mobile, static, digital, interactive, etc.

2. Transit Advertising

Transit advertisements are most typically found at subways, metro stations, and on the sides of buses, automobiles, and taxis. The most prevalent locations are on the sides of buses. This is an excellent type of advertising that can target tourists, commuters, and local residents. In highly populated cities with public transportation, transit advertising is extremely popular.

3. Point of sale display

We've all picked up a packet of mints or candies while checking out of a grocery shop as an impulsive purchase! A POS display advertisement is exactly that. Creative displays and graphics are frequently used in point-of-sale marketing to entice customers to make a purchase during check-out. These advertising are particularly useful to attract consumer attention since they feature low-cost branded commodities like candy, chips, and beverages. The ideal choice for this type of advertising is to employ interesting, distinctive, and helpful products that may immediately attract customers' attention.

4. Street Furniture

The advertisements we see on park benches, telephone kiosks, newsstand, bus stands, etc., are all forms of street furniture advertising. This type of advertising has innovatively branched out into Guerilla advertising which is basically a way to create content that has a surprise element. It can be highly creative and involve strategies like employing teams in areas where your potential clients are likely to be, passing out flyers, engaging in street art (while taking into account local laws), holding flash mobs, or opening kiosks/pop-up stores.

quadra ingreditents ad on back of semi truck
quadra ingreditents ad on back of semi truck

Outdoor advertising is more significant than ever in a time increasing advertising mediums. Out of home advertising reaches individuals regardless of how they consume media.

When outdoor advertising is used in conjunction with other advertising mediums in a campaign, it has been shown to increase reach, amplify a message, and encourage customers to interact with brands both online and in-store.

Low Cost Brand Awareness

Out of home advertising is one of the most cost-effective solutions available in terms of the amount of exposure a campaign will receive when compared to other forms of advertising. OOH advertising has been proved in numerous studies to dramatically reduce advertising costs. To target an audience of 1000, online advertising can cost up to $18 per thousand impressions and magazine or cable can cost up to $22 per thousand impressions. OOH serves the same audience at a substantially reduced cost, which is nearly less than half of what is spent behind other advertising mediums to reach thousand impressions.

Broader Reach and More Visibility

OOH reaches the majority of people in ways that other media cannot. It most effectively reaches audiences where other media is increasingly underperforming. OOH is effective as both a supplement and a stand-alone medium. OOH advertising is everywhere in a consumer's daily life, reaches a bigger audience, has been shown to convert viewers to purchases, and can supplement major media advertising. Overall, OOH advertising is something one cannot miss, skip or block—you can't turn it off, mute it, or fast-forward it—making it virtually impossible for consumers to avoid.

Impact on Campaign and Consumers

The field of outdoor advertising is now considerably bigger and more diverse than just billboards. We prefer to think of it as an advertising playground. Brands can leverage out-of-home (OOH) advertising to improve the effectiveness of their other digital and traditional marketing channels. A well-placed OOH ad can increase recall value—even subconsciously—among consumers, affecting their actions all the way to the point of purchase. They begin connecting with the brand when passing by an OOH medium of advertisement, browse the internet for information about the brand when the ad resonates, this is when the brand finally becomes ingrained in the consumer's subconscious mind, influencing their purchase decision. This is the power of out-of-home advertising that influences consumer behavior.

The key advantage of OOH advertising over other mediums is that it helps to increase the recall value of other mediums and helps the brand influence consumer choices and purchase decisions. Movia's unmatched creativity and analytic ability to target the relevant customer at the right time will assist your company in achieving similar outcomes.

quadra ingreditents ad on back of semi truck

What we do

Provide unmatchable creativity and ability to target the right consumer at the right time with OOH advertising

At Movia, we believe effective advertisements are usually the one’s that are the simplest. Too many colours and graphics may help the creative stand out, but it may not catch a customer’s focus on the message. A recall value is usually associated with simple ad creatives. Next, it is very important to choose the right audience for a brand to reflect its advertising efforts into. Building a customer profile by considering factors like demographics and lifestyle can help you know the target group you’re marketing. We assist in developing a truck-to-audience strategy that considers routes, demographics, time of day, hours on the road, and even contextual opportunities, to help your message reach the right customers when they’re in the right frame of mind.

Mobile billboards are seen by 95% of individuals passing by and read by 85% of those who pass by them, almost twice as many as static billboards. At Movia, we combine data analytics with traditional OOH mediums of advertising such as these mobile billboards using a unique by GPS tracking and impression analytics technology. Unlike conventional truck-side ad companies, our moving billboards help retarget ads back into mobile devices that come in contact with the billboard campaign, which helps double their visibility and ad recall value. This basically means using proprietary tracking devices that provide real-time analytics on impression data, location data, and frequency reports through Wi-Fi scanning of mobile devices around the area, we provide premium outdoor advertising space on the sides and backs of delivery trucks and semi-trailers.

quadra ingreditents ad on back of semi truck

The Future

Over the next few years, we anticipate to see a lot of advancements in traditional forms of OOH advertising. Programmatic outdoor advertising will assist generate growth, profitability, and creativity using modern technology. Mobile billboard advertising will continue to grow by branching out into developing dynamic campaigns for brands in order to gain more visibility and outcomes. The king of the game eventually will be data. A brand's road to the optimal kind of out-of-home advertising will be guided by data.


What is Out of Home Advertising?

Out of Home is advertising outside the home. This includes advertisements encountered while "on the go," such as billboards, wallscapes, transit ads, shopping mall ads, truck as, taxi ads, etc.

What are types of OOH advertising?

  • Bulletins.
  • Junior Bulletins.
  • Posters.
  • Digital Billboards.
  • Spectaculars.
  • Wallscapes.
  • Wall Murals.
  • Truck Ads/Mobile Billboards

How much does Out of Home Advertising cost?

The price varies based on ad format, circulation, demographics, and impressions. The cheapest advertisement you can buy is a "Junior poster," a little billboard that can be around 11' wide and 5' high, for anywhere between $500 and $1500. On the other hand, Digital billboards are slightly more expensive, ranging from $2,500 to $450,000 per month per location.

What are the benefits of out of home advertising?

  • Encourage quick response and brand activity.
  • Increase traffic and sales at stores that sell things.
  • Promote the brand's microsites and main website.
  • Boost online brand searches.
  • Provide a platform for brand involvement and connection.
  • Increase social media usage across many platforms.

Why is out of home advertising important for my business?

You can be sure OOH advertising will target the appropriate audience with the appropriate message at the appropriate time and location. Based on geography, demographics, customer behaviour, and even daypart, it provides highly targeted and contextually relevant advertising.

Why should I invest in out of home advertising?

  • Your audience grows instantly since you are giving the proper exposure
  • The audience cannot skip it or turn it off, they will see it on the road as many times as they pass by
  • You won’t have to worry about being overshadowing by a competitor
  • Your ROI will increase
  • This will be both time and cost-effective for your campaign