Kids Love a Moving Billboard (An Outdoor Advertising Technique)!

Ever wonder how you should advertise your newest children’s’ product or event? Two words: MOVING BILLBOARD. Kids love everything about it! They’re larger than life, colorful, and give kids something to look at when they’re in the backseat of their parent’s vehicle. Whether you’re launching a new toy, kid’s meal, amusement ride, or event, mobile billboards ensure that you can leave the hardest part of advertising – the persuading and convincing – up to the youngest passengers.

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Think about how many kids sit in the back seat of their parent’s vehicle every single day going to and from school, soccer practice, doctors appointments, and family gatherings. With nothing to do – no cartoon shows to watch or books to read – they’re just staring out the window. Now, imagine these big, bold mobile billboards grabbing their attention during morning rush or afternoon traffic hours. This scenario presents a perfect advertising opportunity for your business.

Children spend hours absorbing their surroundings and looking at all the cars, passersby, buses and trucks which increases your very own opportunity for truck advertising. When an impressive looking vehicle wrap passes by, it is inevitable that a child would notice the vibrant colors, bold texts, and stunning graphics placed on it. It POPs in their head, making kids a massive part of the buyer’s purchasing journey. 

This is especially significant if your company is advertising a product appealing to children. For instance, a large McDonalds logo plastered across a moving billboard, will no doubt get every kid (and adult) craving a Happy Meal!


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We all know that the purpose of an advertisement is to persuade someone to buy a service. Research has shown that ads make children aware of new products. Kids are more attracted to advertisements with colorful images than tv shows. While TV advertisements can sometimes have a negative effect on children, out-of-home advertising is fun, creative, and comes without negative connotations. In addition, marketers nowadays use cartoon characters to gain children’s attention.

Easy ways you can leverage mobile billboard ads to reach kids:

Make your ads UNMISSABLE

The key to grabbing the attention of young passengers is by making your ad fun, creative, and simply exciting to look at! So, add a few cartoon characters to your advertisement, use vibrant colors, and cut back on the number of words you use. Younger kids may not know what your ad is saying, but if they see something they like, they’re sure to point it out to their parents – thereby getting your brand in front of the eyes of those with purchasing power.

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Go where they go

This is self-explanatory, but the beauty of truck advertising – and transit advertising in general – lies in the fact that you don’t have to wait for people to look at your ad, you deliver it right to them! Selecting routes near schools, community centers, malls, parks, and other recreational spaces where families frequent most will ensure that you’re getting as many targeted impressions as possible!

Be frequent and recent

To keep your brand on the top of the minds of consumers, not only should you put more trucks on the road with your message, but the trucks should also be some sort of reminder that a fun restaurant place or movie to watch is just minutes away! For example, if you’re advertising a local fair, put trucks on the road that lead to where your event is taking place. Even if parents didn’t have visiting the fair as one of their after-school activities planned, perhaps they’ll change their minds and drop by!

Updated February 06, 2022

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