How Mobile Billboards Can Maximize Value and Exposure for Sponsors

Mobile billboards are, to put it in simple terms, moving billboards. They are most often found on the side of moving vehicles, such as in public transit and taxis, but they are most frequently seen on the side of large trucks. Mobile billboards are regarded as one of the most effective ways to advertise a brand. This is because mobile billboards come with a number of benefits. It can increase brand awareness, reach larger distances and more diverse audiences, and target specific areas–which is exactly why they are a perfect option for sponsorships. When you obtain a sponsorship, using mobile billboards to advertise the brand might be one of the most effective marketing strategies out there. Why? Let’s explore this a little further, starting with the costs of mobile billboards.

How much do mobile billboards cost?

Cost Per Impression

Of course, the price of renting a mobile billboard to advertise can vary due to a multitude of factors. However, it is worth noting that mobile billboards have one of the lowest CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions) in the industry compared to other types of advertising. CPM is usually determined based on demographics, impressions and circulation. Demographics are determined based on the number of people who pass by the billboard. To break this down even further, characteristics such as age, gender, and even income are taken into account. This means that if you are placing a mobile billboard in a high traffic area, this will likely cost you a bit more than if you were to have the billboard running elsewhere. On the other hand, impressions are the estimated number of people that are expected to see your mobile billboard. This is calculated based on the mobile billboard’s size and the location it is intended to run in. Finally, circulation is based on traffic information. This means that the cost of your mobile billboard is also dependent on the volume of traffic, also regarded as the potential number of people that will drive by and see the advertisement, in the vicinity of your billboard.

Design Costs

Other factors to take into account are the costs that go into designing and making the mobile billboard itself, which is one of the largest costs associated with mobile billboards. This will typically depend on the size and type of mobile billboard, meaning if it is static or digital, with digital mobile billboards costing much more. A typical pair of mobile billboards (for each side of the truck) has been seen to fall within the range of $1,200 to $1,600. Of course, there will also be costs associated with getting the creative for the advertisement designed, which will also be an additional cost that should be factored into the price of a mobile billboard. The vehicle itself, where the ad will be placed, will also cost money. Average ranges for these vehicles have been seen to fall in between the range of $500 to $800 per day, but this once again varies widely due to a plethora of different factors, much like the ones we’ve already discussed.

Average Rates

With all of that being said, the average cost of a mobile billboard has been seen to be around 0.77¢ per 1,000 views. Some rates have even gone as low as 0.48¢. In contrast, other types of advertising will run you much more. However, as previously mentioned, the price will vary tremendously based on the type of billboard. The average prices for static mobile billboards are within the range of $24,000. Digital billboards will cost you much more, with an average range in the $100,000s. There is also the option of renting a mobile billboard. In these situations, the mobile billboards are rented per hour, with a typical timeframe ranging between six to ten hours a day. Needless to say, mobile billboards will still give you the most bang for your buck compared to other marketing strategies.

After discussing the logistics surrounding the price of a mobile billboard, the total cost of getting a mobile billboard might seem a little overwhelming. But by investing in a mobile billboard, even if it is only for a brief period of time, you can achieve an enormous return. Mobile billboards have been proven to be effective methods of advertising time and time again. This is because the ads that are placed on mobile billboards are large and loud–they have a presence that cannot be ignored. This means that it attracts the attention of many bypassers, and they have been proven to generate positive impressions of the advertised brand. When sponsorships are formed, there is the expectation that brands gain attention and traffic from investing. In other words, there must be a return back to the brand. It goes without saying that using mobile billboards for sponsorships will maximize both the value invested and exposure for the brand with ease, giving them what they want and more. 

Are mobile billboards worth it for my business?

Although mobile billboards are a great option for many sponsors, whether or not this form of advertising is an ideal option for your business depends on a number of factors, starting with what your business is looking to achieve from the implementation of mobile billboards. However, there are a number of ways your business can benefit from implementing mobile billboards as a part of your marketing strategy. Let’s explore them a little further.

Give your business the exposure it deserves

Magnified exposure is just one of the many benefits that your business will enjoy with the aid of mobile billboards. And we’re not talking about a simple public exposure either – with mobile billboards, you can choose the targeted demographics that are best suited for your business audience, which in return will increase the chances of converting bystanders to customers – this is exactly what your business needs! Not only that, but with the help of modern technology, you can even track the results and the effectiveness of your mobile billboards. Based on your targeted audience, these mobile billboards, such as moving advertising trucks, will take the routes that are best preferred for your custom audiences in order to maximize your results.

Take your business to areas where other forms of billboards cannot reach

Another huge benefit of mobile billboards is that they can take your business to virtually any area – for comparably less associative costs. Traditional billboards may have been a great idea at one point, but mobile billboards outshine other traditional methods of advertising when it comes to exposure and mobility, which are key variables to growing your brand. A huge problem of many traditional forms of advertising and marketing strategies is that they remain static, or have a limited reach in terms of their mobility. With the help of modern mobile billboards, you can take your business anywhere. Instead of relying on bringing customers attention to your brand, mobile billboards allow you to bring your brand to their attention! To add to that, mobile billboards have the ability to easily relocate to essentially any given area, which means that consumers can easily notice your brand in a number of different locations from a different distance, which further grows your brand exposure and popularity. 

A cost effective method of targeting – yield results like never before

Another fascinating aspect of mobile billboards is the fact that they can yield highly desirable results all the while saving your budget. Yes, although mobile billboards are not cheap, they are a significantly more cost effective method of advertising as compared to other traditional marketing strategies such as social media marketing, which requires a tremendous amount of money for it to yield the results you desire. 

Combining entertainment and mobile billboards

Mobile billboards can be used as a great strategy for promoting public events, sponsorships, as well as acquiring the attention of large crowds. For example, if there is a huge sports event taking place in your city, getting a mobile billboard with your message spread across it can prove to be a highly potent source of exposure for your business. To add to that, many sponsors can also use mobile billboards as a means of gaining exposure to further promote their event or an organization. Particularly with event promotions, such as nightclubs, festivals, or public occurrences, many sponsors often choose to use social media and digital advertising as their primary strategy of promotion, which often yields satisfactory levels of results. However, there are a couple of important factors that need to be kept in mind with choosing social media over mobile billboards. First and foremost, social media marketing requires a large budget, and not all companies or organizations may be in the financial position to afford such sacrifice. To add to that, although digital marketing is most definitely a powerful marketing platform, its reach is limited as compared to mobile billboards. For example, let’s say that a sponsor wants to gain more public exposure for an upcoming public event. Although digital marketing would help with increasing the popularity of it, with the help of mobile billboards, the sponsor can reach crowds wherever they choose to gather. 

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