Toronto Billboard Advertising: Regulations & Laws to Be Aware of!

Toronto Billboard Advertising can be tricky when you don’t know what you can and can’t do. This is especially true if you’re the one designing them. This article is specifically intended for those who are in the process or thinking about, designing Billboards in Toronto.

Toronto Billboard Advertising, Bylaws and Permits for Billboards in Toronto
For starters, the Toronto Sign Bylaw Unit is responsible for the issuance and inspection of sign permits and carries out proactive bylaw enforcement for permanent signs on private property. You’re going to really want to do your research before you begin your Static Billboard or Moving Billboard Campaign. Here are some general considerations and key takeaways based on the Sign Bylaw unit:
  • Where this chapter requires a sign to be erected or displayed a minimum distance from another sign or a sign district, no part of the sign shall be located within the applicable minimum distance.
  • No sign shall move, in whole or in part, unless otherwise expressly permitted by this chapter. (this is referring to moving parts of a static billboard such as having the drill bit rotating in the picture below)


Moving Static Billboards, Billboard rules and regulations, Billboard Permits

  • No sign or sign copy shall be projected onto a building or any other surface from or by a source external to the sign or sign copy unless otherwise expressly permitted by this chapter.
  • Signs shall display only static copy unless otherwise expressly permitted
  • No development signs shall be located in, or projected over, in whole or in part, a public right of way
  • A sign cannot omit sound or odour

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