A Sure-Shot Alternative To Billboards For Outdoor Advertising.

 Stationary Billboards were a great way to advertise in the 19th century. In those days having your advertisement showcase on the Interstate highway was a big deal. Billboards were relatively new and could create a high impact on people but, fast-forward to 2022 and billboards have become so common nowadays. Most of us grew up seeing billboards and they tend to be blurred out in the background failing to create a high impact on people. 

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Billboards have become obsolete, and they almost cost a fortune compared to other alternatives which  are way more effective. Furthermore, you do not have the agility to retarget your audience and  increase the reach for your message. It just does not make sense to me to invest thousands of dollars  into a low-impact advertisement strategy. The advertising space is getting more creative and utilizing  the benefits of data analytics, and technology. Therefore, it is important to find an alternative that  utilizes these benefits to target your audience and facilitate their purchasing decisions. 

What Is The Alternative? 

People are always on the move, be it on the road, on the sideway, and sometimes they get stuck in the  traffic. So, what if your advertisements are on the move alongside your potential customers who are on  the road and sometimes stuck in long lines of traffic? Yes, you thought right, I am talking about putting  

your advertisement on wheels and alongside people, up close and personal! This has proven to be more  effective in ads getting noticed and impacting purchasing decisions of people than stationary billboards.  With mobile billboards, you get to decide when and where to advertise for your audiences. This provides you with unprecedented agility in advertising that is just not possible by stationary billboards. 

Why Choose Movia For Mobile Advertisements? 

While mobile advertisements are revolutionary by themselves, Movia media makes your advertising  experience come to life. Using Movia’s unique combination of truck advertising alongside analytics and 

retargeting abilities you are bound to have out-of-home performance out of this world! Movia helps  you formulate a truck-to-audience strategy while also accounting for routes, demographics, time of the  day, hours on the road, and even contextual opportunities. This means you get to fine-tune your 

message such that it does not feel like a conventional ad by increasing the reach and impact you have  on your audience. In other words, Movia will make sure your message is advertised in the right place, at  the right time, in the right way, and to the right person. 

Just targeting your advertisements is not enough, you are provided with insights by Movia’s through  onboard beacon analytics. This means you will know how many people saw your ad and it enables you  to retarget your audiences using in-app advertisements such as weather, ESPN, etc. On average Movia’s  mobile billboards can capture 1.5 – 2.5 million views. With your advertisement and Movia’s proprietary  data analytics, you get to take your message directly to your target audience.  

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