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No doubt that OOH advertising is now more popular than social media not just because of its efficiency but because of its engagement level too. When we talk about OOH media, truck-side advertising is always in front because of its size and ad visibility at eye level. 

Truck-side medium is intended to promote, infiltrate, and generate consumer buzz, ultimately leading to a capitalized outcome. There are numerous ways that truck-side advertising can help companies gain a larger presence on the marketing map. This is the reason reputed brands from different industries like Rogers, Walmart, Koch, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Corus entertainment preferred truck advertising instead to pay for TV ads because TV, Radio has a shorter period while it is known for its longevity, low CPM, and large canvas. This article will concentrate on easy steps to create the truck ad that is always being pop-up and truck-side advertising opportunities that every advertiser who selects truck advertising can avail.

The form of advertising that has recently regained popularity and has been producing successful conversions for businesses of all sorts, small and large, is truck advertising. According to some research, truck advertisements receive 2.5 times as many views and impressions as static billboards.

Learn where to begin when preparing a successful truck advertising campaign:

1. Design Creatives that go a long way

When it comes to producing visually engaging material, less is always more. The message should be clear and memorable given that customers have a short attention span, thus the creative should focus more on this. Bold and crisp creatives leave a longer graphic memory for a consumer and so are much more effective. 

Because they are moving directly in front of the viewer, truck advertisements stand out in comparison to static billboards, which tend to disappear into the backdrop. It attracts more attention than static billboards since it attracts both commuters on foot and drivers of moving cars. A single massive billboard can so concurrently convey its message to a far greater number of onlookers.

2. Create a route and audience strategy

Before starting a truck ad campaign, it’s vital to map out a preliminary itinerary depending on the target audience’s desired demographics, day of the week, region, and even specific highways and routes. The effectiveness of a targeted mobile billboard campaign hinges on focusing on your target audience. It’s important to comprehend who your target market is and what they want from your business. Determine the routes that go through suburban areas, rural roadways, or densely populated urban areas, for example. Choose commercial, industrial, or retail environments, such as supermarkets, gas stations, or convenience stores, to contextualize your message. This should be given top importance because it will assist the campaign’s sales potential to be maximized. The days and times that your advertising will run are also specified here. Your billboard truck’s time and location are crucial depending on your product.

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3. Budget and analytics

Your marketing budget should include the cost of your truck advertisement as well as the cost of the many marketing platforms you employ. Mobile billboards make the most of every dollar spent and aid in making your campaign successful so that the rest of your media channels may be supported in a low-cost, high-profit manner. Tracking technology picks up consumer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals, allowing you to identify, track, and develop mobile audiences for your brand. This allows you to know who saw your ad when and where. Even

better, you can establish frequency retargeting thresholds so that only people who have seen your truck advertisement a predetermined number of times can be re-engaged. For measuring ROI, you can then retarget devices that meet your truck advertising. This helps you further optimize for deeper connections with your customers as well as increased brand recognition and traction.

4. Community Engagement

In terms of business, truck adverts ensure that you will make the most of every dollar spent and aid in the success of your campaign, allowing you to assist the rest of your media channels in a way that is both cost-effective and highly profitable. From the viewpoint of the neighborhood, these trucks are now not just making necessary deliveries but also engaging meaningfully with the communities they visit and leaving a positive image. In the towns where the trucks are moving, brands are actively giving away promotional items. This boosts a brand’s memory value significantly, gives it a stronger appearance, and ultimately propels it to the point where it positively affects consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Truck advertising opportunities

Let’s discuss opportunities that show truck advertising is an ideal marketing investment for small as well as big organizations:

  1. Freedom of more impressions

Truck side advertising has the unique ability to travel from location to location, spreading messages tailored to various consumer demographics. Mobile billboards, unlike other forms of outdoor advertising, let alone all other forms of advertising, do more than just display they drive. Truck-side advertising is not a one-time event; it is a full-fledged campaign on wheels. Truck side advertisements do not have the same restrictions as static billboards in the outdoor advertising market, such as placement, rates, and timing.

Your ad will move from one region to another where sometimes other mediums are not allowed to advertise and thus, capable of targeting multiple markets which is not possible through ads on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. It allows your brand to attract more than a thousand audiences in just one day due to their mobility. According to the outdoor advertising association of America, 30,000- 70,000 impressions can be generated by one truck per day.


2. Advertisement size and longevity

Size and space for advertisement matter a lot for advertisement.  No matter small or big company, a bigger size is always preferable to advertise products because it is not possible to be close to see the ad on the moving vehicles. After analysis, it is founded that the truck billboard advertisement is wider in size than any other moving vehicle because no barrier of windows like on cars and taxis. Truck advertising is considered more attractive due to its bigger size, and clarity and it is not easy to ignore 10 feet high, and 22 feet wide messages.

A blank canvas, white commercial trucks are nothing new to look at, but creatively decorative advertising trucks will attract a lot of attention for a long time (depending on how long you want to push your schedule). The 3D features of trucks prove that truck advertising design is now at the next level. Truck side advertising packages allow businesses to advertise on trucks for months, if not years. When compared to other mediums such as television and radio, where the paid ad will only last for a short period of time due to the large market, your truck ad can be a long-term, solo campaign reaching just as many people at a lower cost.

3. Creative as well as efficient

  Technology has changed OOH media completely. Truck advertising is providing the best results by using creativity on trucks at a minimum cost. So, small businesses also take benefit, and no need to think more about the budget because it is flexible for all levels of organizations. The beauty of truck-side advertising is that it is typically a one-time expense. Unlike social media advertising or other digital ads, truck side ads do not charge you for impressions or conversions on a daily basis. Truck advertising has the lowest CPM as compared to any other OOH medium. One of the best truck advertising companies is Movia whose ads are moving as well as smart with a unique combination of beacon technology.

Other benefits:

  • Ads on trucks cannot be blocked or banned because it would be on loading trucks on roads and ultimately catches the audience’s attention.

  • Creates word-of-mouth marketing

  • Truck ads and word-of-mouth marketing ultimately increase product sales

  • Sales lead to the reputation of the company and increased overall profitability.


Truck advertising is not only the most cost-effective media, but it also has so many favorable social effects that the benefits always outweigh the costs.  The capacity of truck-side adverts to engage consumers and have a positive impact is their most fruitful feature. Due to its recent revival, it is now more profitable than ever to incorporate truck-side advertising into your marketing plans.


Harpreet Kaur and Stuti Mankad

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