Ways To Make Your Truck Ad Pop!

truck's trailer ad creating a =n illusion of a giant coca cola bottle

It’s no secret that out-of-home (OOH) media plays an important role in various successful marketing campaigns. When being used in an effective mix of media, OOH can easily boost return on investment (ROI). Giant digital companies like Spotify and Google, while dominating the online world, still deeply depend on OOH advertising to help reach their target audience the most effectively. Truck-side advertising – a subcategory of OOH – is crucial for an outstanding campaign, with the ability to blend in perfectly with the surroundings while simultaneously catching people’s immediate attention. This article will look into why having truck-side advertising is advantageous, the ways to make a truck advertisement stand out, and a couple of excellent case studies.

FedEx truck with vinyl of another mailing service, indicating they are faster

Why advertising with trucks?

It has been proven that OOH is much more profitable than traditional media, like  radio or television, as they cost less while still bringing in massive ROI. Moreover, contradicting the common belief that social media dominates the marketing game in today’s society, good OOH campaigns still have their own strength and can overcome some of online advertising setbacks. 

OOH advertising is everywhere. It comes in various forms, from the giant billboards on highways to the decorated moving vehicles, to even the brochure handouts at malls! Among this diverse mix, mobile advertising seems to be one of the most outstanding ways to reach a mass audience. 

3D truck ad with the illusion of a train

When compared to smaller printed OOH ads, like leaflets or posters, truck-side ads have the size advantage that is similar to highway billboards. Due to them being so much larger, they can easily be seen from far away, distancing themselves from the rest of the scenery. Because of that, one giant advertising board can deliver its message to a much bigger group of passersby at the same time. 

In comparison to still billboards, mobile ads take the upper hand yet again. One of the most prominent features of adverts being placed on trucks or other vehicles is their mobility. As its selling point is being on the roads most of the time, one ad can travel to multiple destinations within a day, bringing the campaign to more audiences from everywhere, rather than if it’s simply placed in one spot and passively waiting for people to walk by.

Even when compared to other vehicles in the same subcategory, truck-side ads can still be more effective. While other types of mobile ads are mostly based in downtown or highly populated areas, such as buses, subways, or taxis, trucks have the ability to reach places that are otherwise often overlooked. Depending on its route and purpose, a truck can go everywhere, from industrial to residential areas, carrying the giant ad with it. Furthermore, since most trucks are for delivery purposes, they automatically have a better chance of having actual interactions with people.

With overflowing benefits of having your ads on trucks, here are some of the ways you can take full advantage of this marketing tactic.

Make it 3D

Billboards with 3D illusions have been around for quite some time now. Nonetheless, there is still so much that can be done with the canvas, all depending on the marketing team’s creativity. A setback of immobile 3D billboards is that there are some limits to how much they can convey, as they are placed in certain places and people can only view them from the front. 

Applying 3D illusions onto truck-side ads is the perfect way to combat such limitations. You already have a 3D surface, so why not take advantage of it and elevate your campaign? Just by simply covering both sides of the trailer and the backdoor, the ad now has much more depth and its realisticness can give the public that wow factor. From the side, it may look like any other billboard, but when moving, especially when the truck is on the road and passes by other vehicles, is when the full effect of the 3D illusion takes place. 

The vibrant message can be so impactful even from afar, and much more so up-close.

Coca Cola truck looking like it is carrying giant bottles

Slap A Screen On Your Truck

Digital OOH is effective by itself with displays usually being in shopping centers or airports, but it also works well on-the-go. An enormous LED screen can be put up on the side of a truck instead of printed vinyl wrapping, and with that, the advert inherits the advantages of both digital and mobile OOH. While having all the benefits listed above, this type of campaign also benefits from the bright and vibrant screen that can illustrate not just images, but a GIF-like billboard or even a short ad video.

trucks lined up with digital ads on the sides of the trailers

Glass Trailers

Another innovative way to make use of a truck is to use all the space on the back. The trailer can be replaced with glass walls and the inside can be transformed completely to fit the purpose of a campaign. This type of advertising usually involves a more engaging and on-the-go experience. It can be a mobile store display, an interactive space for the public, or even a small concert. The possibilities are endless. 

HBO now truck with open glass trailer

Giant Product Replica

If you want something even more unique and more impactful, you can look outside the box and reinvent the trailer completely. If the campaign is for a certain product, there’s always a chance to build a mega-size replica of said product and place it where the trailer is. It can be combined with the glass trailer to give the audience a clear view of the product, no matter how far away they are standing. Another example is to modify the trailer into the shape of the product, like the Coors Light Campaign in 2016 down below.


3D Coors Light Truck Campaign

Coors Light advertising truck made to look like the mountain in the logo

Back in the beginning of 2016, Coors Light teamed up with TSN Advertising and opened a track-focused campaign with 2 interesting designs. The truck’s trailers were modified into 2 different shapes, one was the icy mountain logo of the brand, and one was a gigantic Coors Light can. The trucks’ trailers stood out incredibly on sunny days, bringing a fresh and cooling feel to the areas the campaign covered. That certainly got everyone’s attention. In fact, the idea was so unique that it brought home total success and helped Coors to extend the campaign for another 4 months of summer that year in Los Angeles and San Diego. 

San Antonio Shoes Glass Walled Truck

Just last year in 2019, the shoe company called San Antonio Shoes, partnered with Bulldog Billboards to create glass-walled trucks in two locations in Manhattan. The trucks were wrapped in leopard vinyl and transformed into mobile mini shoe stores that travelled around the city and offered free foot massage sessions to New Yorkers. Needless to say, it was a huge success and a surprising yet pleasant experience for the customers.

Wrapping Up

With the comparison to traditional marketing media and the discussion of a solid OOH mix, this has shown how well a truck advertising campaign can perform. There are tons of different ways to utilize a truck to your advantage, not just gluing up a printed poster on the side of one. By doing thorough research on details like a truck’s route, together with a creative advertisement, you can surely have the most successful campaign and reach your target audience. There is no going wrong with truck advertising.

Budweiser truck-side ad

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