Toronto Billboard Advertising – Vanishing 401 Highway Billboards?

If you’re in the OOH Advertising Industry, you’ve probably heard of this. If you’ve tried to source static billboards along the 401 Highway lately, you’ve also heard of this. The City of Toronto has been pulling long-standing billboard permits from Toronto outdoor advertising companies since the start of 2017. There has been a significant loss of available Billboards in Toronto which is posing to be a considerable issue for brands that rely upon exposure on this busy corridor. Everyone knows not a fact, but the 401 corridor in Toronto is North America’s busiest highway.


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Busier than all the major freeways in New York and LA, it gets an annual traffic flow of over 500,000 daily vehicles!! That is a boatload of eyeballs that brands are missing. Find more 401 facts here.


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Numbers aren’t specific, but estimates are that the City of Toronto has revoked between 60% – 80% of billboard permits in recent months that includes even newly constructed digital billboard structures that are extremely costly to install and take years to recoup the upfront cost. It was unknown why this is happening and considered an odd move by many Toronto Billboard Advertising Companies considering the city makes massive tax revenues from permit sales. 


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