The Importance of Billboard Posters in Marketing

According to a 2022 poll by OAAA, 89% of U.S. adults remember OOH & billboard posters.

Billboard posters play a pivotal role in marketing strategies as they possess a unique ability to captivate and engage the target audience. These visually enticing and well-designed pieces of advertising can leave a lasting impression on people’s minds, making them a highly effective tool for brand promotion.

One of the key strengths of posters is their ability to command attention. In a world inundated with digital ads and constant distractions, a well-placed poster stands out, grabbing the viewer’s focus and directing it towards the brand’s message. This visual impact can foster brand recognition and recall, ensuring that your brand remains at the forefront of customers’ minds.

How Effective is Billboard Advertising?

Research conducted by Solomon partners revealed that the OOH channels have an 86% recall rate among consumers, making out-of-home advertising one of the most affective ways for brands to connect with their target audience.

“This analysis affirms out of home’s critical role in the media mix,” said Anna Bager, President and CEO, OAAA. “As the fastest growing media channel in 2022, this analysis from Solomon Partners is yet another proof point of the value that out-of-home brings to marketers at a time when people are fully re-engaging in their pre-pandemic lifestyles. Ad spend forecasts for 2023 reveal out-of-home will continue to outpace total media growth overall.”

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Why Billboards Posters Important for Brand Promotion

The importance of posters cannot be overlooked. They serve as a powerful means of advertising a brand in both local and online markets. Here are some key features that make posters essential for brand promotion:

Brand Awareness

Posters play a crucial role in building brand awareness. A visually appealing and engaging poster makes it easier for customers to recognize and remember a brand. The strategic placement of brand posters in high-visibility locations is vital. A responsible poster designer ensures that all essential brand details are incorporated into the design to build trust and connection with the audience.

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Flexible Shape and Size

Posters no longer adhere to specific size and shape constraints. In the past, posters were tailored to fit specific display areas. However, for online purposes, posters can now be created in any desired size and shape. A standout poster encompasses all essential elements and can utilize matte, glossy, or decorative finishes for added appeal. Using foil paper can give a poster a shiny and eye-catching touch.


Posters are incredibly versatile and can serve various advertising purposes. They can effectively promote events, introduce new services, or simply create public interest. Both large and small businesses can benefit from utilizing posters, which can be displayed in outdoor locations or confined spaces. Posters can promote existing products or showcase new offerings, making them adaptable to different marketing needs.

Ease of Engagement

Posters are easily accessible to people depending on their size and placement, whether online or in physical locations. Letter-size posters can be sent by mail, while larger posters are often displayed in high-traffic areas to maximize visibility. Posters also contribute to building strong public relations and help brands achieve widespread publicity.


Posters are notably more affordable than other advertising methods. While the cost of posters may vary based on size, colour, and design, they remain a cost-effective option. Many marketers consider creating and distributing posters as the most budget-friendly way to advertise a brand compared to electronic and digital media platforms.

Conclusion: People Remember Billboard Posters

When considering ways to advertise a business in the physical or online market, marketers often face the dilemma of where to allocate their marketing budget. While many businesses opt for digital platforms, investing substantial amounts of money in Google and Facebook ads, it’s important not to overlook the significance of posters. This traditional marketing method still holds its own value and can be an effective and cost-efficient means of promoting a brand.

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