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Introduction Billboards are a key part of OOH (out-of-home) advertising, they try reaching out to consumers in the real world outside of mobiles and technology, billboard ads have always been known for their way of presentation, with bold creative content and their placement being in large posters amidst cities and highways. the eye-catching content is […]

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3D OOH Billboards

We live in a world that advances technologically every day, and their innovations always amaze us. As we can see, traditional billboards are evolving into digital billboards, digital billboards into 3D billboards, and now, 3D billboards are becoming ultra-realistic 3D billboards. OOH, billboards make people think about brands differently, as they are interacting with them […]

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Hungry for OOH: OOH and the Restaurant Industry

Imagine you are walking down the street when suddenly your stomach starts to growl. That’s a call for lunch! While walking, you notice a massive advertisement of a restaurant, and bingo, you’re there! This is one of the beauties of outdoor advertising when combined with restaurant branding.  There is no doubt that food businesses can […]

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A billboard showing a shark and someone holding their phone up to it with the message on the phone "Turn on the light to reveal the ocean's most terrifying killer"

How Smartphones Increase OOH Advertising Engagement

In the past decade, smartphones have become the most popular available technology with over four billion active smartphone users worldwide. Smartphones are widely used for social media sharing, interacting with different apps, and gaining valuable data about one’s surroundings. In recent years, these mobile devices have been integrated into OOH (Out-of-Home) advertisements through posters, truck-side, […]

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Three colorful images in a subway station with tips on how to stop the Covid spread.

How OOH is Impacting the Healthcare Industry

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the healthcare industry has been at the forefront. Several different pharmaceutical companies have created vaccines that are now being distributed around the world, meaning that the pandemic is coming closer to an end. Although we all hope that Covid will soon be a thing of the past, the healthcare […]

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Two Spotify Wrapped billboards, one saying "In 2019, there are 66 egg boy playlists. Hits when you least expect them" and the other saying "Tones and I's Dance Monkey has had over 500 million streams in 2019. Bananas.".

OOH Advertising in the Music Industry

The music industry is well known for their creative and innovative use of advertising to promote artists as well as new albums and song releases. It seems that with the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns people are listening to music more than ever, giving artists the perfect opportunity to promote themselves. With huge companies that have […]

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University's billboard with the text "You in the back" is not your name.

The Use of OOH in The Academic World

During a difficult time like the pandemic, where hosting educational fairs to attract students isn’t possible, schools are relying on other alternatives to get the same results. One way to do so is with the out-of-home (OOH) advertising medium. This article will take a look at why and how the academic world is using OOH […]

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