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We live in a world that advances technologically every day, and their innovations always amaze us. As we can see, traditional billboards are evolving into digital billboards, digital billboards into 3D billboards, and now, 3D billboards are becoming ultra-realistic 3D billboards. OOH, billboards make people think about brands differently, as they are interacting with them outside of their homes. Despite the fact that all methods of advertising the brand have something exciting to offer, 3D billboards are something special that exceeds both static and digital ads. By using 3D visuals, you can turn an ordinary idea into a great one and capture people’s attention. The popularity of 3D visuals in advertising has increased over the decades with the advent of digital billboards and the evolution of ideas each day. 

The use of 3D billboards is becoming increasingly important to businesses, and large companies are using the technology effectively. It certainly adds a new dimension to customers’ experiences. By 2020, the digital OOH market in the US is expected to reach US$5.6 billion. China, the world’s second-largest economy, is predicted to reach the US $6.1 billion in market size by 2027. Billboards featuring 3D graphics are gaining more attraction in the outdoor advertising market. Transit shelters, wall posters or traditional billboards are now incorporating 3D technology to advertise and create more memorable experiences. Digitalization is becoming more and more popular every year and the power of 3D advertising is extremely impressive. 

All of us wonder how 3D is capable of adding those effects and leaving us mesmerized! 3D artwork is all about textures, just like projectiles and holograms in 3D movies. A three-dimensional advertisement seems to draw more attention from viewers, and it appears to transcend the billboard itself. As a result, the viewer’s eye needs to make a slight movement that requires a bit more engagement and attention. For that reason, these ads are easy to recall. 

The three main texture methods for producing 3D are optical illusions, physically altered billboards, and transparent or framed billboards. 

  • Optical Illusion: Art images created by optical illusions use specific art styles that fool people’s perception of depth. Since no additional pieces are attached to the billboard canvases, these 3D advertisements are cheap and affordable. 
  • Physically Altered Billboards: These physical billboards utilize extra parts that are hung or spring from the actual ads or hanging from the actual billboards. 
  • Transparent or framed billboards: Transparent or framed billboards interact with the environment by providing a window that customers can see into. However, the canvas transparency gives a 3D effect even though there is no change in the shape of the billboard. 

The 3D experience is undoubtedly unique and a great way to tell stories, build brands and impress audiences. As part of this article, we will explore some of the most interesting Digital 3D OOH billboards and some 3D banner billboards examples and how they can be used to advertise products and market the brands:

Ultra-realistic 3D Lion

China and South Korea are also blowing people’s minds away with their ultra-realistic 3D displays when it comes to these 3D advertisements. Several videos are being circulated on these giant screens on social media. During a recent viral clip on TikTok, a lion emerged from the screens in Chengdu, China and ran back after breaking out of the screen for 1.04 minutes. An LED curved screen digital installation was presented at a 90-degree angle to the public. Wow! That’s just amazing!

The Japanese 3D Shinjuku Cat

We all know this giant 3D cat advertisement that appeared on the billboards in Tokyo, Japan, where it is pictured playing at the city’s busiest railroad stations. The 864 square foot curved LED screen in Shinjuku district features a highly realistic cat in the utmost detail. Between 7 am and 1 am, you can see it walking and meowing in 4k resolution. In the morning it is seen waking up, in the afternoon it can be seen talking to passersby, and in the evening it can be seen lying down and falling asleep on its paws. Video of the video was uploaded to the internet, and viewers were left astounded by the technology. 

Giant 3D waves

SMTown COEX building’s LED facade displayed a giant wave in Seoul, South Korea’s most impressive billboard. The illusion rears up from the bottom of the screen before crashing into the top, creating a distorted illusion that makes the wrap-around display appear like a giant large water tank. Waves of water appeared every hour for one minute. “WAVE,” a project that took four months from start to finish, included three months of digital design. It was designed by district, a firm that specializes in immersive design for public art. On social media, the video went viral, some of the users referring to it as a washing machine, some as “self-contained sea.”

The world was going through a great deal as a result of COVID-19 when this project was taken on. “ Waves are beautiful and dynamic but we chose them as our subject because they evoke feelings-which is much needed at the moment.”- Director of Business Development, Jun Lee.

Coca Cola- First robotic billboard in Times Square

Coca Cola, as we know, is the market leader and has been in times square for decades. It is one of the world’s longest-running billboards and the location enhances the brand’s reputation as a creative brand and makes it one of the most recognisable brands ever. As 2017 came to a close, Coca-Cola saw an opportunity to refresh Time Square and build the brand’s credibility.

With this first-of-its-kind technology, the 3D advertisement had over 1700 independently controlled LED molecules seamlessly extend and retract to effortlessly add texture, dimension, and movement to static, video, and 3D content. This terrific advertisement was created with its own software platform with proprietary algorithms. Coca-Cola’s advertisement became a benchmark and made the world’s first and world’s largest 3D billboard Guinness World Record. Coca Cola has once again demonstrated its creative flair.

Circle K Beer Bus Shelter

In Denver, Colorado, Circle K announced that the chain is now selling beer. As part of their campaign, they partnered with Media Resources for a transit bus shelter that used beer bottle tops to capture people’s attention. Each pair of bottle tops took 10 hours to print. 

Emporio Armani

Colorzenith’s stunning 3D billboard design for Emporio Armani demonstrates the power of 3D billboards. The 3D shoe that was the centrepiece of the ad was the focal point of the giant 78ft x 46ft billboard design that brings the model to life. 

Here you have it! The mind-blowing 3D advertisement billboard examples.

Wrap Up

Worldwide, 3D advertisements are becoming increasingly popular. Nobody could have imagined back then that the poster placement would be so evolved, and that in the future, real-time moving billboards will be widespread. An advertisement in 3D is certainly an experience of a lifetime. With this technology, you can create incredible 3D imagery on a flat screen that stands out from a typical animated or static display. By adding 3D graphics to an ordinary display, you can make it more exciting and stand out from the crowd. With its distinctive qualities, versatility, and ability to boost branding, it provides businesses with an advantage over their competitors. Any advertisement that incorporates 3D designs will increase the likelihood of the brand’s message being memorable. This new technology provides a more immersive experience and also a competitive advantage over old OOH billboard placement methods. 

OOH billboards give a brand life, and a 3D placement has an effect that can never be forgotten, as the effect is so long-lasting. For any brand, it is a game-changer. Stand out from the crowd by giving your audience a new dimension of your product/brand with 3D billboard ads!

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