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Television Industry and Outdoor Advertising

We have reached a point in history where watching a TV show is as good as reading a book. We cry and laugh watching our favourite sitcoms that give us characters of loving relationships and happy endings. However, the entertainment industry is continuously changing. Whether it is the American version of The Office, which ran […]

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Hungry for OOH: OOH and the Restaurant Industry

Imagine you are walking down the street when suddenly your stomach starts to growl. That’s a call for lunch! While walking, you notice a massive advertisement of a restaurant, and bingo, you’re there! This is one of the beauties of outdoor advertising when combined with restaurant branding.  There is no doubt that food businesses can […]

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The Gaming Industry and the OOH Advertising

Today’s gaming industry has proven to be one of the most innovative sectors in technology. The term “entertainment” is not only reserved for the music and film industries, it also includes  gaming, which has spread to all corners of the globe and has provided immeasurable entertainment for millions. Nobody thought that simple video games from […]

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Why Tech Companies Opt for OOH Advertising

Technology has been synonymous with big brand digital names such as Apple, Google, Snapchat, and Instagram for as long as we can remember. These online platforms have created brand awareness, transforming digital marketing as we know it. However recently, these tech companies have gone old school, committing to outdoor billboard advertising and Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising […]

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Tips To Make OOH Advertisements Effective

The world is changing rapidly, with new businesses being started every day, and the need to market new brands is in high demand. Even though we do live in a digital world and everything is at our fingertips, the world is still busy with its chores, which explains why many new brands sometimes are unable […]

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