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How OOH Ads Will Complement Your Recruitment Strategy in 2021

Searching for new ways to attract good candidates to fill these positions that have been opened for a long time ?. Let me introduce the Out-Of-Home Advertising (OOH Ad) so you add it to your recruitment strategy. 

A new report was released by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the average one-way commute in the United States increased to a new high of 27.6 minutes in 2019. This report summarizes trends in travel time among U.S. workers between 2006 and 2019 using single-year data from the American Community Survey (ACS). For example,  In 2006, 14.8% of commuters reported travel times of less than 10 minutes; this group declined to 11.9% by 2019. Conversely, the percentage of workers reporting commutes of 60 minutes or lon­ger increased from 7.9% in 2006 to 9.8% in 2019.

Imagine how this would be effective for both passive and active candidates, that’s a lot of time for eyeballs of passive candidates on the road. 

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Online Job Ads’ effectiveness Increase When Combined With OOH Campaign

In the age of online recruiting and social media like LinkedIn and Facebook, outdoor advertising is a highly efficient and creative form of recruiting marketing to build a stronger employer brand. Billboards can promote your vacancies and direct traffic to your company’s career page. When recruiting results are important, go for billboards. Otherwise, missing out on those candidates who spend 60 minutes of commute time on the road annually.

In a short amount of time, a good OOH campaign can be viral by integrating social sharing with great creativity. By creating an OOH campaign with interesting ideas and encouraging sharing from your audience, you can make it go viral without a lot of financial investment. Online advertisement online can generate a tremendous amount of positive attention. In addition to creative design driven by innovation, a campaign can go viral even in the absence of a large budget when you combine social sharing with innovative design.

Let’s Dive Into Some Social Media – OOH Ads Facts

OAAA and Nielsen examined the effectiveness of outdoor activity for activating Google search, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through offline mediums. The studies also revealed that the outdoor space is shared with the public at a time when they are most likely to be online activity.  “OOH’s connection to digital media is undeniable, OOH campaigns boost online engagement more than other traditional media can. As digital ad spend increases, so does OOH’s because it drives people in the real world online.” said Nancy Fletcher

People are going to pick up their cell phones and search for information about an outdoor advertisement that catches their attention and piqued their interest. They will first turn to their mobile device to find out more information. There is no doubting that mobile search is gaining importance, to the point where 68% of mobile use takes place while people are on the go. This is where OOH plays a major role in determining what people search for is based on how engaging the sign was to them. People’s changing habits show that there is a growing demand for access to information as well as instant, reactive interactions. The right time to run an advertisement is as crucial as the ad itself.

In ideal scenarios, people can share advertisements via social media or QR codes to spread awareness of the ad and to engage with the employer. Mobile phones allow candidates to gain instant access to more information and engage with the employer. A combination of these factors results in reaching a digital-savvy audience that is primed for OOH communication during their path-to-purchase and triggers online activity. 

Campaign advertising is becoming more relevant and responsive than ever before, making it different from other forms of advertising. The two – social media and OOH ads – when combined can create numerous advantages that exceed the effects of each separately. 

Increase Engagement Of Your Online ADs In A Blink Of An Eye

Researchers have shown that OOH advertisements have the highest likelihood of being engaged with via mobile phones, proving that OOH is directly linked to mobile usage. In addition, it was found that exposing OOH to heavy mobile device users can double the weekly audience, click-through rates, and have a positive impact on the company. OOH advertisers can use this information to determine, if they are targeting a mobile-heavy audience so that they can maximize their campaign efforts. Mobile search plays a significant role in today’s society since people are extremely connected through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

With out-of-home advertising (OOH) driving online engagement, digital ads can reinforce the message frequently, ensuring it is remembered and often heard. Eventually, people will notice an ad that uses creativity both online and offline to deliver its message. Engaged audiences are more likely to take action, leading to a higher ROI, the higher the recall. Amongst the other mediums, Nielsen’s Out-of-Home Activation Study rated OOH as the best by dollar spent for online engagement. 

Smartphones enable people to interact with OOH advertising through hashtags and QR codes. Through OOH, advertisers are able to create long-term positive exposure that works in such a way that when an advertisement works, it gets shared on social media. As it is shared on social media, it creates even greater engagement towards the OOH ad, causing photos to go viral, resulting in reaching a much broader audience. 

The purpose of a large-scale advertising campaign is to inspire user-generated content so brands can have free promotional opportunities and more positive feedback.

Monster Job Search Platform Used Creative OOH Ads To Reach Applicants 

One of the largest campaigns launched by Monster in recent years uses out-of-home advertising effectively. The campaign aims to counter what people hearing that they need more experience say most often when seeking employment after graduation. 

The campaign, created by Mcgarrybowen, will feature a multimedia campaign featuring radio, outdoor, and online materials targeting first- and second-time job seekers. Following a highly competitive pitch, McGarribowen was awarded the brand’s European advertising account earlier this year.In this campaign, Monster will use Snapchat for the first time “at scale” and dramatize the company’s product with the use of a Monster character.

Using social media as a marketing tool, Monster aims to target the millennial audience targeted by this campaign. A SnapChat account was used to enhance the Monster character of the company. At its peak, the campaign incorporated 400 buses across London and Edinburgh as well as outdoor spots.

The company’s vice president of marketing, Andrew Warner, said: “Rather than treating those early in their careers as victims we are going to treat them as the future masters of the universe. Most the advertising in the category is pretty dull and mundane and it is a fairly commoditized category.”

Final Words

One of the best ways to start your new recruitment strategy is by utilizing out-of-home advertising. A campaign’s out-of-home component can be just one of numerous elements. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your online ads, outdoor is the ideal medium. 

A key to securing the perfect position for your campaign is being aware of your requirements in advance. It’s essential to be proactive when recruiting the best and brightest to ensure that you don’t seem reactive. Standing out in such a crowded industry can be a challenge for recruitment agencies as well as companies’ recruitment departs, so they can reap the rewards of wise marketing budget investments when they invest it well.

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