4 Wheels, 3 Windows, and 2 Screens – A New Advertising Method in Mexico?

A few people might know what “4W-3W-2S” means; however, many of us may not have heard of it before – let’s find the answer, together!

Although this big planet Earth has become a small global village, and advertisers can reach anywhere with a single click of a mouse, we must not forget that customers have the ability to scroll through different databases and make ads disappear within few seconds–or I should say microseconds.

Bringing their message to the streets through a moving truck is a comparatively new method in the advertising world. Many large advertising companies still find themselves wondering whether to opt for this new way of advertising aggressively or not.

We have all heard the following phrase a lot – “Think outside the box.” To some advertisers, it has become “Let’s move the box by attaching wheels to it”.

Impact on Mexico so far?

Mexico is a developing country and has yet to embrace this advertising approach. However, some companies with vision are operating there; and were able to convenience government officials to use moving truck advertising to attract more tourism through this method. Along with that, major food companies have also decided to opt for moving truck advertising, as they understand that in some areas, mass media is unable to reach. Delivery trucks can find their way there easily, as no matter what, these areas rely on delivery trucks for supplies.

Out of Home Advertising

This method is new. Not only in Mexico but also in various other countries, and is altering the way advertisements are viewed. Using mobile vehicles as billboards is more versatile, and commutes through high traffic areas are gaining more views and an increase in engagement. The vehicle is easy to track and record the most active impact and the precise location of interaction. This method can often be cheaper, especially in areas in Mexico that are offering interest-free headlines for start-up companies determined to engage new customers and attract tourists.

Is it a real boon?

It’s not above in the air on some tall building, nor on our cell phones, television, radio, and laptop. In fact, it’s right there with us on down on the streets doing its job perfectly. You can switch the channel, turn off the radio, scroll through the advertisements but when trucks are commuting on the road for long periods of time, it’s hard to ignore them.

Undoubtedly, it can bring both positive and negative messages throughout society and the everyday life of commuters. However, the scrolling system does not apply on the road, which creates an advertising environment that can be difficult to ignore.

Advertising companies and private marketing companies have the power to impact society and the individual’s views on their products or services. Through advertisements, the various companies can attract many customers or clients if ads are placed in an appropriate and concise manner.

Consumer’s Reaction

This ‘out-of-home’ advertising method cannot be ignored easily considering its size, physical appearance, and the direct message easily displayed. Different people and commuters have different perspectives and interpretations regarding advertisements. The advertisements appear to all views and are understood by everyone.

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