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How Can Technology Help You Manage the Movement of Your Mobile Billboards?

Technology has a constant impact on our lives and there are numerous changes occurring constantly that influence the quality of our living and business. Technology became a mandatory part of any business functioning and one of the crucial conditions for business growth. Advertising, therefore, became digital and besides classic popup ads that we see every […]

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Truckside Advertising : Why Truck Side Advertising Works So Well

Have you ever noticed those big, tall trucks that are driving around? They’re not just for show. Truck side advertising is a form of marketing where companies pay for their logo to be displayed on the side of a truck. These logos are often seen by hundreds if not thousands of people every day in […]

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Truck Side Advertising Vs. Traditional Billboard Advertising

Creating a successful advertising campaign often comes down to using the right medium for your message. For out-of-home advertising, there is a wide array of options out there. From busses to billboards, to vehicle wraps and bus shelters, ads to truck side advertising. Each medium comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. Depending on the […]

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OOH and The Art of Storytelling

When we think of storytelling, we think of feel-good narratives or sitting ‘round a campfire sharing ghost stories. We use stories to make sense of the world around us and to fill in the gaps of knowledge and experience. Stories spread ideas like no other. They have a magical ability to weave themselves into our […]

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Pro Tips On How To Create Perfect Online Ads

Image source: Some will tell you that all there is to writing ads is using a little bit of imagination and knowledge about your product. If this was the case then every time you opened an online newspaper or browsed a website, you’d see a different advert with a different approach. The reality is […]

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Mobile Truck Ads That Made Us Stop and Stare

Source Just in time for Spooky Season, the BooneOakley advertising agency created this viral anti-vaccine campaign…with a twist. Spotted last month parked in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, this creative advertisement displays a fake funeral home advising people to stay jab-free. Resting just outside the Carolina Panthers vs. the New Orleans Saints game, the truck […]

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