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While it stands that San Diego isn’t necessarily the largest hub of outdoor advertising, they still take part in the culture of billboards This city, just along the Pacific coast of California, houses about 1.4 million people and is the eighth largest city in the U.S. By 2020, San Diego is estimated to grow to about 1.54 million people. It’s understood that their population is only on the rise, which makes way for more billboards in top locations. With a large focus on the military field, healthcare initiatives, and multiculturalism due to its close proximity to Mexico, San Diego is a purposefully well-rounded warm area with an abundance of interesting facets. People under the age of 18 make up nearly 21% of the city, and 49.8% of people living in San Diego are female. Another unique statistic that leads to smart billboard targeting is that 43.6% of people possess a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education.

After looking at a bit of the market overview of San Diego, let’s talk about the lively areas to billboard advertise in the city, along with some general costs that spring from the executions. We’re also going to check out how one major outdoor advertising player operates, as well as look at their transit advertising and what they provide for commuters in the city.


Billboards in San Diego speak to their younger demographic, as well as target businesspeople traveling into the city


Best Places to Advertise in San Diego

While it’s found that Downtown San Diego has a scarcity of billboard advertisements, there are other areas in the city that mean great business. Places like the Convention Center and Gaslamp Quarter are areas where business is highlighted, trade deals commence, and visitors frequent making billboard advertising an influential part of their discovery here. To better highlight the Gaslamp Plaza, marketing events such as promotions, sampling, and product demos are hosted here and attract a large number of people, both residents and tourists. A unique outdoor billboard that Gaslamp Plaza demonstrates is 9 free-standing backlit signs that encourage people to take part in the natural offerings of San Diego, such as canoeing and parasailing.


Backlit billboards is Gaslamp offer people with an experience to soak up the outdoors


The Convention Center is located among retail shops and restaurants on the water, where 50′ banner billboards and pole banners are highly visible. Promoting brands that have to do with health, fitness, and adventure, these banners are highly targeted to people entering and exiting the Convention Center that are already interested in the newest innovations and a balanced lifestyle. Backlit signs greet people making their way out of the Convention Center, and are useful for delivering multiple messages in one place.

Comic-Con is a fabulous event to billboard advertise at because of its well-targeted reach and variety of, already creative, installations and entertainment. Beginning in 1970, Comic-Con has been the number one destination for celebrating the art of comics and graphic novels. With this in mind, advertisers can jump at the opportunity to display well-crafted messages for these universal, and international, fans. Other great spots to billboard advertise in San Diego are Horton Plaza, Petco Park (which is home to the Padres), the I-5 and I-805, Balboa Park, Del Mar Racing Season, and the world famous San Diego Zoo.

Another unique place to billboard advertise in San Diego is on a Branded Pedicab. These mobile billboards are eye-catching and convenient to take part in if you’ve been on your feet for hours.


Branded Pedicabs allow tired pedestrians to come along for the advertised ride


Mobile Billboards in San Diego

Speaking of mobile billboards, a company called LaunchPoint Truck-side Advertising brings sparkling mobile billboards to the San Diego area. For targeted placement outside the Convention Centre, their mobile billboards are equipped to cater to people in trade shows. Their trade show advertising are meant to be short term campaigns that make impressions in 3-5 days. The strategic placement near the Convention Centre allows for attendees to participate in another way of selling apart for their trade sales. 


Mobile billboards outside the Convention Center highly target trade show attendees


Costs of Billboard Advertising in San Diego

Blue Line Media provided billboard rates that are on average per location per 4 weeks. This sums up the general admission ticket to have a booming billboard in San Diego that will connect business with their heavy population.

Large Billboard Bulletins cost around $4000.

Large Digital Billboards cost around $5000.

A 30 Sheet Medium Billboard will cost about $1950.

A 30 Sheet Medium Digital Billboard will cost about $2950.

The costs associated with billboards in San Diego seem slightly more expensive than other cities in the world, and that has to do with a tighter market and limited space to advertise in certain areas. Area restriction can hike up the costs. If advertiser’s want to command a space, then they have to pay the price. Most advertiser’s will take over some space in areas that have shared advertising. However, these costs are worth it due to the high number of impressions received by tourists entering San Diego for business, or play, reasons.


MTS advertising uses trolley wraps and bus shelters to create a fully fleshed out outdoor marketing experience


Transit Advertising in San Diego

The method of public transportation that this city uses is called Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) and it offers bus, trolley, bus shelter, and bench advertising that help speak to commuters along their most frequented routes or waiting areas. The MTS has both interior and exterior bus advertising and trolley wraps that communicate with people who aren’t just commuters, but are already street-side. Their bench and shelter advertising extends from San Diego County to downtown San Diego to downtown El Cajon. Their expansive reach also includes advertising on station poles, where consumers look up to see what the latest event/promotion/service is from a hovering platform. Trolley station advertising includes Coke machine panels, where thirsty commuters will have no choice but to see an ad unrelated to the drink they’re about to purchase. The MTS is proficient in their outdoor advertising that reaches thousands and brakes to no one.

After looking at the many places appropriate to billboard advertise, their approach to mobile billboards, the general costs of billboards, and the distribution of advertising coming from the MTS, we understand that this flaming hot business oriented and tourist focused city contributes to effective outdoor advertising.

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