Best time to use OOH ads-Mastering the Art of execution

Significance of OOH Advertising in the Marketing Landscape

In the growing world of advertising, brands, and companies understand the importance of
reaching the audience and communicating the brand message, there are various media that a
brand can use to advertise their products and services, including social media, OOH(Out of home) advertising, SEO content, google ads, sponsored content, etc. The digital space has definitely taken the ways of advertising for a spin, it has made reaching consumers very quick and accurate, and companies have started to invest a great deal of their marketing budget into these media.

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Old school OOH

In this Digital era of communication, OOH or out-of-home advertising has the upper hand in dominating other advertising styles. It is one of the traditional and old-school ways of communication, OOH ads include billboards, posters, transit ads, bus shelter ads, etc. These platforms and their importance have been explained well in this post. These ads have proven to be very effective in increasing brand visibility with their creativity and placement styles. Various brands consider this visibility as an asset to the brand value and believe that it stays with the audience for a long period of time encouraging them to invest a great deal in this media.

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The OOH ads have significance in the marketing space, there are various platforms where
OOH ads can be placed on Billboards, transit ads, bus- shelter ads, posters, etc. the optimum
result of this media is only achieved when strategized properly as these ads are fixed and the
messages cannot be altered, therefore the creative teams must plan and schedule things before
hand for smooth operations. The best time to use an OOH ad and things to keep in mind for
their perfect execution is what we will be looking at in this article.

Things to keep in mind for any OOH ad

1. Scheduling is key

Timing is a key factor for any OOH ad, it is the way the brands decide to present themselves.
For any campaign or ad to be successful. scheduling your ads plays a pivotal role in ensuring
their effectiveness. Whether you’re planning a campaign well in advance or strategically timing
your ads during holiday seasons when spirits are high, the power of scheduling cannot be
overstated. Moreover, aligning your ad dissemination with demographic and consumer behavior
patterns can yield exceptional results.
For instance, an educational institute advertising their courses during the season of intake like
Summer, fall, and winter while there are students looking for opportunities will be the right time to
schedule OOH ads as they will reach the right audience and increase engagement with the
product or service.

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2. Devil’s in the detail

The content of the advertisement holds a lot of value for the overall OOH concept to work, it
needs to be catchy and communicate the information well, creativity is what grabs the
attention of people, it makes the brand stand out and people will always remember it. Engaging
your audience with the content you post could also lead to great impact, various OOH ads have
started involving their consumers to make the content worthwhile.

Creative campaign by CVS

New York City’s Times Square is one of the most iconic and well-known spots for DOOH ads,
making it an excellent choice of location for CVS’s #BeautyUnaltered digital out-of-home ads.
This ad ran as part of CVS’s Beauty mark social media campaign, an interactive campaign that
encouraged users to upload their unedited selfies to social media with the hashtag #BeautyUnaltered.

Within minutes of launching the campaign, users began uploading unaltered, unfiltered
selfies using #BeautyUnaltered and @cvs_beauty, earning over 3.6 billion impressions. Every
10 seconds, a different consumer’s image showed on the Times Square digital signage,
showing larger-than-life, unretouched images celebrating real beauty. The dynamic digital
billboard was paired with a standard digital billboard featuring awareness messaging.

source: CVS

3. Don’t underestimate the seasonal charm

Each season brings its unique importance and festivities, such as Christmas, New Year,
Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more, which can significantly influence consumers’ buying
decisions. Understanding and leveraging these seasonal shifts can be a substantial advantage
for brands.
For instance, during the summer, people are on the move, traveling, and actively shopping. This
is an ideal time for Out-of-Home (OOH) ads on billboards and posters, capturing the attention of
these on-the-go consumers. However, in the winter season, consumer behavior changes
considerably. In such cases, traditional billboard ads may lose some of their impact, leading
advertisers to adopt alternative strategies like transit ads or bus shelter ads. These strategic
adjustments ensure that the message reaches consumers when they have a moment to engage
and absorb information.
Furthermore, tailoring offers and deals to match these seasonal dynamics can have a profound
impact on sales and brand interaction, making the most of the seasonal charm.

source: OOH Today

This article enhances the Christmas Spirit while it uses Santa Claus and other festive charms as
the main focus of its ads, this timing makes a great impact on the viewers.

4. Event based ad

OOH ads are known for the way they stand out and reach a mass audience, Event-based
advertising offers a unique opportunity to connect with vast and diverse audiences. Events like

concerts, sports games, festivals, and parades draw millions of attendees, making them ideal
platforms for delivering your marketing message effectively. Focusing on these events helps the
brands maximize their exposure at some of the most significant events nationwide. Notable
events include hockey games, Parades, comicon, the Formula One race, NBA, the Super Bowl, etc.
OOH ads will tailor their content in advance to grab the attention of the audience, the brand also
sponsors certain events where they can directly be a part of the event which makes the ad even
more engaging. Event-based advertising can impact the ROI and maximize advertising at scale
according to this article.

source: Google

5. Dayparting

Dayparting is the practice of scheduling advertising content during specific time segments of the
day. It allows advertisers to tap into the natural rhythms of consumer behavior, aligning their
messages with when their target audience is most receptive. This concept has proven to be a
game-changer in OOH advertising.
Dayparting, a dynamic strategy in the world of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, empowers
advertisers to tailor their messages and placements to specific days and times, increasing the
odds of reaching an engaged audience. By synchronizing ad delivery with peak consumer
interest, businesses can craft more effective advertising campaigns that yield a higher return on
investment (ROI).

source: Google

Let’s look at a perspective of the digital era and find out why it is the best time to use OOH ads along with digital ads, and how they work well together.

When Advertising Meets Magic: The Perfect Partnership of OOH and Digital

The Synergy between OOH (Out-of-home) ads and Digital advertising goes hand in hand
Out-of-home (OOH) advertising, with its unmissable presence in our daily lives, meets digital
advertising, the precision mastermind. It’s a match made in marketing heaven, and it perfectly
complements our quest to discover the “Best Time to Use OOH Ads.”

The OOH Presentation and Digital Precision

OOH is the star of the show with its constant, in-your-face exposure. You see it during your daily
commute on highway billboards, at the bus stop while waiting for your ride, and even on digital
screens in your favorite mall. It’s everywhere, and it makes an unforgettable impact.

On the other side, there’s digital advertising. It’s all about pinpoint accuracy and personalized
messaging. Digital ads reach the right people with the right content at just the right moment, all
thanks to the data and clever algorithms in its toolkit.

The Power of This Partnership

Here’s where the magic happens. When OOH’s dominance teams up with digital precision, it’s
like a symphony of advertising that hits all the right notes. This partnership ensures your
message lands in front of your audience, whether they’re in the real world or the virtual one.
It also speaks well for delivering a consistent brand experience. Audiences have the chance to
interact with the ad everywhere they go, for example, they see the ad on a billboard and encounter the
ad again on an Instagram or Facebook post. It’s like meeting an old friend – it builds trust and
recognition. This brings them back to the brand and helps them gravitate towards it.

It doesn’t stop there!

OOH also creates curiosity and awareness in the real world, and digital ads can take that interest to a whole new level. Imagine a QR code on a billboard that, when scanned, takes you to an exciting online contest. You engage with the brand both in the physical and virtual realms.

The factor of timing also works well in these scenarios, this partnership is the conductor of an
advertising orchestra. Your OOH campaign, let’s say promoting a winter sale, can run side by
side with your digital ads reminding everyone about the sale. The coordination is impeccable.

By marrying the real-time adaptability of digital advertising with the data-driven precision of
OOH, you’re creating a powerhouse duo. It ensures your campaigns are not only seen but also
hit the mark with your audience. It’s like catching the perfect wave at the beach – the timing is
everything. This combo lets you craft marketing strategies that are super responsive and highly
relevant. In the world of modern marketing, this partnership represents one of the prime
opportunities to make the most of your OOH advertising. It’s all about reaching the right people
with the right message at just the right time.

source: Google

Let’s talk about ROI

When these media work together, they make it easy to analyze the results, you can trace the
entire customer journey. From seeing a billboard to making a purchase online, you can follow
the breadcrumbs. It’s like having a GPS for your marketing budget.
What’s even more exciting is the multi-sensory experience you can create. OOH brings the
visual and physical elements, and digital adds the interactive magic. A billboard with a QR code
that leads to an in-game bonus when scanned is like having a two-way conversation with your

OOH adds a personal touch

It is about establishing physical connections with individuals. A small bakery can use OOH advertising to promote its delectable baked delicacies. It’s the aroma, the sight, and the local flavor. At the same time, their digital marketing can target foodies online, giving personalized discounts. It’s a complete circle between the bakery and its community.

And let’s not forget about budget allocation. Combining OOH and digital ensures your marketing budget goes where it matters most. It’s all about efficiency and making every dollar count.

In an age where authenticity, precision, and impact matter, the synergy between OOH and
digital advertising is like a magic wand for marketers. It’s not just a strategy; it’s a necessity in
our digital-driven world. By fusing OOH’s dominance with digital precision, you create
campaigns that speak, engage, and deliver results. And when you’re looking for the “Best Time
to Use OOH Ads,” this partnership is your ultimate answer. It’s where advertising meets magic.


Overall we could say that there are various factors to be considered to ace the art of OOH
advertising and it will be immensely beneficial to take digital media into consideration as
well, OOH ads have proven to be impactful when strategized according to this article.

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