“Gross Rating Points” for Moving Billboard & Outdoor Advertising

Gross Rating Point (GRP) is a metric used by advertisers to measure their campaigns impact. It is merely a calculation of how many people within a targeted audience viewed an ad. GRP is estimated by multiplying the expected reach by the frequency of the advertisement.


To clarify – it is expected that an advertisement will reach 30% of the target market. So, if a media planner rolls out four advertisements, their GRP will be 120. The overall goal of the GRP metric is to give advertisers an estimate on how much exposure their campaign is receiving.

Similar to most advertising metrics, GRP is an approximation. No one can be certain if the expected target market will be reached.

However, GRP is still the leading metric in how TV advertisements are bought. If a company decides to purchase 1000 GRP for daytime television commercials, it is up to the advertiser to determine which network will help them achieve that. In television advertisements, GRP is necessary and essential to measuring success!

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On the other hand, click-through rates (CTR), cost per thousand views (CPM) and cost per view (CPV) are the more common metric used for online advertising. Although all parameters are ways to quantify impressions, GRP is unique in that it measures as a percentage of your target market.

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What does this mean for your moving billboard and outdoor advertising campaigns? Truck advertising produces very low CPMs compared to other outdoor advertising companies products. Along with low CPM’s, mobile billboards are an excellent method of producing high GRP campaigns. They can target large portions of the target market by being mobile and always moving, gaining massive impression counts daily. Utilising a fleet of moving billboards ensures your campaign will reach its’ GRP goal! 


Moving Billboard GRP, Truck Advertising GRP, Mobile Billboard GRP, Outdoor Advertising GRP, OOH Advertising GRP

 Updated November 08, 2021

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