Ads on the go- advertising on trucks is easier than you think!

People have a hectic schedule; they do not have time to look on the phone for new products. Even popup ads on YouTube, and Instagram bothers them. In 2021, about 27% of internet users use ad blockers on their mobile devices. They make buying decisions when they are traveling.

According to the Trucking Association, a majority of people, 98% of the people in America who are traveling in cars noticed advertisements on trucks which is an unexpected number and shows the exposure of moving advertisements. It is a technique that attracts 2.5 times more attention than static billboards, the reason is it not only attracts other moving vehicles passengers but also the foot commuters too. A report by Neilson study shows that 66% of the customers start action on their mobile devices to find the advertisers on their sites after seeing the ads on the trucks so it is good to contact truck advertising agencies like Movia and others to advertise products and services and put long-lasting impressions.

But, what Sets Truck side Ads Apart?

Nearly as long as there has been public transit, there have been trucks with billboards. However, trackside advertising has recently improved, becoming both more effective and efficient, whilst other forms of advertising have declined over time. Trackside adverts are a more appealing and creative way to reach your target consumers as media audiences become more spread across multiple channels.

Look at the road; you see a variety of cars, but your eyes immediately settle on a truck side advertisement. Knowing how mobile ads steal the show and why business owners are careful about employing them will help you recognize a mobile ad among the sea of other cars.

Small details make truck-side advertising memorable. Think about how the wheels of the truck side advertisement can boost the number of impressions by turning in the direction of the audience. Or think about how the commercial catches your eye and sticks in your mind. The truck-side advertisements stand out, drawing the attention of the audience. Due to the truck side advertising company’s technique for converting the vehicle into an effective advertisement, moving billboards are distinctive.

Steps towards Billboard truck-winning campaign


There are no rough and tough rules to advertising on trucks, only simple things that every advertiser should know to advertise on trucks. These are some of them that we cannot ignore:

1.Do you know your target market?

No doubt, your product, and services matter a lot but to make them popular, audience clarity is equally important because if you do not know who is target market then how the truck advertising agencies can help you to make your product popular. There is no doubt some companies help advertisers a truck to audience strategies like Movia keeping in mind routes, demographics, time of the day, hours on the road, and even contextual opportunities. When there is clarity on who is target market and what they expect from our product then it would be easy to keep the campaign idea fresh.

2.Route selection

Planning the right place for promotion should be your top priority. Advertisers should figure out a place that captures more target audiences’ attention at a time and maximize their chance to earn profit by increasing sales. This also includes a particular date and time of the day when you require that ad should be shown on the truck. If a specific location where you want to advertise, far from office then high cost and vice versa. Some cities have high billboard advertising costs.  Truck routes also play a crucial role like crowdy or popular routes then more people will notice and more fee demand by truck advertising agencies.  Movia has selected strategic routes to influence the public.


3.Consideration of budget carefully

Before contacting any other agency look at your pocket. If you select to advertise on the truck, you want an economical way to advertise because the social media Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube demand a high price to advertise anything despite this their ad showing period is about 20 to 30 seconds which is too low to attract an audience. In today’s technological and fast-paced era people easily forget tiny and shorter things, this it is a good idea to select truck advertising. Mobile billboard advertising is giving the best result at a minimum cost because trucks are everywhere, so your brands are everywhere, and people remember the message and ultimately sales push up.

4.Contact truck advertising agencies

You can your billboard truck but sometimes it is easy to team up with other communities. Advertisers can extend advertising by co-sponsoring or could contact another business partner who can showcase your product and truck at the same time. Some advertisers who do not want to take tension of this stuff and know some trustworthy mobile billboard agencies can make partnerships with them and can use their smart way of publishing. Like Rogers select a smart way to partner with Movia to use truck side ads to deliver a message to every corner of Canada. Four trucks were deployed over 12 weeks period resulting in 11 million 200thousand impressions which is the greatest.

5.Message consistency

Although truck ads are bold and big because of no window barrier but one truck billboard is not enough for advertising. To make the product successful and popular ad consistency is needed. Repeated messages directly push customers’ memory to buy advertising products or at least search on phone regarding products thus it creates social buzz. It is a real-life example; I am living in Oakville and regularly see the FedEx truck which pushed me to search for more information regarding it. Thus, to make the product memorable it is necessary to advertise on 3 to 4 trucks.


6.Analyze the Data

In the past, it is hard to target and measure. Due to advancements in technology, Mobile billboard advertising companies improve ooh media tremendously. Companies like Movia provide patented beacon technology. You can see where your trucks are and who they’re reaching through your dashboard. Besides real-time geolocation, you can view the time, duration, and consistency with which your trucks have been on the road, as well as keep track of your daily or monthly impressions.

For several reasons, truck advertising could be the ideal marketing investment for you.

1.Reach out to more people more frequently.

Produce up to 60,000 impressions everyday.

2.Create a buzz

Since Covid, there are a lot more people driving cars on the road. They are most familiar with truck-side advertising. Viewers typically feel that the promised products are being supplied, and they have even more faith in them when they witness other people utilizing the product or service, which results in the growth of favorable views for a company.

3.Create the favorable perception

Most people claim to have a positive opinion of businesses they come across via truck side advertising. Likewise, when this type of marketing is used, most people believe the company is more well-known and successful.

4.Overcome limitations and gain control of a profitable market.

A mobile billboard is a great way to get past the many restrictions on billboard placement, cost, and schedule that currently exist. It is a more effective method for achieving your objectives. The folks who commute frequently are the ones who are most likely to see your advertisements; they frequently have kids, are employed, and are typically in their middle years.

5.Your marketing budget will be significantly more effective.

If you place an advertisement in the newspaper, it will only run for one day or a week at most. Additionally, how often is the television airtime you pay for broadcast? These commercials are frequently only 30 seconds long as well. Vehicle visuals, on the other hand, are robust and create a long-lasting visual memory.

If this isn’t enough, let’s look at some metrics based on a study carried out by Arbitron National.

• Americans spend 20 hours a week in cars, a 31 percent increase from 2003.

• Although only 35% of people actively pay attention to truck commercials, 91 percent of people notice them.

71% of people who pass a billboard pay attention to it.

• Of those who watched, 29% indicated that truck-side advertising would influence their purchasing decisions.

• 56% of individuals say they believe a firm is succeeding when they see truck side advertising.

• It has been demonstrated in multiple studies that using truck-side advertising in conjunction with a continuous advertising effort increases awareness.


Being a business owner is challenging, and advertising is a time- and a money-consuming chore. Sometimes it entails working with a marketing firm, paying premium fees, and investing in a one-year strategy created by individuals you may have never met. Because of this, mobile advertising is currently among the most successful types of advertising. And we’ve given you enough reasons for why travelers are wide and far in the mobile world we live in today. Still confused? Send us a message today!


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