A Quick Look into the OOH Advertising Industry

Let’s start with the most basic question – what is out-of-home advertising (OOH)? OOH is any advertising that targets consumers while they are out of their homes. The most typical OOH mediums include billboards (mobile billboards and static billboards), streets, roads, highways, advertising benches, transit or pretty much anywhere that captures consumer’s attention while they are on the go!

Outdoor advertising, Mobile Billboard and static billboards,

OOH has an immediate impact because unlike online marketing you can’t use Adblock in the real world. It is needless to say, that consumers spend A LOT of time out of their home, in their cars, walking on the streets and using public transit. Let’s look over a few key facts:

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  1. According to the Out-Of-Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), for every one dollar spent on OOH advertising, $5.97 is product sales were generated.

2. A Nielsen study found that “online activations including search, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram activity generated by OOH indexes at about four times the expected rate given its relative ad spend.”

3. From the same OAAA study, they found that “OOH increases the effectiveness of digital search by over 40 percent and print by over 14 percent.”

OOH advertising can drive major business results while saving businesses money in advertising costs! Speak with one of our specialists to learn more!

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