A Quick Look into OOH Advertising Industry

Let’s start with the most basic question – what is out-of-home advertising (OOH)? OOH is any advertising that targets consumers while they are out of their homes. The most typical OOH mediums include billboards (mobile billboards and static billboards), streets, roads, highways, advertising benches, transit or pretty much anywhere that captures consumer’s attention while they are on the go!

Outdoor advertising, Mobile Billboard and static billboards,

OOH has an immediate impact because unlike online marketing – you can’t use Adblock in the real world. It is needless to say, that consumers spend A LOT of time out of their home, in their cars, walking on the streets and using public transit. So, why isn’t every organization using OOH? I read up on some OOH insights covered by OMAC (out-of-home marketing association of Canada).

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I’ll highlight the most important takeaways: Consumers are 33% more alert when outside their homes. This results in advertisements having a more significant and longer-lasting impression. Outdoor advertising is also effective at gaining high awareness for new and smaller brands. Events like product launches, seasonal promotions, and general brand advertising could all greatly benefit from OOH. To add, OOH can be used to reach consumers in large urban markets or audiences in smaller areas.

Technavio, a technology and research firm say that globally the OOH market will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5% and will be worth approx. US$45.5 billion by 2021.

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Source: https://www.omaccanada.ca/strengths-of-ooh/

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